Thursday, January 03, 2008

MY PREDICTION FOR 2008: "A Message of Hope"

"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach; those who can't teach, manage; those who can't manage, run for office"

A new twist to an old (and true) adage by George Bernard Shaw. Which I think is more than appropriate to begin this brand-spanking-new year. Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., primary elections scheduled to begin tonight —in the great state of IOWA— will jump start a new era, some call it the "Era of Hope". Many believe change is coming, understandingly so, they are tired of 7 years of Republican backwardness, trampled civil liberties, rampant corruption, cronyism and warmongering for profit, which, in all fairness to those who practice it, is nothing new. War profiteering is what made this country great.

This ain't no conspiracy theory, I don't believe in unicorns, little green men from outer space and Easter bunnies, it is no secret that this country was built on war and has gained from the deaths of many, including its own citizens, all industrialized nations have, actually and most of them continue to enjoy the benefits of armed conflicts to this day, piss-poor, stupid people everywhere are killing each other and making a few people rich beyond measure in the process. General Electric, Ford, Boeing, GM, etc, etc, make the appliances, vehicles and home products you know and love but they also make weapons and instruments of war, and everybody knows that government contracts are never-ending gold mines, fast and juicy government favors, that's where the real money is.

For a period of time longer than this country has been on the map, wars have been fought and in time of peace, wars have been created. Economics says wars are good for business (if you're on the winning end) We have put together a few wars for various purposes (other than to defend ourselves) here and abroad but mostly abroad. We've sold arms, tanks, planes and jeeps to all sides of civil wars and genocide in poor countries the world over, countries which names we can't even pronounce, countries which can't even feed their own citizens, but that's their problem, we just want their cash. So what if they turn against us and start shooting at us with the same guns they bought from us? . . . .Well, we go to war!

We, ourselves have bombed some of them and leveled their cities so our government-friendly contractors can profit handsomely from the ensuing re-construction, it's a beautiful thing, capitalism at its very best.

You would have to be totally stupid to not see the obvious; you would have missed the point entirely if you thought these wars are about spreading "Freedom" and "Democracy". This whole thing is not about making us safer at home, it's about putting up a McDonald's franchise in every Middle Eastern city. Now, before some of you ultra zealous patriots send any hate mail my way, that bit was a figure of speech, it could also be Burger King™ or yummy Krispy Kreme® branches. You do get the point, don't you? . . . I thought so!

Guess what? this "Era of Hope" is a total load of crap. The words "Change" and "Hope" are being abused and mistreated like the neighborhood crack whore by every single opportunistic asshole politician campaigning today.
True religious neocons are fucked up, everyone with half a brain knows that. Just take a quick listen at the caca spewing from their pie holes. But don't even for a second think that the democrats or any other group looking to gain political power are any better, they are all taking money from somewhere, right? so they will have to pay it back in one form or another, in due time.

I predict right here, right now, that no matter what the outcome of the general elections, things will remain the same. We will continue to occupy Iraq indefinitely because that's where the money is; NO, not for you and me, we'll pay more to gas up our gargantuan S.U.V.'s, regardless, but for the corporations that fund the presidential campaigns. Do you think Obama or Fuckabee will change anything? Sure, any one pair of idiots out there is better than the Bush/Cheney war machine. Think again! The people of this great land of ours have been brainwashed to such a degree that the one candidate who shows any common sense at all, is viewed as a deranged lunatic. He has to be in order to make sense and attempt to fix this fine mess we're in. But, sadly enough, he won't win.

My prediction is Nothing Will Change.

Oh, and I'll predict something else: This will be my last political rant of the year 2008. Phew! Thank God, we want to see more naked cartoon women, we don't want to read this shite! You're right,

We're going to publish more hard cover books with funny cartoons in them, that's what!

Because unlike shameless politicians who flip-flop and pander to pretty much anything with a heartbeat in order to get elected, we DO know what the people want (well, at least what our felow artists and art students want), they want more art books and sketchbooks -insert thunderous ovation from a large crowd here- ______

My Fellow Americans: The people have spoken and the message is clear: We want more naked cartoon girls holding implausible guns and talking furry animals (preferably rodents) standing on two legs, we want more drawings, we want more art. Fuck the message of fake 'Hope', Let's give the people what they really want!!

Yup, just as career politicians wake up every morning with new ideas on how to stick it to us, devising new and more convoluted ways to censor us, finding more loopholes to tax us, bankrupting us all with exploding mortgages and coming up with creative plans and ridiculous excuses to erode our civil liberties by keeping us in a state of constant fear, divisiveness and ignorance; we, here at Brandstudio Press LLC wake up pretty early every morning and spend every waking moment thinking up new ideas for funky and inspiring art books from talented and independent individuals.

A friend asked me if I didn't run the risk of overflowing the market with these hard cover artbooks, "Nonsense", I replied (and those who have bought our books, please feel free to agree with me), "There can never be enough motivational and inspirational books on drawing, cartooning and character design, NEVER!". We're not printing brainless paperback novels, so expect a ton more of these sketchbooks to hit the market in 2008.

I am not running a charity or a none profit organization here, but since you buy our books I think you should know that the money you spend in our products goes back to the creator (no, not god up above, he doesn't need the money as bad as we do) and back to acquiring and making more books. The art publishing business is a big mess, no one makes any substantial money (no one that is, except for the distributors and speculators) The artists get a paltry 6 to 12 or perhaps tops 15% in most cases. We're not into charity but here the artists invest in their own creations and reap the fruit of their own labor, themselves, as it should be.

We are no different than most struggling artists, we're not delusional, we recognize this is a not a business to live comfortably off of, the art book market with its distribution mafia is very limited and not as profitable for the artists as some of you may think, none of the artists who publish with us are betting on retiring from these books we make, we all have primary sources of income, which often times barely afford us the luxury of printing our own books for the fuck of it.

Some of us make extreme sacrifices to bring our art to the forefront, we do it because we believe in what we do and quite frankly because no one else would give us a break. We are taking it upon ourselves to give ourselves that break, because even when an established publisher is genuinely interested, they don't do it better than us since they don't have our best interests in mind but rather their own, because we do this for ourselves, period!. The difference lies in our approach. If I could have it my way, I would plaster the entire world with Brandstudio Press art books, in this so called "Era of Hope" that's what I'm hoping for.

Thank you loads for your gigantic support in 2007, please know you help make all of this possible. Have a Healthy and Prosperous 2008!

Support independent artists, you might be one of them tomorrow.



Keath007 said...

I've yet to be disappointed with any Brandstudio book I've gotten so I doubt your customer base is going to be shrugging off buying anything in 2008. Your books are consistently a cut above what I'm seeing elsewhere, both in terms of art offered and physical quality.

Crossing my fingers we get another Phil Noto and/or Erwin Haya book this year.

Keep fighting the good fight Alberto - you've got customers out here loving what you do!

Adam Gard said...! Agree politically and about naked women!

Might I suggest this book for further reading and enraging:

Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and StickYou with the Bill)
by David Cay Johnston

Now back to art books...print more, moRE, MORE!!! Especially more with behind the scenes info..process oriented stuff!



and i agree with these guys too :)

so do you want me to name one of them books?

is it true that their has been now 31 BRANDSTUDIOS titles named/released so far including the heavy metal one and the named unreleased Q3?

make that 32 with the new one

glad to have you back posting, i hope your health is well alberto

and i've heard of that free lunch book too

Richard said...

Please stick to making art (which I love) and refrain from filling my browser with half-baked nihilistic spooge. Nothing changes... why bother... blah blah. In case you hadn't noticed, apathy in the American public is what got us into this jam to begin with.


Process Junkie said...

Richard: Nah, I ain't your bitch, this is my blog and I do whatever the fuck I want here, I didn't post this on your blog. In fact, you're the one filling my comments box with optimistic nonsense. The art (you love) comes with the half-baked nihilistic "spooge" if you don't like it just tell me how much you paid and I'll give you your money back.
Go watch porn elsewhere, I don't draw for you.

What got us into this jam was people like you, a horde of pompous hypocrites and the coward democrats whom we voted into office to "change" things. What? Kerry was any better than Bush? quit dreaming, they're the same shit, plus Kerry's pretense and arrogance. Grow up, read your history and vote for Ron Paul.

I'm done with you, don't post any more comments here.

Process Junkie said...

Cimikxguy, Keath007 & Adam Gard: Thanks for supporting our endeavors. Happy New Year to all of you!!





(even when he says i was desperate and not cool :) J/K

even though i was, i didn't think it out

but I DO NOT TELL HIM THAT, EVER or anyone else


WHO IS PART OF the S.O.D.A (Society of "Distracted" Artists) Website Blog.

EVEN THOUGH I THINK YOUR A GOOD ARTIST and i've "seen" you around in the blogoverse

no disrespect but

i suggest you let go of this RSS feed

so you won't have anything to worry about

that way you can regain some control over what goes into your browser

think next time

it was not alberto, its you

you decided to let this blog fill your browser up

nuff' said

so alberto, 32 books now?
gonna let me name the new one?

Bobby Chiu said...

yay! Ron Paul!! You're the king Alberto. Keep sayin what you say and keep it real for all of us.

Process Junkie said...

Comikxguy: Listen, you know I love your enthusiasm and loyalty and while I really do appreciate you coming to my defense, I think it's best if you let me handle these issues, myself. You're a grown man so I won't lecture you in what's appropriate or not in these cases, I'd be the biggest hypocrite because I'm the most inappropriate person I know but I think posting the guy's real name and his personal info is not necessary. You are dead on regarding the RSS feed, though. Thanks for the solidarity.

I don't have a problem whatsoever with him expressing his opinion on my blog, as I have never censored anyone but if you come to my blog to insult me, I will defend myself. The beauty about this country is that people have died to ensure our freedom of speech and I for one, am willing to fight (and die) if necessary for this idiot's right to speak his mind, even though I may not agree with his views.

However, I do have a mayor problem with his self-righteous tone and his smug attitude. This sense of entitlement from a champion of political correctness, a pseudo activist, bothers the fuck out of me. He is so arrogant, he truly believes I post my art for HIS personal amusement, I'm here to serve him and this is HIS browser. l am his woman, I should just look pretty but keep quiet and not say anything that would upset him for I work for him. This pompous ass, apparent defender of the American way is the biggest kind of hypocrite.

They love to tell you what to do because they honestly believe they are right and that you are wrong. And they tell you what's fair and just (like most republicans) but their lives reflect the total opposite of what they preach. This is the scum that makes me sick of this art business.

For the record, I vote and I have never told people not to vote or who to vote for and I'm not going to start anytime soon. I said any pair of idiots are better than Bush/Cheney. Does that imply "Don't go out and vote"? No.

My point is clear: DON'T BE SHEEP" be aware of what really goes on, inform yourself, don't buy into these career politicians' so called messages of hope and change, even if they have the best intentions, it's not entirely up to them to change things when the money they receive from interest groups would eventually tie them up and stop them from doing what's in the best interest of the people they were elected to serve.

With the lone exception of Ron Paul, there isn't one single candidate today that has the guts to stand up to the big businesses who truly run this country and do what's required to take us in the right direction, not one of these opportunistic fools comes even close to the character of Bobby kennedy, Truman, Martin Luther King or FDR, or any real leader of conviction and integrity. Obama is a distant, very distant second to Ron Paul. None of these guys can answer a simple "YES or No" question when it comes to where they stand on any given issue affecting us today.

I am not a republican nor a democrat and I don't give a shit about any of these candidates. I will vote for Ron Paul in the primaries even though he will not win, what? to say this is a motherfucking crime? Am I talking to children here? Am I discouraging any of you from voting? He won't win because we Americans are sheep and it will take a revolution for people to understand what really goes on, and quite honestly, I don't see a revolution happening in this era where stupid people worship Paris Hilton and where most folks are worried about what happened to Britney Spears than who really would make a decent president. Apathy is not what's the problem, ignorance and stupidity and people like Richard, those are the problems.

They just want to hear the same shit over and over, they want to feel good about the future, they forgot that 4 years ago they heard the same shit from Bush. God bless them!. If I hear the words Change and Hope one more time I'm going to fuckin' puke.

This ain't apathy, this is knowledge.

History is the best teacher, that's all I'm saying, don't be naive, be aware, don't drink the kool-aid. Buy more books.

Bobby Chiu Ron Paul is the best man for this job, you bet!

Craig Zablo said...


Here's to hoping 2008 is better than 2007. Hope to see you a couple of times this year, bro!





Keep fighting the good fight Alberto

man was it sooooo hard for richard to just skip your post / opinion and just look at the art that he thinks is made for him only?

Mike Feeney said...


Joe Bluhm said...

I love it. Love it, A.

Chrissie A said...

Ahhh, the comments (and rants) here are always entertaining, enlightening and interesting... :)

I'll just keep mine brief: Happy New Year Alberto; I'm pleased to have gotten to shake your hand in '07 and hope to chat with you again this year, sometime, somewhere!

Dario Reyes said...

Doy gracias a Buda por no vivir en Estados Unidos, prefiero quedarme con mis terrenales problemas del tercer mundo (já!).

Don Alberto, paso a desearle un muy feliz año nuevo, mucha suerte con los titulos que decidas publicar este año y espero algún día tener la posibilidad de tener en mis manos una copia de alguno de ellos.

io, Darius.
Por cierto tengo blog con mis trabajos te invito a que lo veas:

ANDRE SAL Y ROSAS y... said...

ExElenTE, Y AuNke nO Se MuChO dE INGlEs, PuDe eNtEnDeR Lo KE DciE el dIbUJo....feLIcItacIOnes...eRes grANde...SuerTe

Tony C. said...

Excellent post sir! This election has the same trappings as the last congressional election when everyone was SO excited when the democrats took control. Yet oddly nothing has changed, is anyone surprised? Didn't think so.

We vote with our dollars, and mine are voting for new killer art books!

Keep the good stuff coming in 2008, especially more process posts.

scott diggs underwood said...

yay! more books!

Bentos said...

What I don't get is that there is anyone that buys the 'small government, freedom' crap that the right pedals. WE know it's about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, THEY know it's about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer yet we all play this daft game where we pretend tht's it's not. Is there anybody anywhere who actually believes it?

Rodrigo Lara said...

Good text and drawings ... excellent art !!!!!
Congratulations !!!!!!!

BarryO said...

Well said Alberto, as usual,
I think we get the government we deserve, but I think the Mass Media is a big reason for the divide in this country, where a near 50-50 split in the Senate means no laws get passed. The Media makes money from negativity and hatred, and the middle class has less time to absorb the more complicated issues of the day. Truth or the relevant issues get siphoned off so that we're left with infotainment. We must resist more consolidation of the Media. Can you imagine where this country would be right now if there was no internet to get more analysis out there?
I personally believe that the results of Ron Paul's policies would be anarchy, but reasonable people can disagree on that point. There's still things we can do to effect change. The change might be slow but it does happen when people write or call their representatives in Congress.
Here is an issue I am concerned about and I think if enough people speak out it will cause change. It concerns refugees from Iraq that we are not allowing into the US. Many of whom risked their lives while working with our troops. George Bush doesn't care about Hearts and Minds, but I do:

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Era of hope. . . .it would be nice wouldn't it? But of course there will be no change...aside from things getting worse; aside from a further decline of our social and economic "systems". of course there will be facades and wool blankets that appear to be control the masses. but people with open eyes know the truth. people who work bullshit 9-5s or 11-8s or whatever slave hours they have set up, only to keep themselves and their families just above cardboard box level. the people that struggle everyday doin' shit they hate instead of going outside of the tight ass box and taking a chance by chasing their dreams....because they're overcome with the fear of not making it....not without the pennies our gracious government provides us to be able to survive from check to check. but that fear is bullshit! that fear was installed in us, and it won't change. the world is fucked up and it won't change. we can start wars in other countries but we cant feed them?! wont change. we have homeless in our own streets, victims of terrible tragedies who we won't lend a hand to, or we cant find the time to help......but we have game shows that give away millions of dollars worth in cash and prizes every week?!. . .it won't change. the hole is too deep to crawl out of. and as much as people talk about change and wait for it, everyone is too scared to stand up and MAKE one.
thats the world we live in and none of these canidates will change that.
Era of would be nice wouldn't it? but things just are going to change.
(i'm sorry...i usually don't rant like this, especially on someone elses blog. but this struck a cord with me and honestly i could've kept going.....but i thought i'd stop cuz who really want's to hear me bitch and complain.)
anyway, keep up the fantasticness, man! love your work, love your's like an art revolution.
keep it ill

Process Junkie said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Haven't found time to reply in earnest but I have read your comments and I appreciate your words of wisdom and kindness.

We're working on some crazy books from artists you would never suspect, I'll keep them a secret for now, I'm sure you'll be blown away by these new additions. Please do keep in touch, I'll make an announcement pretty soon.

I'm taking care of some unfinished business, gotta pay those bills!! be back in no time. Have a fantastic New Year in the meantime!!

Much Love + Respect!


Dustin said...

I was reading that post and wondering, where's the Ron Paul shout out? And yet there it is, right in the comments. Too bad he did so poorly, I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up :/

Side note re: the whiners, I actually come here more for your ranting than for your art. Though I enjoy that as well.

Paul Burrows said...

Hey Alberto, I hope you had a great holiday and that you recieved the Pop-Up Christmas card that I sent you. Thanks for all of the wonderful books that you always publish!

Paul Burrows

Jason Newkirk said...

Happy New Year Alberto! Hope things are going well for you! I initially wrote Ron Paul off but the more I look at his record and listening to him speak lately. He sounds really good. And Im not into politics one bit, though I know I need to be, especially this year. We know gubment run stuff anyways...Hard to say a lone president can make such a big change or difference. Anyways...

Looking forward to see some of your new books you got coming out, and looking forward to seeing more of your eye candy as you post.
my best

MONROY said...

Very nice blog! I like your work and the other artists of this blog. I love it!

I´m a spanish illustrator.

Fer R. Monroy

Process Junkie said...

Dustin: It's pretty sad to watch these debates where they treat Ron Paul as if he were a lunatic, when he is the only candidate displaying integrity and common sense.

Dear Paul Burrows:Your gorgeous pop-up card sits atop of my desk. It's a thing of beauty. Haven't found the time to reciprocate in the proper fashion but your gesture will not be forgotten. Thanks again, Paul!

Jason: Good to hear from you, ol' friend! Stay tuned some good shit is coming!

Monroy: Gracias Fer!

Paul Burrows said...

I so glad you like it! I actually used some of the things that I learned in your awsome How-To Illustrator book to create it!

Anson Jew said...

I agree with most of what you said, although I don't think Ron Paul is the answer. While I agree with him on some issues (such as the war in Iraq), his Libertarian utopia would really just cause chaos. The problem with Libertarianism (in my opinion) is that while it would be nice to think that if left alone, people will do the right, sensible, good thing, the reality is that there are a enough stupid, unsensible, opportunistic people who would intentionally or unintentionally fuck you over just as easy as they would look at you to spoil it for everybody else. It wouldn't be the kind of world you'd really want to live in, as nice as it might sound in theory.

Anyways, I'd glad I found your blog. It's always a pleasure to see your gorgeous work.

Process Junkie said...

Anson: Nice of you to stop by! Great points, all of them valid. Now here's my personal take on Ron Paul and why I will vote for him: To me he represents an honest ideal, he represents the true spirit of America, the independent spirit, you have to respect the guy even if you don't agree with him. As Barry said earlier, smart people can debate whether or not some of his radical ideas would lead us into anarchy, smart I am not but I personally don't think so.

The main idea here is to depart from the federal tyranny and corruption we now have and allow the individual states to govern themselves, if our state government becomes corrupt, as citizens it's our responsibility to keep it in check, we can positively influence our local governments more so than we can a massive arrogant federal bureaucracy like the one we have seen in the seven years of the Bush/Cheney disaster. I'd take my chances with the individual states having that power, anytime. At least if I don't like the laws of my state I can move to another.

I don't agree with the guy on some of his positions like gun control and such but fascist, fear mongering nuts like Giuliani are far more dangerous in my view.

I love Ron Paul's international policies for sure! big fan!

We haven't had a candidate of the human caliber of Dr. Paul in god knows how long, he is an honest and compassionate man, as flawed and impractical as some of his ideas are. I don't fancy to know why others may vote for him but in my case this is the first time I'm voting for someone I like and not for the person I dislike the least. I don't really care if he doesn't win, it's a matter of principle.

He will lose and if he doesn't run as an independent in the general election our choices will be limited to the usual lot of talking shit heads, so I guess I'll vote for whoever the democratic party nominee happens to be when the time comes, but I will not be happy.

Woka said...

Estimadisimo Alberto!! Que tal? Espero que te acuerdes de mi... soy Daniel (Don Woka), de Chile :P

He estado fuera del mundo de los blogs por un buen tiempo más que nada por lo lleno que he estado este últimamente. Ha sido un año full. Hice mi proyecto de título (durante todo un año, fue una locura) y después entre trabajos, estudios y olvidos varios no he sido capaz de postear nada de nada, pero siempre me acuerdo con gran cariño y admiración de ti y tu trabajo.

A pesar que ya ha pasado un buen tiempo, te deseo lo mejor para este año. Sigo observando (y babeando) por la pantalla los hermosos libros que tienes... Sigue con el espléndido trabajo, felicitaciones!!

Pd1- he preguntado en distintas librerías si estarían interesados en publicar tus libros aquí... siempre me derivan a otra persona, y las cosas por aca no funcionan si no existen pitutos o contactos... los emails no se contestan y la burocracia abunda. Aún así, no pierdo las esperanzas... espero hacerte llegar un mail con buenas noticias.

pd2- Aún recuerdo que querías viajar por estos lares... la botella de vino está lista, solo faltas tu, jaja!

Se despide con un gran abrazo
Woka, de Chile


Esaulov Ilya said...

Very stylishly and beautifully! Three years ago has found yours blog since then I come here to learn and learn brand new. Owing to your references has learned about excellent masters карикатры. Thanks of the maestro!

Process Junkie said...

Mr.Woka: Me alegra saber de ti. No te preocupes por las librerias, Prefiero no empujar a nadie, déjalo asi.

Espero que este año sea mejor para ti. Te deseo mucha suerte y prosperidad.

Esaulov: I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for the nice comments!

jason s said...

great stuff as usual! Vote Alberto for Pres!
Hope to see you soon!
jason s.

Asier said...

Brutal alberto.Me encantan tus chicas.Te gusta Azpiri?
saludos desde España!

Paul Burrows said...

So are you going to have a booth at Wizard World LA?

Process Junkie said...

jason s: I'll see you in New York for sure, I have something for you.

Asier: Gracias por la visita, me encanta Azpiri.

Paul: No, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it this year. My next California visit will take place in July, I'll be at the San Diego Comic Con.

niki kehoe said...

I do totally agree with your whole political rant (good rant!), which is why i think you should be the next president! Ya know what the people want!
Im from Ireland and i assure you the opinion on Bush here is....well it wouldnt be polite to use the daily vocab used so i'll just say a totally shit president!
Also, I love your art. Its fab-u-lous! You drew a characature of me in the back of a book i bought off u at the San Diego con. I just love it!

Process Junkie said...

Niki: How could I forget! Thanks for the comments, girl. Keep on drawing, nice blog!


hey alberto,

guess what?

my computer crapped out on me and right now i'm back in SD here at my local library

blogger is letting me post this time, it goes on and off for some reason

if blogger continues to let me post i will, but if not i'll be looking here regardless and will see you again at SDCC in july

i like your answer to anson

now for the bad news regarding me...

my step-father pasted away on new year's eve just 2 hours before 2008 and because of that the govt. took his pension away from us which was helping us pay for our home and now me and my mother are at my grandfathers and they're driving us nuts and i'm looking for yet another reliable job which i think is now my 11th job now and my mother who was retired went back to work, go figure huh?

dreg said...

hola compadre soy de chile muy bueno tu stilo cool

yo tambien dibujo

Process Junkie said...

Comikxguy: I am so sorry to read about your step father's passing, my sincere condolences to you and your family. Hang in there, stay strong. There's not much I can say to you to make you feel better other than none of this lasts forever.

My grand aunt Maruja used to say something to the effect of: "There's no malady that lasts a hundred years and if it were, there is no body that can live through it" Something will give, things WILL get better.

dreg: Saludos! También dibujas y lo haces increiblemente bien!

Gracias por la visita, no te pierdas.


Jason Barnes said...

interesting commentary, i feel the same about it all. Do we vote for the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right?

looking forward to some new stuff.
take care,



thankx buddy :)

jason s said...

And here i thought you didnt love me anymore :)