Sunday, November 25, 2007

Personal Break

I have been away for a bit and will remain absent from the blog for a couple of weeks to take care of a family matter that requires my undivided attention.  The online store has not and will not be affected, all orders placed online have been shipped and will continue to be fulfilled without interruption whatsoever. Thanks for your support!

I leave you with one of the drawings I sent along with the books and some incoherent babble I jotted down at various times during the past year, the heading is from an old pulp cover, tossed behind the girl for flavor.

©2007 Alberto Ruiz/Brandstudio Press. All rights reserved.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Three Things

1.-Bocetto Shipping Worldwide
I've started shipping the pre-orders on November 2nd and I'm happy to report that nearly all books have been sent along with their respective free drawings, 5 or 6 orders remain to be shipped, basically to those of you who ordered multiple copies, please bare with me, I'm expecting to have them all out of here by tomorrow, the latest. I do hope you enjoy the complimentary drawing. As always, that is my way of thanking you for the enormous support you've always given me. I've drawn so much these past two weeks, my right hand is numb.

Please do be careful when you open your packages, most of the drawings are placed inside the books but there are a few larger ones sticking out some, a lot of drawings were done on vellum, some are pages of my personal sketchbooks and a few were drawn on plastic sheets. Some folks are receiving drawings and sketches I've posted here on my blog or from the many books I've printed but the majority of the drawings I sent out have not been seen before, so please, I beg you not to post them on the internet, I will use them on future books, for sure.

Thank you, again for ordering the book, thanks to you I now have enough new material for at least 2 books of never before seen stuff, I've had enough of repeats. :)

If you haven't ordered your copy of Bocetto yet and missed out on the free drawing, I want you to know that even though you won't get a separate drawing, each book comes signed and includes a quickie drawn on the first page. Order now while supplies last.

2.-Eye Candy Report
I know it has been a while but this project is still a go, a few things threatened to derail this book but kinks have been worked out and evil has been defeated, or at least deflated for now. The book goes to press at the end of the week it will be available early 2008. Now, please be advised that the deadline for the next annual Eye Candy will be May first 2008, start drawing early and often.

3.-Guerrilla Warfare
I'm sad to admit this has not worked out according to my original plans, due to partnership issues and financial snags. I'm pretty bent in doing things my own way and sometimes I could be my worst enemy. However, the resources are real and are available, I'm still committed to make it work, although not at the scale I once dreamt about, I'm too much of a control freak but trust me, things are better this way.

My invitation to those artists wishing to self-publish their art books still stands. Contact me at ONLY if you are serious about offset printing your book and I'll gladly send you some info via email. Keep in mind that this is NOT print n demand color copies, the minimum quantity is 500 books, If you're looking to print less than 500 I'd suggest you contact my good friends at Great people who do nothing but quality work at reasonable prices.

4.-Vinyl Figures
Yeahhhh! this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Vinyl figures from your favorite Brandstudio Press artists are coming! I don't know about you but I love toys and figurines and sculpted characters. We're working to bring you some nifty vinyl goodies already in production. These will be ready by Spring 2008/Summer. I'll tell you more about it later.

If you have recently written to me and I haven't replied to you, chances are I've never seen your email, my brandstudio account is under relentless attack, in an effort to stop this from happenning I may have deleted a chunk of legitimate emails sent to me by good people. Please re-send your email to or to:
Thank you for your patience and understanding.