Monday, April 27, 2009

Allergies & Life (Edit 4/28)

Plenty of shit happening in my life at this moment (beside the dreaded spring allergies). Big decisions to be made at a personal level. All of them for the better. So please excuse my absence, I'll be back soon with more new book announcements and exciting news.

To my dear friends in Calgary:
I couldn't make it to the Expo this year, I hope you guys had a great time. I'll be seeing some of you in August for sure.

Here's some more noise:



joverine said...

sweeet sculpt!
ya I wish I could've attended the Calcon too...X(
ah well
good to hear from you-been awhile
I heard that eating local honey can help with allergies(over time)

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Wolverine!

I may be in the minority here but I'm not too fond of the taste of honey. I tried it last year but apparently it's something of a regiment.

Another 2 weeks and I'll be done.

La Paca Partida said...

Good noise!

David Cousens said...

It could be worse; I'm allergic to tree, flowere ANd grass pollen! That's 2-3 months of hayfever! :/

I think the honey does help, but yeah, it has to be regimented.

David Cousens said...

Can I blame my spelling errors in that last post on my alergies? ;)

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

The Calgary con was Stellar. Jaclyn and myself definitely missed seeing you there.
Saturday night we had a wicked time at our Drink and Draw event at a near by pub. Steve Silver, Dave johnson, and Cheeks brought a handful of the professional gang as well. Never mind the 30 plus local artist that decided to show up. It was pretty Epic.
There will be another next year, without a doubt.
I hope you get better Soon, and well catch up at the Tattoo convention.
All the best Alberto.

Process Junkie said...

La Paca Partida: Gracias por tu comentario, Paca. Muy bueno tu blog, dicho sea de paso.

David Cousens: Unfortunately, I'm allergic to honey.

Don't worry about the spelling errors, I butcher the English language like I do the female figure and it hasn't hurt me none.

Dan Van Cool: I'm glad to hear you had a great time. I'll see you in August. Please give Jaclyn my best.


Dramiro said...

Cuidate(lo mejor es el mantiene como el primer día) la alergia Alberto y suerte con el cambio. Conociendote seguro elijes el mejor camino. Y recuerda el proverbio chino que decía: Si las desisiones llamal a tu puelta, lesibelos desnudo. Solusional no... pelo leite un lato segulo.
Un fuerte abrazo.

Process Junkie said...

Dramiro: Gracias por el proverbio, por lo menos me alegró el dia.

Álvaro Álvarez said...

Geniales esas formas, me gusta mucho tu visión del desnudo femenino. Curvas rotundas y deformaciones armónicamente fluidas.. no sé muy bien como describirlas, pero me parecen brutales.
1 Saludo, Alberto.. don't stop! ;)

Mike Feeney said...

I hope your allergies don't kick you butt too bad this year, hang in there Buddy. The sculpt is Awesome (of course) :)

David Cousens said...

Alberto: Well in that case, I'd ignore my advice and steer clear of the honey then! :) This is why I draw things instead of being a doctor; I get a lot less malpractice law suits this way!

PS. As if you mangle the female form! You know your stuff is great! :)

KRStyle said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies, I used to have it bad this time of the year as well, until I was put on Prednisone after a transplant. Seems one of the (cooler)side effects is that it acts as a very powerful antihistamine :) .
Will U be attending Heroescon?

&Rew said...

bootiful berto.


Process Junkie said...

KRStyle: No, I won't be attending any more conventions this year, except for San Diego, mainly because I've already paid for the booth, hotel and plane tickets. Hopefully I'll be in good shape for the 2010 show. It's a shame I can't go this year because Charlotte is one of my favorite cities in the whole world, I've done it 4 year straight.

Regarding my allergies, I'm using "Fluticasone propionate" , a nasal spray which is the generic name for "Flonase"

It's pretty effective dealing with the nose end of the business, sneezing attacks, itchy/runny nose and all that but it doesn't seem to relieve my irritated eyes, The itching and burning is so intense, I rub the skin around both my eyes until I bleed. It feels as if I'm wearing contact lenses made out of jalapeño peppers.

The nasal spray doesn't help with my itchy balls either but that may be an entirely different medical problem :)

&Rew: Not nearly as bootiful as your lovely figure (and I don't mean your flatulent body)

Álvaro Álvarez: Esa precisamente es la idea, no sabria haberlo dicho mejor. Gracias por tus comentarios. Te mando un abrazo.

Mike Feeney : Gracias, Miguel! Great to hear from you.

Shannon said...

Hi Alberto!
I haven't talked to in what seems like forever, I hope you are alright! Allergies aren't awesome, I'm a sufferer as well.
The sculpture looks great! So do all the books. :)

RedRooster said...

Awesome sculpt.

Process Junkie said...

Red Rooster: No, you are awesome . . . and cool.

btw, I sent you the quote via ms.

Shannon: Yes, my dear, it's been a long time and allergies do suck. They are my sworn enemies.

Happy Cinco de Mayonnaise. Everybody!!


art papi! i'm back once again :)

Dramiro said...

Hermano no puedo invitarte a una Cerveza, pero.... si que puedo preguntarte ¿Cómo estas?

Los problemas son como un mal pedo, duelen hasta que salen. Pero una vez salen es como si estuvieras en el paraiso. Jajajajajaja, Y más si es traicionero (dicese Cuesco ausente de ruido de olor profundo. Considerado en ciertos ambitos y matrimonios arma quimica no permitida)y te lo sueltas con el jefe en el ascensor.

Bueno Alberto, que un fuerte abrazo.


friggin' allergies

Process Junkie said...

David: Estoy bien, nada que un par de Coronitas no curen.

Scott: I was beginning to worry about you. Good to hear you are back among the living :)

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Very cool sculpt!

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Thorsten.

Alina Chau said...

Nice sculpture!!

Dramiro said...

Carnal ¿Hay algo que no hagas bien? Una escultura fantastica. Ya me diras como te lo montas.

Un Abrazo

P.D: Esto... tu obsesión por la mujeres, haztelo mirar. No es normal ese conocimiento y dominio de la anatomia femenina que tienes. jajajajaja

Milan Rubio said...

Hay que joderse con la maldita Alergia!
Comparto problema y sé el auténtico rollo que representa.
Yo probé todo y no conseguí nada. Ni vacunas, ni pastillas ni sprays nasales ni nada... Llega la primavera, y siempre un par de meses jodido.
Sólo me faltó probar la acupuntura de los chinos y sus needles, oí de casos que funcionó, pero no sé...

Ánimo desde el otro lado del charco.

Lo mejor es unas vacaciones al ártico, donde escasean las florecillas!

Jelter said...

it's really cool to see how your style translates to sculpture.

Process Junkie said...

Milan Me voy pa'l infierno, Estoy casi seguro que las malparidas alergias no me seguirán allá abajo.

Gracias por comentar. Te mando un abrazo.

Dramiro, Alina, Jetter Thanks for chiming in, guys and girl.

alberto abril said...

Tu trabajo ma ha impactado, pongo un link en mi blog para seguir viendote.

Process Junkie said...

Gracias tocayo. Buen trabajos los tuyos.


Natacha said...

Hola Alberto! te saludo desde Argentina, son realmente muy buenas tus obras. Me encantan! Yo dibujo pero no tan bien como vos! ja, q va ser no?!
Bueno Alberto te deseo lo mejor, un abrazo!
Natacha desde Misiones, Argentina

Process Junkie said...

Gracias por tus cálidos comemtarios, Natacha.
Te mando un abrazo. No te pierdas.


Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Absolutely stunning work, Alberto!

Dave said...

These are looking bad ass, Alberto!

Process Junkie said...

Much appreciated, Dave & Thorsten.

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

WOW! Very cool works!