Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Due to multiple requests, I am hereby extending the submission deadline until July 10th. It seems a few of you just became aware of the call for entries so if you are among those people and want to give this a shot, go for it, you have 11 extra days.


send your low-res images for consideration to: brandstudiopressATgmail.com


David Cousens said...

Hi Alberto, just checking, did you receive the "Shiny Pink Top" image for consideration the other day?

nico said...

Hi Alberto, is this extended deadline available for people who have already send you pics ?

Process Junkie said...

David: Yes I did, thanks!

Nico: Yes!

David Cousens said...

Thanks man :)

mark slater said...

hi there!
from whom do you generally accept submissions? how often do you release the eye candy collections? do you have any restrictions - ie. who submits? what they submit? mediums, etc.?

Process Junkie said...

Mark Slater: here are the answers to your questions three (I mean seven)

From smart people.
Once every leap year.
He who draws women.
Drawings of women.


The info is somewhere inside this blog, I don't remember what I ate yesterday, let alone all the rules and regulations concerning this contest. They're just too many!

mark slater said...

ahah! sorry bout that, sir. i guess i should have just scrolled down. ohwell. i shall keep my eyes peeled for next years' call for submissions.

Process Junkie said...

No worries, mate!

Nice work there in your blog.

Keep in touch.


Francis said...

Hey Alberto,

Sorry but I submitted some work for Eye Candy during the extended deadline, but I never got a reply. Did you get any mail from yeh.francis@hotmail.com?


Kat said...

I was wondering if you had received my submissions "Double the Booty" "Ridin' Cowboys" and "Mile High". I hadn't heard anything.

Kat said...

I re-sent it, let me know if you didn't get it again. My email is kat.brunnegraff@gmail.com