Sunday, March 08, 2009


Who the fuck are "they'? and why do they say that?
I don't know but in our case "They" are one hundred percent wrong.

In fact, we've been so busy pumping out tons of quality books in the past two years, it almost seems as if time just stood still, nearly sixty books have been released (more by the time Summer comes along). It feels as if Brandstudio Press has been around for ages, the new car smell is long gone, our sold-out books have become classic collectors items, going for ridiculous amounts of money out there in the black market.

This number may not be a record by any stretch for an established publishing company but for an artist driven movement is a tremendous achievement. Everyone knows artists are idealists, romantics, moody procrastinators and royal slackers who can't agree on anything and take forever and a day to get anything of consequence done. I, for one, fit that description perfectly. So, what it may have taken four or five 'artist years' to accomplish, we have done in two 'calendar years', with no signs of stopping.

Once more, I'd like to take advantage of this joyous day to give my heart felt thanks to those who have made and continue to make this possible: The participating artists and you, who support our movement by purchasing our products. Whether you buy the books from the artists themselves at the many conventions or from their websites, at the few selected retailers or at the Brandstudio Press online store, I personally want to thank you for the overwhelming endorsement and constant patronage.

As you may know, here in the States, the government has passed an initiative designed to jump-start the ailing the economy. Critics of this so called "Package" rightfully claim, most of the incentives listed will ultimately benefit the folks who fucked us over in the first place, that is Wall Street assholes, insurance companies and investment bankers. I said last year that going forward I was going to refrain from political commentary, so you know where I stand on this issue and I'll leave it at that.

In the interim, just like I did last year at this very time, I am announcing my own Stimulus Package. This offer will go into effect today, Sunday March 8th and it will last until March 20th.

Any person who places an order for a minimum of 4 books will receive a FREE book from the following list:

"Confessions of a Process Junkie" -Signed on the cover by the artist-
"Chola/Jalapeño Lollipops" -Signed on the cover by the artist
"Eye Candy From Strangers Vol. One" Book One 
"Eye Candy From Strangers Vol. One" Book Two 
"Passport,  Forgotten kingdom of Imaginary Friends"

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Please read carefully):
This offer is retroactive to March 5th 2009. We will honor all orders of 4 books or more, placed on March 5th 2009 until March 20th 2009.

In order to redeem your free book with your order of 4 books or more you MUST write the secret words in the comments box on the ordering webpage or send an email including the secret words along with your order to: 

The secret words are: 'Stimulus Schfimulus'

Please specify in the comments box (or via email) which one of the 5 books listed above you would like us to include with your order. NOTE: If you do not specify in writing a book from the above list, we will send you a book of our choosing.

There is nothing further for you to do to receive your free book. 

This offer will end on March 20th 2009 
This offer is subject to the availability of the books offered herein. If any one of the books listed as "free" is no longer available due to stock shortage you will receive an alternative free book, also of your choosing.

This offer can not be combined with any other offers made by us.
The books offered as "free books" in the list can not be substituted by any other book in our main  catalog. No exceptions.

These books have been chosen because, they have been funded, produced and marketed in its entirety by Brandstudio Press LLC. All other books are the property of their respective creators and legally can not be included in the "free book" list.

There are no limits to the amount of orders. You can take advantage of this offer as many times as you want, for example, if you place two individual orders of four books each you will receive two free books, one with each 4-book order.

The orders must be placed separately though. If for instance, you place one single order for 8 books, you will only receive one free book.

My good friend Mathieu and Yours B. Truly are proud to announce this Brandstudio Press exclusive hard cover book which we are releasing simultaneously in both, France and the U.S. 

I've always loved Monsieur Reynès' expressive black ink drawings and lively watercolors of cute (and sometimes deadly) cartoon femmes, all of them crafted in the great tradition of classic French and Belgian comic  book art masters.

For our European audience: Mathieu will be selling this book through his blog so if you live in Europe and its vicinity please check his blog for the release date, it will make a lot of sense for our loyal European customers to purchase it directly from Mathieu.
This jam-packed 72 page sketchbook/art book will start shipping  in the U.S. Canada and beyond by next week, feel free to place your order before we run dry.  

By Mathieu Reynes


Price: $20.00 US Dollars
6.3/8x8 3/4, 72 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover, Perfect bound-Sewn Pages



122476 said...


Dramiro said...

!!!MUCHAS FELICIDADES¡¡¡ Y por muchos años más Jefe.

Ya sabes por donde andamos si necesitas algo jajajajajaja y si vienes por la Vieja Patria pa una cerveza todavía me da.

No seré tu mejor cliente pero si el más fiel.






Nelson Dániel said...

Felicidades!!! Como siempre grandes autores, grandes libros. Excelente. Felicitaciones de nuevo.

Dani Dias said...

Love your work!

rico said...

Congrats Big A! You're doing the world a big favor!! I'm ordering Mathieu's book now!!

Bobby Chiu said...

Happy Birthday Brand Studio! It's crazy because Sunday was also the anniversary of Imaginism Studios. Crazy coincidence!

Faboun'e said...

GREAT book !!!!
And how about shipping for other countrys...? Like France... ;)

Chrissie A said...

Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite publishing house!

May there be many more!

P.S. LOL @ 'Stimulus Schfimulus'... :D

Mike Feeney said...

Congratulations on your anniversary my friend. Wishing you more prosperity in these trying times ;)
You're the Best,
Mike Feeney

Javi García said...

Felicidades por este segundo aniversario!


RobSchwager said...

Hey HEY!

Happy Anniversary brother!!!!!

Much success for you in the coming year!

Manuel M. Vidal said...

Felicidades desde España!!
Me encanta tu trabajo.

LR said...

FELICIDADES...^^...nuevo x aca...llegue x su mensaje en el blog de Jose Manzanedo, ...(TT.TT),sus dibujos y trabajo siq ue inpactan..Oo. esas chicas se ven muy bien...y el color es woa...bueno felicidades nuevamente espero no le moleste si el agrego a mi lista de links

Jose E. Buezo de Manzanedo said...

Hola maestro Alberto Ruiz.
Primeramente es un gran honor tu visita a mi blog y que me compartas tu preocupación. Para mí en particular fue de mucha indignación al igual que tu la postura que toma este Sr.La arrogancia, soberbia y el plagio pre meditado son características que desmerecen fatalmente un trabajo, y lamentable también que venga de alguien supuestamente conocido y de cierto prestigio, o llamemoslo "PROFESIONAL CON TRAYECTORIA", que tiene alumnos a su cargo, que incluso inculca que no debe hacerse pero peor aún no rectificarse. Como escribí en el blog de AGP, yo no comentaba ni posteaba nada por una cuestión personal, pero no podía dejar de expresar mi malestar frente a este hecho, y esto no es por una cuestión personal, lo hubiera dicho y comentado aún si fuera el más "renombrado artista", porque el plagio de autor es una falta, quizas no legal en el mundo del internet pero sí moral y de falta de respeto a los demás y quienes lo siguen. Reitero mi agradecimiento y mi admiración por tu persona y lo realmente caballero que demuestras ser y tomas este asunto con altura.
Y sí, que en este mundo gráfico al igual que en otras labores se suele recurrir a la hipocresía o callarse la boca. Me hubiera gustado escribirte a tu correo tambien pero no pude ubicar tu mail, pero igual lo expreso en mi blog, el único lugar donde soy libre de expresar lo que pienso(espero no te incomode si escribo lo mismo en tu blog). Habrá personas que pensarán que meto mas leña al fuego pero no es así, solo espero que piensen y analicen bien la situación.
Cuenta conmigo, y espero que esto tambien traiga consigo una eneseñanza y te ofrezco mi mas sincera amistad.
Un GRAN ABRAZO MAESTRO, y que sigan los éxitos.

Dramiro said...

Hermano, tú te lo mereces:

Un Abrazo

Milan Rubio said...

Happy-merry-very congratulations!
Muchísimas felicidades por el 2º aniversario. Te deseo (y a todo el Branstudio)el mejor de los futuros!
Un abrazo amigo!

David Cousens said...

Happy anniversary Alberto! (and also to Bobby Chiu/Imaginism too while I'm at it!)#

All the best,

Dave said...

Happy Birthday!!! Can't wait to see what else you guys put out this year!

EFF said...

Congratulations! What you've been doing is so inspiring and positive. :)

Process Junkie said...

Gracias Muchas to all the commentadores.

Escribbo en Spanglish for not write double so todos comprehende.

122476, Nelsón Daniel, Mike Feeney, Pedro Delgado, Javi García, Milan Rubio, Manuel Vidal, David Cousens: Gracias to you, mis amigos! En 2009 muchos sketchbooks más y una piñata con la face de Jorge Bush!

Viva La Brand Estudio Prensa, Coño!!

Dramiro: Eres un buen amigo, gracias por el gesto aquel en tu blog, todas tus atenciones y el buen humor que siempre derrochas.

Dani Dias: . . .And I love you!.

Rico: No favors. it's an even exchange :) Thanks, Rico.

Bobby Chiu: Well, technically and legally, Brandstudio Press -one word- (NOT BRAND STUDIO) was formed in June 2002, the first sketchbook was published in July 2003 but it wasn't until March 8th 2007 when it became a multi-artist publishing animal.

Don't worry about the misspelling, some people call it "Brand Studios", others call it Bran Studio, and others (Jeremy) just call it 'Brand' as in: "So, what's new with Brand?"

Cheers my boy, Happy Anniversary to you too!

Faboune's: Heh, heh! you lucky bastard! Hopefully we will have more intercontinental books in the future.

Chrissie: 'Schfimulus' was the cleanest alternative ;)

Thank you for your constant support!

RobSchwager: Couldn't have done it without you!

LR: No me molesta en lo absoluto, lo considero un honor.

Dave:You're seeing them already.

Jose E. Buezo de Manzanedo: Primero que todo, deja las formalidades, eso de 'Maestro' :)
me hace sentir viejo y obsoleto. Je, je!
Acá todos somos alumnos, ya que aprendemos de todo y de todos. Igual, te agradezco la cortesía y la muestra de respeto.

Tienes toda la razón, la idea no es continuar el drama ni darle más importancia a individuos que en realidad no lo merecen.

Pero si es bueno decir las verdades y asi evitar que estas cosas le ocurran a otros. La idea implicita que si la victima no es un artista "ultraconocido" su suplantación y plagio están justificados, es una atrocidad sin nombre.

Gracias por tener cojones y por tu amistad, estaremos en contacto a traves de la interweb :)

Saludos a todos los artistas Peruanos y Sudacas en general.

Fiona: Gracias, Fiona, TU eres una inspiración!

Un abrazo,

joverine said...

happy B(rand studio) day!


Process Junkie said...

It's 'Brandstudio' !!
C'mon, Wolverine! one word, not two! Sheeesh!

Happy B'day to you too, lil' buddy!

where's your book?


idlehandstudios said...

"artists are idealists, romantics, moody procrastinators and royal slackers who can't agree on anything and take forever and a day to get anything of consequence done.", pretty much encapsulates my butt in a nice tidy bow. Congratulations on the two years of BSP and all of your successes! Your fine books have taken many of my quarters and I'm sure will take many more in the future. I’ve yet to experience a comic con, but seeing you’re coming to Seattle may just the right excuse to finally go.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Happy anniversary! BrandStudio's books are always top notch.