Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am reposting these here pics from FB. Drawn by Yours Truly, (Top) painted by Su Haitao, (bottom) painted David Dunstan AKA "Loopy Dave".

Many thought we wouldn't last (including myself) but we were wrong! Last week Brandstudio Press celebrated its 4th Anniversary. We didn't throw a party, instead we launched a brand new website. Check it out, buy some books for your boyfriend or for your girlfriend and while you're there, buy yourself something. Here's a promo code for 10% discount on anything in the store: FEISBU10

I haven't visited Orlando since I don't know when, way too long if you'd ask me. True, Orlando is a dump but I have many friends there, it's not their fault :)
See you in Orlando next week, from March 25th to the 27th. As always, free kisses in the mouth for the girls and brief handshakes for their boyfriends.


PS I Don't have a table so if any of you are attending and want to split one, either email me, leave a comment on this blog or facebook me.


Woka said...

Muy feliz blog-cumpleaños Alberto!!! Que bueno ver que sigues por ahí deslulmbrándonos con tus chicas =)

Un gran abrazo amigo.

Daniel "Woka"

btw, puedo agregarte a FB?

Process Junkie said...

Por favor! No tienes que preguntármelo. Gusto en verte de nuevo!!

Te devuelvo el abrazo!!

Charles Santoso said...

Happy anniversary, Alberto! :D All the best with everything! :D

Gabriel Guelfi said...
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Gabriel Guelfi said...

Very nice!
I love to compare the diferences between an painted and a non-painted drawing. It shows how much is increased of volume and shadow. I want to say, in time, that this blog is unbeliavable, it's inspiration for me.
Muito legal!
Eu adoro comparar as diferenças entre um desenho colorido e outro não colorido, isso mostra o quando foi ganho de volume e sombras. Gostaria de dizer ainda que esse blog é inacreditável e serve de inspiração para mim!
Abraços aos brasileiros de plantão \o/

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Charles!! A big hug for you,my friend.

And thank you, Gabriel. Don't be a stranger :)

GnawBit said...

Happy Anniversary! I just found out about you guys, now i want to max out my credit card!!!

Christian Liesch said...

like your drawings, specialy the coloured one. but her big toe is on the wrong side ;)

Process Junkie said...

GnawBit, Thank you for the comment!

Thanks, Christian. toes fixed! This has been fucked up since 2004, ha, ha!

Thank you for stopping by. My friend David Dunstan did the coloring, he is amazing!

Toby Cochran said...

New site looks great man!

Christian Liesch said...

welcome :)

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Toby!!

Joy thomas [artist] said...

wow Excellent work............