Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Temporarily Out of Commission :(

I am sick, yet again. I won't be able to attend Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, as planned. My apologies to those friends who were expecting me. Memo D., I'll mail the book to you, hopefully I'll see you in San Diego, Dangster, please feel free to drink two Coronas to my name. My lungs are loaded with garbage and my eyes are filled with slimy gooey gunk. The trip to Calgary did me much needed good. A 'big up' to my crew: Robin Mitchell, Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan, Joe Weatherly, Matt Stewart, Wade Schin, Andrew Wilson, Crystal, Angela, Kandrix, Laurie B., Calgary Girl, Ocean, Kei, Bobby, "T", Dan Van Cool and his stunningly beautiful wife, Stuart Immonen, Jim D, Jim Z., the lovely and super talented Fiona Staples, Bruce Timm, Justin Ridge, Hye-Jung, Amy and the rest of the misfits we had the pleasure to hang out with at the show and up in the mountains. do we know how to have fun? or do we know how to have fun? I guess you know the answer to that double question. Unfortunately, full blown Spring was waiting for me with open arms upon returning to my beloved New York City. Hopefully, I'll be feeling much better by the time Super Con is here. See you in San Jose in two weeks.

I have lots of great news to tell you, give me a couple of days to get my shit together.

Peace, Yo!


Gus said...

Aww- No Seattle? Bummer. Do you know if your books will be making an appearance here?


Jon McNally said...

Sad to hear you're ailing but excited to hear your great news! Rest up, sir!

Kevin said...

Hope you feel better.

The Original Dangster said...

Dang, lil man won't get to see Uncle Al this time round...That's Ok, as long as you send a card with a dollar in it or something.

We'll miss ya, but I should send you the folder of my latest works! They'd be like dipping you in sacred waters and would cure you, because they are that good.

But rest yo ass up, snort some Robatussin and know that we'll miss you this year man..I'll tell the strippers you said hello and I'll get a lapdance for you...Maybe 3...But whatever money I don't spend I am gonna use to start up the Ruiz Foundation, where we will look to cure your allergies, I can start taking donations.

As always my brotha, much love and we'll catch you sooner or later.


poor alberto

Craig Zablo said...

I hope by the time you read this, you're better. If not, get well soon, bro!

Process Junkie said...

Yo, I am feeling better, my dearest friend, Andrew gave me a natural recipe which is making me feel like a hundred bucks (I will feel like a million once I'm up and about.

Thanks for the lovely wishes. you guys really know how to treat a sick lady. :P

I'll be back on Monday.



zenFish said...

Hope it wasn't our town that got you all sick.

I still keep looking at the book I got from you, and the sketch you put in it.

Great for inspiration.

Glad you're feeling better.

Mr. Hawthorne said...


Get better Amigo!


Membloggy said...

I was just where you were at, my friend...Supersick and the whole body aches and lung butter etc.
No worries on the trip and know that I am super excited to submit to the new call for entries if its not too late!
Rest and take it as it comes....
Ps the Con was good times and people missed you and the crew fer sure!
Much love-

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Get better friend. Thanks for the mention. Jaclyn says thank you for the lovely compliment as well. Your picture of the T-shirt will be taken tomorrow :D

RobSchwager said...

I can relate to the whole super-sick thing. Been fighting it for months as well. Good to know you're down, but not out. Get well bro.

Mike Feeney said...

Hang in there Buddy..Get well soon,
Mike :)

ValentinoElMasFino said...

Sorry to hear you're sick again. I know spring hits you real hard. Hope you feel better soon.

Robert Ullman said...

Get well soon, brother! At least in time for Charlotte!



no more getting sick for next year?

(crosses fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs and knock on my wood)

Rebecca Bastian said...

Hey, I gotta ask, what's the miracle natural recipe you mentioned?

Because I've been layed up with the same sort of thing for two weeks and I'm desperate.

Process Junkie said...

Rebecca Bastian Listen up. girl: Boil some water, slice and squeeze in a few lemons (I prefer limes) stir the mix for a couple of minutes, add honey and drink up, it doesn't hurt to eat a fresh cinnamon New York bagel along with the drink. (the last part is optional, that was my idea)

No dairy products because they give you more mucus, just lots of water and rest. Call me in the morning (if you're feeling better, if you get worse, call Andrew)

Zenfish: Not at all, actually, I felt great in Calgary, the change from NY Spring to the cold weather was what I needed. Too bad I can't stay in Alberta forever.

membloggy: You're not too late. June 30th is the deadline. Book on its way.

comikxguy Robert Ullman, Valentino, Mr. Hawthorne, Robschwager, Mike Feeney, Gus, Uloo, Kevin, Dangster & Craig: Thanks, guys. The power of your collective good will is working against the negative forces of my enemies, who wish me ill at every turn. But if there's any justice in this world, they shall all perish at the hand of the god of sickness, disease and non-compliant amphibian apparatuses of equal or similar value, etc. etc, etc and so on and so forth, ad infinitum, over and out, I'm rubber and you're glue. catch a tiger by its toe, if its squeaks like Cindy Lauper, do us all a favor and let it go . . . . .I think I have a headache.

Mark said...

Dude, is it me or are you sick the same time every year?

Get well soon man, all the best ;)

Process Junkie said...

Dude, I've been saying this for years! you can set your clock by it.

You can count on me to dissappear from the second week of April until the second week of May, guaranteed!

My allergies are pretty severe and towards the end of its duration they turn into a full fledge bronchial assault, it just so happens that this is the time I'm the busiest in terms of work and travel so I don't help matters by eating and sleeping poorly.

I only get sick twice a year: flu in November and Allergies in Spring. At least I'm pretty consistent.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Just stick to that Magic mixture you mentioned and it'll pass.
I use the same method for a cure, but I also boil ginger allong with everything.
Strain it afterwards though ;)

Process Junkie said...

Ginger is good.
For everything.