Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MORE HEADLESS TORSOS-Last one, I promise.

Happy Memorial Day, I hope you had a great barbeque or whatever it is that you do on this holiday.

I Had a wonderful weekend, I met two illustrator friends from Brazil , The amazing Hiro Kawahara, illustrator extraordinaire (above image) and Ricardo Antunes, the gracious publisher of Ilustrar Online Magazine, which I highly recommend. Go ahead and click on the link and download & enjoy every single issue.

Thank you, both so much for the visit, I do hope to see you soon in Sao Paulo.

I felt so inspired after Hiro and Ricardo left, I finished my latest "skulptch" or "Skelpt" "if you'd prefer. Which is the last installment in the "Low-Budget-Cheap-Bastard- Sketch-Sculpt" Series. The scooter ended up being too small for the woman but what the fuck, still, I had a great time messing around with my recycled plastilina Roma.

BTW: I am NOT cheap, just lazy.

I'll be back in a couple of days, until then: Keep on drawing.