Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hopey New Year!


Back in '08, at approximately this time, I predicted that nothing was going to change in America. Needless (and sadly) to say, I was deadly accurate, despite some asshole telling me that "apathy in the American public is what got us into this jam". Wrong, dickhead! first of all what got us into this jam were a bunch of ignorant religious red necks. We all went to vote for the new boss this time (same as the old boss) and guess what? the situation remained eerily the same. Our military is fighting now two wars, Bin laden is still out there, most of us had to sell our homes, Guantanamo Bay is still open for business, gays are still being discriminated against, both in the military as well as in court, our civil liberties and rights to privacy are still under attack, under the same bullshit pretense, dirty bombers are still getting on airplanes, corporations are still fucking laughing with our money securely in their pockets, women's right to choose is still being threatened, should I go on?

True, these are different people but they keep on fucking us in the ol' shitter just like the ones before them. In fact now we're worst off; if this atrocity of a gift to the insurance companies is voted into law, we're going to be forced to pay for being fucked in the ass and without vaseline this time!. I really do wish I would have been wrong on Obama, that is the tragedy.

But no worries, "Hope" springs eternal, right? This is my first and last political comment of the new year so fear not.


Bin-Laden will finally get caught.

He will be found with a half-box of jelly doughnuts at a local Krispy-Creme somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio. Another case of misguided US intelligence. A fellow cop from a neighboring precinct would turn him in after realizing Osama had been working among them as a police officer in Cleveland Heights for the past three years.

I will also predict a couple of great books coming up in the dead of winter and a few more in Spring and as always, summer will bring us the mother load in time for the 2010 San Diego Comicon. I don't even know myself what sort of goodies awaits us all, so let's be patient.

I'll be able to release the 2009 Eye Candy Book (Finally!). One day I'll tell you the story, it's a long one.

And if things go as planned, in a couple of months I'll deliver some pretty exciting news regarding Brandstudio Press. I don't mean to be cryptic about it but I also don't want to jinx it.

So here's to a new year full of hope and pleasant surprises.



karrlamkass said...

feliz año nuevo, que tengas muchos éxitos en todas las facetas de tu vida, ya sabes: SALUD DINERO Y MUCHO AMOR.
hasta pronto.

Process Junkie said...

Lo mismo te deseo yo. Lo del dinero, eso viene por añadidura, cuando hay mucho Amor y buena Salud.
Sin Salud no hay nada :)

Gracias Juan Carlos!

Tibo3D said...


Fabian said...

Feliz Año Alberto! Lo mejor para ti y los tuyos! Un año lleno de exito!
Tus predicciones se escuchan fregon!! Especialmente la parte de los nuevos libros!
Abrazos! :)

freekhand said...

Cómo me gustaría que no llevaras razón. Felliz Año!

Process Junkie said...

Tibo3, Fabian: Thanks, Happy 2010 to you too.

freekhandn: Somos dos.


Dramiro said...

De nuevo: Feliz 2010¡¡¡ No queria faltar a mi cita con tu blog. Jejejee

Un fuerte abrazo

Carlos Sanchez said...

Happy New Year Alberto!
Would there be an opportunity to send you updated images of our 2009 ECFS submissions.
I have more recent images of the those pieces and would prefer to show those. just wondering 

gaurishankar said...

hi alberto, wish you ahappy new year..your works are inspiring me a lot,hope i will see your great lines this year more than last year..

Pito said...


Por defecto envidio a los que viven en NY, amo esa ciudad y mas pasa el tiempo y me mantengo igual de lejos de ella y mas la amo.

Pero la real envidia y admiración me provocan tus trabajos, son increibles!!!
Sos talento puro, perfección en los trazos, y que se yo.

Soy un verdadero fan tuyo y de tu obra.

Buen 2010.

Te mando un abrazo y salud!!!

Process Junkie said...

Carlos: Sure, just feel free to do so.

Gaurishankar: Thanks! And yes, you will see a lot more this year. I just had an idea, If you have any good photo ref poses email them to me and I'll draw one every week. No porn, please.

Pito: Bueno, si pasas por acá algún dia, me escribes y seré tu guia de turismo.

Gracias por tus amables comentarios. Igual, te deseo un próspero 2010.

Te mando un abrazo!

Chris Boyd said...

I'm with you all the way Alberto.

Here's to a better 2010.

Love your work.

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Chris.
Same to you, my friend.


hacía tiempo que no pasaba
como siempre, su linea me sorprende.
No es para menos.

bravo Alberto!

Process Junkie said...


Saludos mi amigo!!
Que pases un feliz 2010!