Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, we're back from Chicago-ish and I'm dismayed and sad to report that the Rosemont WizardWorld Comic Con sucked fourteen kinds of camel dick (to put it mildly, and I'm not talking about the cigarrette brand, either).

As per usual, some folks did better than others, but my questionable common sense tells me that these WizardWorld shows are on their way to meet the Almighty Creator; no, not the guy who came up with the half-baked idea for these conventions, but rather the Big Guy himself; and I don't mean Geoff Darrow's robot character, but the guy with the long beard (I can do this all night but I have work to do, so I'll end it right here) I'm confident you dig what I'm saying.

Having said all that, however, Yours B. Truly and the crew had an ungodly amount of fun. We joined our friends from the Imaginism posse in celebrating an early Fourth of July, Mexican style by eating at Maria's (which has become a Brandstudio Press tradition, drinking frozen margaritas to your health, making fun of fellow nerds and other two-legged vermin and , of course, going to the movies to watch Wall-e, which I highly recommend.

I'd like to thank all my friends who attended the event for their support and companionship, particularly The Stewarts: Annie and Matthew, whom I consider family. Good times!

The Eye Candy From Strangers take 2 call for entries' deadline has come and gone. Thank you to all participants, whether you're in or out.

If you are in, then congratulations and I'm looking forward to putting the book together with your images in it. If your work did not make it, please do not be disappointed, the decision to leave you out does not necessarily mean you suck. If the process were to take into account enthusiasm, energy and good will, all of the entries received would have made the cut. Thanks for sending your pieces and keep on drawing.

If you live in the United States, have yourselves a wonderful Independence Day. Remember that patriotism has nothing to do with voting republican and waving a flag full of stars and bars, represent our beloved country and celebrate our independence by doing your best to become an independent artist, one who follows his heart and not some stupid trend, draw every single day to become the best that you can possibly be and on your way up, be kind to others less fortunate. I will be back next week to tell you some terrific news, which I'm sure will make you very happy.

Let me bid adieu with some appropriate images for this occasion in which we pay tribute to our founding fathers (and mothers) There is nothing more American than fellow human beings wearing colorful and revealing lycra outfits and tight —and sweaty— spandex undergarments to courageously display their loyalties —and expose their most private of areas— in a brave effort to honor the heroes who save this country from impending doom on a daily basis, even if these heroes are nothing but fucking cartoon characters.

Black Cherry


I don't think you want to know what's under that red skirt.



Viking Myke said...

Under the Red Skirt, no, but i'll take a gander at what's under those black fishnets!

Craig Zablo said...

Ye Gods, Alberto... do you know what lurks under the red skirt???

Process Junkie said...

Myke: I'd bet you would.

Craig: As a matter of fact, I do know but I'm not in liberty to say.


i dig what yo sayin' man


1)cute face, nice legs

2) um... ok, is it me or does that fold look like a "chubbie"

yes, i said chubbie

3) oh my god! my eyes! my eyes! puke

time for a cold shower(shudder)

ya know, i can't believe those poor souls actually spend time and money to look even more dumber than they already look?

they must like stopping every 10 minutes to take a picture right?

and as always amazing drawing alberto :)

so plan on having "a get-together" and movie after the big show?

love to come hang out with you art papi

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

I'll Vote for Black Cherry :)

Robertino said...

alberto: That beauty pops of the page. Very difficult to look away from it.
The woman in the drawing further down, where you're promoting the new "SIGNEERSESSIES" website. Is she by any chance Danni "The way women were meant to be shaped" Ashe ?

And you're so right, I don't want to know. :)
Neither if s/he is wearing real breasts under that outfit.

comikxguy: I hope that you meant : "time for a hot shower(shudder)".

Process Junkie said...

No, I'm afraid that's not Danni, whoever that is (although, going by your description I have the need to meet her in person) that face was drawn strictly from my feeble brain, the body belongs to a porn actress whom I haven't had the pleasure to know personally.

Robertino said...
Or just google her name in Google images :
And, seriously, you two should meet in person. What a beautiful drawings we would get to see. Afterwards. :)



well after that any shower is good hot or cold

lets make it luke warm :)

ya know me, i can't type correctly all the time

20 days to go art papi!

i know, i know, don't remind you

i bet your running around like one crazed sumbastitch

btw i'm coming right to your area


see ya buddy

Robertino said...

Let's not fight over a "girl". :)