Monday, March 17, 2008

Wild Weekend

We had a blast at the reception for our show in Asbury Park at the Crybaby Gallery . Many thanks to Jenn and JC for inviting us to show at their gorgeous place. Also a big 'thank you' to the folks who came in to check us out. Hope we can do this sometime soon.
Here are some pics from the crazy fun weekend we just had. 

Photos courtesy and © 2008 Andrew Wilson.


EduardOrtiz said...

Se ve que se la pasaron bien!
el otro dia me encontre tu Bocetto 8 en una tienda de comics aca en Vancouver Canada y me lo compre (ovio)yo ya tenia un par tuyos que compre en linea... y me dio gusto ver que tubieran tu trabajo hasta estos rincones :D

Neil said...

Damn! You and Erik Jones at the same show?! I hate that I missed it.

Process Junkie said...

Saludos Eduardo!!

Neil: Erik is a rock star —I've been told—

Craig Zablo said...

Congrats on a great show!

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Craig.

Mike Feeney said...

Looks likeyou had fun, wish i was there.Keep up the good work ;)

Henrique Oli said...

Congratulation for your work. i really appreciate.
Cheers from Brazil

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Those boards look slick displayed like that. Its a teaser for those who plan to get one.
It that a photo of you work space?
I have this thing about liking to see where others do there magic. I just posted some photo's of my work space too.

IrisOn said...

Albertos the man, thanks for letting me be apart of such a talented group of artist!!!

RobSchwager said...

dude, Sliders AND killer art.... that's a damn good time in MY book.

Jason Newkirk said...

congrats man, wish I was over in yo area to see the goodness...Really wish I could make Seattle con, but may try to hit San Diego! If so Ill make sure to stop and say hi for sure!

Process Junkie said...

Mike Feeney, Henrique, Robschwager: You're rubber and I'm glue, all the good things you say about Brandstudio Press go back to you.

Thanks for the nice commentarios.

jason: SDCC it is, then. Cheerios!

Irison: Anytime, Pal! you make this art world a much nicer place to be. Thank you for being part of it.

Dan-Van-Cool: Yup that was my disaster area, here's the same place 3 years ago, HERE and HERE Nice and clean. Now you can't even walk down there without setting off a land mine.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Hehe cool, thanks for the extra links. Pretty cool set up.
For myself, I'm blessed and Cursed with not being able to start my work until the room is clean.
I haven't figured it out yet if its a good habit or a complex :P

A. Riabovitchev said...

Cool photos!Congratulation!!!!!
Looks like your life is very busy ,Alberto.:oD

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Andrei! Good to hear from you again.

RoB said...

I wish I could have gone there. The shots looked great! Thanks for sharing them with us. Looks like you guys and gals had a great time!


Earaj I said...

seems like the show turned out amazing. i would love to attend a show one day, as you one of the guest artist.

and your art continually amazes us all. right after i save some money, iam ordering one of those boards.

by the way what type of wood material did you use for those small art pieces, with the cartoon characters ?

can't wait for a new post !