Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I"ve Feen the Fucking Future and It Fooks Fucking Freat!

I'm not certain I will be attending the Baltimore Convention, most likely I won't, so this means the 2008 convention season is officially over (for me, at least).

The long absence was necessary, much needed re-fueling and such. I am now ready for whatever comes my way.

Brandstudio Press (as we know it) will undergo some transformations, I guess these things are inevitable. This experiment in human behavior has ran its course; for all intents and purposes, the project is over and  the next phase is ready to begin. I had made some provisions early in the game, in case the business end of this operation became too great or cumbersome for me to manage. It has grown beyond my wildest expectations, something I'm terribly proud of and at the same time, not too thrilled about. 

I am not one of those people who are afraid of success (in whatever form), I am oblivious to it, like a ten year old boy, I just want to play and have fun. Success to me is defined by what I can do and enjoy on my own terms, so if this (or any other project) becomes a chore, my natural tendency is to move on to the next thing or go back to basics. Or both. I want to spend more time drawing and imagining things I want to put together, building Brandstudio Press into something 'cool & awesome' has been rewarding on so many levels and it continues to bring joy to me but I want more and less, if you know what I mean. 

This, of course, doesn't mean that Brandstudio Press will stop publishing, co-publishing or helping fellow artists self-publish art books and sketchbooks, nor that the standards of quality we had set for ourselves will suffer or anything of that sort. The changes should be transparent to our supporters and collaborators. It  just means that Brandstudio Press will no longer be a one-man and one-woman band. It also means that I will leave the business end to competent individuals, to people who know what they're doing, rather than to run myself sick handling and overseeing every single tiny aspect of this friendly monster. 

I am not going to give you a lecture on the trappings  of 'success' or the of perils of making too much money, I have experienced neither; suffice to say I was not born to become a merchant, this is made painfully apparent to me every day I have to fulfill my commitments to the business end of this so called 'business'. 

I do perform most of these tasks with  the mindset of someone who wants to honor and service those who support what I do, but once in a while I'd get hit with something I did not sign up for. 

Can't pretend I hate money, but money is not my motivating factor in life. Any monkey with half a brain can make money, that's not a secret.
The difficulty, in my opinion, lies in making it on your terms. Why is that so important? I don't fucking know, but for some reason it is, nothing to do with morals, mind you. Something to do with living life the way one wants to live it. I'd be the first to admit my inadequacies at being a merchant and having to behave in a corporate manner when dealing with certain issues inherent with the 'business' side of what I do. It is precisely, that part of 'success' that I want no part of, whatsoever. So I'm leaving the business to the business experts and I'm going back to do what I do best: "slacking off".

Timely announcements will be made in regards to the upcoming projects, so as to keep you always in the loop.  

The e-mails piled up while I was away, sorry if you are among the victims. I'll try and reply within the next couple of weeks. If you don't hear from me, please do remind me by re-sending the original communication, my apologies if this inconvenience you in any way.

Here are a bunch of drawings, which I will move to SIGNEERSESSIES in a few days. These were done for some of the kind people who bought my books in the past month. there is no rhyme or reason to these doodles, just whatever grabbed me by the balls at the time, no agenda just having fun, I hope you also find them fun.




RobSchwager said...

Heya bro!

Glad to hear you're back among the living!

All my best to you and the future of where Brandstudio Press is heading!

Now, get back to slacking!

enb said...

DANG, you have a smooth and steady hand.
Great work- thanks for sharing-

Neil said...

Can't wait to see what's next.

pablo pablo said...


Craig Zablo said...

Always good to read an update. My old buddy Jim Ivey [83 and still going strong -- a political cartoonist and owner of The Cartoon Museum] hated the business aspect much as you do. "Bah," he would say, "I'm no merchant." He loved life too much to be a business man... still does in fact!

crazytoons said...

Hey Albero,

I told you what you where doing would be big. I will be in touch with you. Keep doing what you are doing.

Jason Newkirk said...

beautiful drawings man. Hope things always work for the best for you dude! Brandstudio is a great accomplishment. You've brought to light so much talent to all.


Process Junkie said...

Thanks for the positive comments, guys!

What I'm working on is large scale for sure and just like Brandstudio Press, there are no guaranties, it may just flap or become something of consequence. I hope it works out the way I planned it but there's only one way to find out.

I have tossed so much shit at the wall, something is bound to stick. :)

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Hey buddy
Thank again for the sketch of Jaclyn. She's got me passing along the message but she thought is was very sweet of you to have drawn her, and her "Crazy Hair" again.
The Scan of the sketch and some new photo's will be coming to you shortly.
Always a pleasure Alberto.

See you again in April.

Jon said...

Glad you sticking to your guns. Life on your terms your way.

Fabian said...

Hi Alberto!
Do what ever makes you happy, just keep publishing your books for that make US happy.
Hope you can visit my blog some day and drop me a little message, it would be a great honor for me.
Abrazos from Mexico!

Your friend,

Manoj Sinha said...

Great sketching style!!!

Angela Rizza said...

Nice to know you have more time to do art now, can't wait to see more on your sketching blog. How's Eye Candy coming?

Mz.Kat-ii said...

Hey Alberto!
Just dropping by to say i adore the picture you drew in the front of my book! It totally made my day :) thank you so much!
Kate xx

Sketchlogic said...

Incredible Alberto and its great that things are heading into a nice direction. Its been a bit terribly with Meglia's, Turner's & Wieringo's deaths this past year but we'll push on and keep on creating and inspiring one another. You also had an INCREDIBLE essay on the use of Anatomy as it concerns learning to draw. You could NOT have said it better and what is even more sad is that MANY people I know (some even artists) have NEVER heard of Loomis. I'd also love for you to check out an artist names Arthur De Pins if you haven't heard of this guy prepared to be amazed. Keep up the excellent work and inspiration.

Faboun'e said...

Beautiful lines again and again ..!
Good work on bodys and sexy faces.. how did you imagine that ? This is your past memory which make you remember girls ... ? !!
I wish for you that it is right ..!

steve hui said...

amazing drawings!

KriStyle said...

Sorry you can't make it to BMore, next time I'll take you and your crew out for some REAL Md crab cakes(not that crap the tourists eat)and beer.

Take care,

Mr. Hawthorne said...

These are f-ing amazing sketches, hermano!

Can't wait what you do next!


Mike Feeney said...

I glad you have a plan that will make happy. You are a great person to know and a fantastic artist. Good luck in all your projects!!
Mike :)

SalBa Combé said...

Tan increibles como siempre. Una vez más te has ganado toda mi admiración.

Javi García said...

Sooo nice!, great style, love it!



phase 2 here we come! :)

Howard Shum said...

Cool drawings, Alberto!

David Cousens said...

I LOVE the linework on those sketches Alberto, they're superb!

Carla C.M.L said...



Raghu G said...

cool drawings !

Kevin Levell said...

Lovely quick sketches... Some of those lines are just wonderfully expressive!

Astromeria said...

Best of luck with your new endeavors! I'd love to work with you if you're still publishing. Please let me know. My table was next to Hoang Nguyen's in Small Press at Comic-con this year, we exchanged work. His book (co-produced by you) is just beautiful!


amazing alberto


mas mas !

so, were is 3Q ?

Hrishikesh said...

awesome phenomenal marvaieous fantastic terrific & a lot more :)words r les 2 good :)

marga turnbull said...

Hola alberto! Me llamo Marga Turnbull y soy de las Islas Canarias, en España, soy ilustradora, me gustaría llegar a dibujar a las mujeres como lo haces tú, eres un genio. Mi blog es: http://margadefay.blogspot.com

Un abrazo desde Canarias!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Really BEAUTIFUL drawings!:o)
Hugs from London.:o)

joverine said...

I keep hearing so much about this brand press studio! I'm very interested in having a book made through you guys-I'll read through the site some more to see if there's info on how to go about it-

a big thumbs up for all your efforts!
huge respect to you!

Dramiro said...

Unos dibujos fantasticos... A ver si nos cuentas tu secreto para tener ese control sobre el trazo. Felicidades

Eugenio Enrique Herrera Pérez said...
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Josh Spencer said...

I love your style.
Its so free.
your very inspirational.


Kristen McCabe said...

Beautiful, Alberto.

I love how you use the pink around her eyes and partly on her cheeks.

Stuart Ruel said...

just stumbled across your blog, amazing artwork! you can gauge a lot from how someone draws a nude...

keep doing it, i'll keep dropping by.

jojo said...

i am a huge fan and always pick up your sketchbooks at stuart ng. keep blogging cuz i sure will keep visiting