Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, we're back from Chicago-ish and I'm dismayed and sad to report that the Rosemont WizardWorld Comic Con sucked fourteen kinds of camel dick (to put it mildly, and I'm not talking about the cigarrette brand, either).

As per usual, some folks did better than others, but my questionable common sense tells me that these WizardWorld shows are on their way to meet the Almighty Creator; no, not the guy who came up with the half-baked idea for these conventions, but rather the Big Guy himself; and I don't mean Geoff Darrow's robot character, but the guy with the long beard (I can do this all night but I have work to do, so I'll end it right here) I'm confident you dig what I'm saying.

Having said all that, however, Yours B. Truly and the crew had an ungodly amount of fun. We joined our friends from the Imaginism posse in celebrating an early Fourth of July, Mexican style by eating at Maria's (which has become a Brandstudio Press tradition, drinking frozen margaritas to your health, making fun of fellow nerds and other two-legged vermin and , of course, going to the movies to watch Wall-e, which I highly recommend.

I'd like to thank all my friends who attended the event for their support and companionship, particularly The Stewarts: Annie and Matthew, whom I consider family. Good times!

The Eye Candy From Strangers take 2 call for entries' deadline has come and gone. Thank you to all participants, whether you're in or out.

If you are in, then congratulations and I'm looking forward to putting the book together with your images in it. If your work did not make it, please do not be disappointed, the decision to leave you out does not necessarily mean you suck. If the process were to take into account enthusiasm, energy and good will, all of the entries received would have made the cut. Thanks for sending your pieces and keep on drawing.

If you live in the United States, have yourselves a wonderful Independence Day. Remember that patriotism has nothing to do with voting republican and waving a flag full of stars and bars, represent our beloved country and celebrate our independence by doing your best to become an independent artist, one who follows his heart and not some stupid trend, draw every single day to become the best that you can possibly be and on your way up, be kind to others less fortunate. I will be back next week to tell you some terrific news, which I'm sure will make you very happy.

Let me bid adieu with some appropriate images for this occasion in which we pay tribute to our founding fathers (and mothers) There is nothing more American than fellow human beings wearing colorful and revealing lycra outfits and tight —and sweaty— spandex undergarments to courageously display their loyalties —and expose their most private of areas— in a brave effort to honor the heroes who save this country from impending doom on a daily basis, even if these heroes are nothing but fucking cartoon characters.

Black Cherry


I don't think you want to know what's under that red skirt.


Thursday, June 26, 2008


. . . IS NOT. . . . But I'm going anyway.

Actually, The city of Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the entire world but not Rosemont, which is one of the most uninspired and characterless corporate wastelands you can find on any map, this is where they hold this insipid convention. Chicago, in truth, is miles away from this hellhole of American suburbia. Not that you needed to know but I figured I'd tell ya anyway.

So come to Rosemont and as soon as the show ends, let's go to Chicago for a real good time. I'll be sitting at table 5610 A with my band of brothers: Kasra Ghanbari on lead guitar, Matt Stewart on keyboards and tambourine and Wade Furlong on the drums (no relation to Edward Furlong, who can't even play the fucking gazoo to save his own hide. I'll be on lead vocals and playing with my Barbies. 'Megan the Pagan' will also be in attendance, as it's customary around this time. Bring your sketchbooks so I can poop all over them, sketches are free, as always, if you say you're a friend of this here blog. Speaking of which and by the way, does anybody know why the sidebar on this blog is now a downbar? if you do and know how to fix this, send me an email or a comment.

Edit: I think the blog fixed itself. Hurray for the power of positive thinking!

So Heroes was an amazing event, don't ask me about the convention itself, although well-organized, it wasn't as profitable as many thought. Still, the appeal of this show is not its 'babyman' population but the hanging outs, getting acquainted with old friends and the party after the show, totally worth attending.

This here is a sketch of Princess "Aye-Mis-Bolas" done at the Heroes show for my good friend and mentor: John "Mean Killing Machine" Higashi. For those who care: Done on bristol board with a 'uni-ball' black ballpoint, black Sharpie, Col-erase carmine red and a touch of metallic gold thin point marker.

I'm happy to report that all orders have been mailed out to the individuals who placed them. In behalf of Frank and myself, let me say a big THANK YOU to you for the overwhelming show of support for these two Brandstudio Press jewels.

As I said before, Frank will be attending the San Diego Comic Con and he will have a bunch of books with him. One note of caution: hit him early, don't let the e-bay speculators get there first.

More amazing art books and sketchbooks are coming your way, trust me, this is just the tip of the muthafukin' iceberg.

See you at the show, bring clean underwear.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Maverikanim Vol. 2
By Matt Stewart
It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Matt's newest book. As always, chock full o' gorgeous women drawn in his unmistakable style.

By the way, Matt Stewart, Wade Furlong and Yours B. Truly will be attending the WizardWorld Chicago show at the Rosemont Convention Centre in two weeks, we'll have these goods available for your purchasing pleasure. For those who won't make it to the convention, feel free to order it from our online store. This book is in stock and ships on the same day it's ordered, except if you order it on a Sunday or past 6 PM. In which case it will be shipped the following morning.

Price: $24.95 US Dollars
ISBN: 13 978-0-9793447-93-0
8 3/4x12 3/8, 48 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover, Perfect bound-Sewn Pages
Available Now

Available Now. Click on the button below to order your copy:

All images are copyright © 2008 Matt Stewart, please don't reproduce without permission.


Yo, as you may, or may not know, Brandstudio Press will have a presence at the Heroes Convention in North Carolina this coming Friday, saturday and Sunday (June 20-22). We'll be in artist alley this time next to our beloved friend and writer extraordinaire: Vito Delsante and the scary (but lovable) Joe Pekar, A.K.A. Joe Pekar. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and say Hola!

We'll have some Eye Candy goodness and other goodies, plus, a sneak preview to some of our newer titles.

Frank Cho will also be there signing his brand new Brandstudio Press books: Jungle Queens and Mars Maidens, it's going to be the most fun you'll ever have with your panties on.

See you there (or somewhere else)


Saturday, June 07, 2008


By Frank Cho

Price: $24.95 US Dollars
A collection of women warriors and the men (and beasts) who love them, sometimes.


ISBN: 978-1-934623-96-1
8 3/4x12 3/8, 48 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover, Perfect bound


Sorry, all copies on the Brandstudio Press online store have been sold out. Frank will have these books (in limited quantities) at his booth at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time is of The Essence

Philadelphia, PA
I ended up going to Philly at the last minute, got on the Amtrak late Friday and spent the weekend with pals I haven't seen since, well . . . last month. Thanks to my good friend Mike Manley, who was kind enough to put me up for the duration and my compadres in arms at Imaginism Studios, (Bobby, Kei, "T" and Fez) who made room for me at the con.

I saw a few of my old Philadelphia friends and made a couple of new ones, next stop: North Carolina in a couple of weeks and Chicago, the week after. Hope to see you there.


Time is kicking my butt these days, busy with a hundred and one projects, some of which I will announce in a week or two. I almost feel as if my days are numbered and I have this crazy urge to be productive before I kick the proverbial bucket. I haven't posted any drawings in a long while, so to sort of make up for my lack of activity on this blog, I created another blog (Hah!) called: "SIGNEERSESSIES" this is where I would dump quick sketches dedicated to the kind folks who order my books on the online store. 

I met the legendary Playboy cartoonist and his lovely assistant Heidi Hutson, last April, at the New York Comic Con, needless to say he is one of my childhood heroes, along with Sokol, Dedini and a few other great ones, so meeting him was a thrill of a life time for me. 

It is often said that the best artists in history are also the nicest human beings you can meet, while I've learned that this is not often the case, Doug Sneyd sure makes a compelling argument in favor of the old cliché. He truly is a jewel of a man, charm and talent rolled up into one. A gifted storyteller in his own right, we had the most wonderful time listening to his many anecdotes and admiring his old original watercolors.

Doug has recently published a new book of his work, conversely named:
I'm happy to add this volume to the Brandstudio Press online store. This 44 page book, contains a bunch of never before seen preliminary roughs of the many gags he has illustrated for Playboy.

You can order the book by clicking on the link below.