Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deck Yo'self, Before You Wreck Yo'self!

Introducing Brandstudio Press Skate Decks

Yum, yum! laser-smoked to a delicious golden brown and available sooner than you think.
From your friendly neighborhood drug pusher: Brandstudio Press LLC.

"Damn" . . . . You're saying to yourself,  "I had the gut feeling they were going to do this"

Me thinks you should listen to your gut more often instead of just stuffing him. You were 100% correct!

Production of these boards have started already and they're coming. If any of you are interested email me for more details.

In the meantime, if you live in the NY metropolitan area, you can view these beauties at our gallery show in Asbury Park, this coming weekend.

The opening reception will be at Crybaby gallery, located at 717 Cookman ave. in Asbury Park, New Jersey on March 15th, 2008, from 7:30-10:30pm. The show will be on display from March 15th until April 15th.

Needless to say, you are all cordially invited. I'll be there with my boy, the supernatural Andrew Wilson and my compadre, the lovely and talented Erik Jones, guest artists will include the sensational Squindo of Squindo fame, Porkchop of Porkchop fame and other strangers of strange fame and dubious reputation.

Here are some pics of the decks we'll be showcasing at the event, many more decks from favorite Brandstudio Press renegades will come your way in a New York minute.


Howard Shum said...

These boards look awesome, Alberto!

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Howard, they look way awesomer in person, trust me. :)

Dario Reyes said...

Mi "cuerpito" no me permite practicar este tipo de deportes, ¡já!

Pero compraría alguna de estas "tablas" solo para poder exponerla en algún lugar especial de mi hogar.

El universo Brandstudio Press se expande.
¿Qué es lo que sigue?
Solo Buda lo sabe...


io, Daríus.

Chad said...

I considered doing this for some time but couldn't afford it.

Looks really nice bro. Take care.

Chad Townsend .com

Neil said...

Are those ETCHED?! Sweet! Now, will these be mass produced, limited edition, or one-of-a-kind? Who else do you have in line to do the designs? And finally, how will I be able to get one? I'm a sucker for skate decks.

Gnarfdeath said...

Damn, those are sweet!! I'd love to design one! I'll have to contact you for more details!!

Kevin Levell said...

Love the boards, and your art... awesome stuff.

Justin Ridge said...

Gasp! Those are beautiful! Wow, makes me wish I could skateboard....

Process Junkie said...

Yes, Neil, those are etched and the level of fine detail carved into the wood is mesmerizing to say the least.

Currently, Francisco Herrera and Humberto Ramos are designing their own decks, well and I don't want to jump ahead of myself so I'll keep this a secret for now but we'll have a ton of of deck designs within a month or so from artists you respect, you'll see.

We still haven't decided what the limit per design will be, like Chad said, these are super expensive to produce and personally I couldn't care less for that limited edition bullshit, to me that's just a ploy to charge ungodly amounts of money for over rated products.

There will be a limit to the production but we'll determine that later, for now I want everyone to own one and we won't cheapen them but we'll do our best to make them more affordable than the $500 laser-etched decks being offered out there.

Rest assured no mass production will take place, each deck will be individually etched with its own unique serial number and registered in our database.

These decks are not just for hanging on the wall, although they are certainly an art object and they should be, but you can actually ride them and abuse them. We chose the best —although more costly— manufactured blank decks from the same company that supplies decks to the top skateboard companies. This is not just a piece of plywood, no sir, just primo stuff.

I am a big sucker for skate decks, myself. that's why we're doing this.

Chad, Justin, Kevin, dario:Thanks for commenting, girls!

Ryan: Shoot me an email, I have the specs for you.

jacksands said...

Wish I still skated, but it's been way too many years. Those are sweet, though, I don't think the gf will let me hang one in the house.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Great Idea man. Ive sketched for people on blank boards but obviously nothing to this quality. Herrera, Ramos too, thats awesome.
Good Luck with the sales.

Neil said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Alberto. I just have one more. Will you have these with you at the Heroes Convention in June?

nelson said...

No canso de elogiar a Brandstudio, esto es de sorprendente. Siempre es increíble ver hasta donde se puede llegar con la visualidad. Me encanta.

Process Junkie said...

Neil: We will have them for 'Heroes' and for the Calgary Expo and San Diego, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, London and France.

DanVanCool, Nelson, Jacksands: Once you see these in person you will want one, trust me. Muchas gracias for the comments, muchachos! the support is appreciated.

jason quinones said...


you continue to go above and beyond my old friend!

RobSchwager said...


Squindo and Porkchop goodness....

Anthony said...

Amazing Berto! I'll definitely be dropping by to see these beauties in person!

Process Junkie said...

Jason You would have done the same, ratsy-fartsy skate decks are sexy, this is a no brainer.

Rob: :D

Anthony: Great! bring your friends.

victoriaying said...

amazing! Love your work

Process Junkie said...

If you love it so much how come you didn't link me?
I linked you and you linked that no-good, filthy dog Silver, am I not good enough for ya?

Just kidding! Thanks for the compliment, Victoria, the feeling is mutual, I really love your female figures.
Btw, you don't have to link me I was only joking (it wouldn't hurt, tho) ;)


Mr. Hawthorne said...

This is brilliant, Alberto! Great, great idea!

I hope to see you in NY next month. I'm not setting up, just a signing and a panel at the Vertigo booth...so i'll be free to wander around and find you!


ShapeStrong said...

Wow Alberto these are beautiful. Really just amazing, I can't wait to see them in person some day. I need to comment more but i'm always keeping track of brandstudio and press. really its an amazing revolution

ValentinoElMasFino said...

WOW! I love these. I will for certain be getting the trio of girls. I have the perfect place to hang them. As always my friend great work.



Holler at me when I can head out to queens to pick up Eyecandy, and possibly a meal..


Process Junkie said...

Mr. Hawthorne: By all means, please drop by. I will be sharing a booth with Silver. I'll let you in on "that secret" you asked me about a few weeks back, I can't tell you via email, the feds are on my tail and I'm sure all the phones are tapped and the emails are secretly forwarded to the correctional facility.

Valentino, Shapestrong: Thank you, ladies! Hopefully I will see you guys at the SDCC.

Gogo Pedro: Call me Thursday. I will have advance copies by then. You'll be the first one to see them in person. It will cost you dinner at the Bayside diner, though, so bring your wallet. Greek salad with grilled chicken and extra olives, dressing on the side, please and no anchovies.

cody said...

Those are some tight looking boards Alberto.
Can't wait to chill with you at the end of the month.
See you soon

Process Junkie said...

Yup! I'll be there for sure. I need a vacation . . . .bad!


hey alberto. been gone for a while and i come back to even more greatness from you

totally awesomer :)

hope all is well with you and i'm doing ok at my current job, stilll on trial basis

btw i have a surprise for you at sdcc