Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time is of The Essence

Philadelphia, PA
I ended up going to Philly at the last minute, got on the Amtrak late Friday and spent the weekend with pals I haven't seen since, well . . . last month. Thanks to my good friend Mike Manley, who was kind enough to put me up for the duration and my compadres in arms at Imaginism Studios, (Bobby, Kei, "T" and Fez) who made room for me at the con.

I saw a few of my old Philadelphia friends and made a couple of new ones, next stop: North Carolina in a couple of weeks and Chicago, the week after. Hope to see you there.


Time is kicking my butt these days, busy with a hundred and one projects, some of which I will announce in a week or two. I almost feel as if my days are numbered and I have this crazy urge to be productive before I kick the proverbial bucket. I haven't posted any drawings in a long while, so to sort of make up for my lack of activity on this blog, I created another blog (Hah!) called: "SIGNEERSESSIES" this is where I would dump quick sketches dedicated to the kind folks who order my books on the online store. 

I met the legendary Playboy cartoonist and his lovely assistant Heidi Hutson, last April, at the New York Comic Con, needless to say he is one of my childhood heroes, along with Sokol, Dedini and a few other great ones, so meeting him was a thrill of a life time for me. 

It is often said that the best artists in history are also the nicest human beings you can meet, while I've learned that this is not often the case, Doug Sneyd sure makes a compelling argument in favor of the old cliché. He truly is a jewel of a man, charm and talent rolled up into one. A gifted storyteller in his own right, we had the most wonderful time listening to his many anecdotes and admiring his old original watercolors.

Doug has recently published a new book of his work, conversely named:
I'm happy to add this volume to the Brandstudio Press online store. This 44 page book, contains a bunch of never before seen preliminary roughs of the many gags he has illustrated for Playboy.

You can order the book by clicking on the link below.


Bobby Chiu said...

Beautiful book. I have one myself :)
Great hanging out and see you again soon!!

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

*adding Signeersessies to link List*

Viewing & Enjoying!

Process Junkie said...

Bobby Chiu: Yeah, Philly was fun, see you in two weeks.

dan-van-cool: Yeah, enjoy lots of shots of me in my thermal underwear and black tees with my hairy arms and stubby fingers. :D

Asier said...

wow...alberto,beautiful sketches...and fingers...

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Asier.

Urban Barbarian said...

Love the new blog Alberto! Great, great sketches!!! See you in SDCC! One of these days I'll get my act together and have stuff ready in time for a book!

JAKE said...

What book do I order for one of your sweet sketches? Or do I have to catch you at SDCC?

Process Junkie said...

Urban Libertarian: No worries, next year or the year after, I'm not going anywhere soon. :)
See you in Sandy Eggo.

Jake: It's up to you, we can do it live and unplugged at the SDCC or I through the postal service.
At the moment you can order Straight Curves for a big sketch (11x17 inches) or any of my hard cover books for an 8.5x12 inch doodle. No extra charge either way :)

Thanks for your support!

RobSchwager said...

Signeersessies kicks ass dude! LOVE IT!

Process Junkie said...

I have a few more I haven't scanned in. I'll keep it going.

Thanks and don't forget to draw. ;)







how'bout a pop up book?

come to think of it....

All of your books are "pop - up" books