Thursday, June 26, 2008


. . . IS NOT. . . . But I'm going anyway.

Actually, The city of Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the entire world but not Rosemont, which is one of the most uninspired and characterless corporate wastelands you can find on any map, this is where they hold this insipid convention. Chicago, in truth, is miles away from this hellhole of American suburbia. Not that you needed to know but I figured I'd tell ya anyway.

So come to Rosemont and as soon as the show ends, let's go to Chicago for a real good time. I'll be sitting at table 5610 A with my band of brothers: Kasra Ghanbari on lead guitar, Matt Stewart on keyboards and tambourine and Wade Furlong on the drums (no relation to Edward Furlong, who can't even play the fucking gazoo to save his own hide. I'll be on lead vocals and playing with my Barbies. 'Megan the Pagan' will also be in attendance, as it's customary around this time. Bring your sketchbooks so I can poop all over them, sketches are free, as always, if you say you're a friend of this here blog. Speaking of which and by the way, does anybody know why the sidebar on this blog is now a downbar? if you do and know how to fix this, send me an email or a comment.

Edit: I think the blog fixed itself. Hurray for the power of positive thinking!

So Heroes was an amazing event, don't ask me about the convention itself, although well-organized, it wasn't as profitable as many thought. Still, the appeal of this show is not its 'babyman' population but the hanging outs, getting acquainted with old friends and the party after the show, totally worth attending.

This here is a sketch of Princess "Aye-Mis-Bolas" done at the Heroes show for my good friend and mentor: John "Mean Killing Machine" Higashi. For those who care: Done on bristol board with a 'uni-ball' black ballpoint, black Sharpie, Col-erase carmine red and a touch of metallic gold thin point marker.

I'm happy to report that all orders have been mailed out to the individuals who placed them. In behalf of Frank and myself, let me say a big THANK YOU to you for the overwhelming show of support for these two Brandstudio Press jewels.

As I said before, Frank will be attending the San Diego Comic Con and he will have a bunch of books with him. One note of caution: hit him early, don't let the e-bay speculators get there first.

More amazing art books and sketchbooks are coming your way, trust me, this is just the tip of the muthafukin' iceberg.

See you at the show, bring clean underwear.



Sakiroo said...

Good work~!!

Robert Ullman said...

Ugh, Rosemont...yeah. It's the worst of the worst. Even the surrounding 'burbs aren't that bad, but Rosemont itself = shithole.

Still, I kinda wish I was going anyway, just to get a peep at that new Matt Stewart book...

Craig Zablo said...

Sorry I missed you and Heroes this year. Glad to hear you had fun! And, boy, Higashi got another great piece!

ShojinStudios said...

Alberto as always your frank honesty amazes me! Thanks for helping fellow artisan T-Malo, see new horizons in his future. Sometimes we need a swift kick to the cojones in order to see what others already know. Oh before I forget Frank Cho's Book is Great! Don't get me wrong I drool over your pieces, but I have a soft spot for Brandy... the chick not the drink! Anyhoo GREAT weekend Con so far Thanks for showing up Al and fellow band members!!!!!

Process Junkie said...

Yo! Thanks for the kind replies, guys. Have a great summer vacation.