Saturday, December 15, 2007


Thanks for all the comments while I was out. I really do appreciate your concern. Now, go on and have a great time, life is way too short. 

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Brandstudio Press!




ALBERTO!!!!! :) :) :)

is everything ok?

it seems like it might be

did it have to do with your wife's medical probs or something else?

btw what was those notes from last post about anyway?


Process Junkie said...

Thanks for your concern, I took some time off to take care of my family, that's all, they put up with my neglect all year round for sure, they are extremely flexible and understanding but sometimes you just have to drop everything and do what you need to do to make sure that they're OK, as simple as that.

The notes are totally random bits, old, personal observations, often times nonsensical and crude attempts at poetry. Nothing to take serious or mull over. The stuff means a lot to me because that's what comes out of my head but they don't necessarily have to mean anything to you. They're not addressed to any one person you know, so pay no attention to them.

Sometimes I fill a few pages with whatever words and phrases come to mind and later I try to shape them into verses of 4, 8 or nine lines each. Some people go to therapy sessions, I write crap for the fuck of it. (not much different than the drawings)
This blog is my therapy.


that's good alberto, i'm really glad that your wife and kids are doing well

family first, blog and everything else second remember?

one time i asked todd mcfarlane why he didn't show up for SDCC for the past 4 years

he was there this year though

he said that it depended on which month SDCC fell on because that was when he would take a month or so off from all business

so should everyone

"Some people go to therapy sessions, I write crap for the fuck of it. (not much different than the drawings)
This blog is my therapy."

i'd say it's mine too

some would say that that is what alot of comic writers do but in print, some do it badly and we literally have to pay the price

and you also blow up once in a while on some subject too :)

we all do it, i do it too

like when i notice that certain artist's are not given more recognition and...well, you know yada yada

too bad your not a writer huh?

but one hell of an artist!

and a nice guy

have a good one alberto

later buddy :)

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey Alberto, Very glad to hear things are ok and great to see you posting again. Happy Holidays!

Process Junkie said...

Bobby: Thanks, man! The same goes to you, nothing but happiness and success in this new year approaching!

Comikxguy: Heh, heh! I agree, it is a great thing I'm not a writer, for real. I let you in on a secret: I'm not an artist either. I just love to draw women, that's all.

And yes, we all blow up, that's healthy and I think I understand you being upset at the lack of artistic recognition and stuff, but you can't shove these artists down people's throats. If people don't want to leave comments praising work that they may or may not like it's up to them.

Respectfully I have to say, that previous comment I erased sounded a bit desperate and totally not cool. I know Howard, I think he does this because he loves the medium not because he wants people to kiss his ass, he's a big boy, he can take it. I'm sure he loves praise like all of us do, who doesn't love to hear good things about his/her work? but I don't think he's depressed because people don't comment.

If you care that much the best you can do to promote these artists is to create your own blog and post links to their work so more people can experience them and if people still don't want to leave comments so what? that doesn't necessarily mean they hate the art or the artists.

If an artist is so insecure he needs to hear how good he is 24/7, then fuck him, that ain't an artist, I say that's a big fucking baby. If nobody comments positively, there's a good chance they don't like the stuff. Art is subjective to people's tastes, if people don't like something no amount of yelling and screaming is going to make these people "show them some love".


buena mi estimado....dibujas bien paja ah...

Jesús Torrealba said...

Hola Alberto, gracias por tu comentario en mi blog, creo que eres un gran artista y en venezuela visitamos tu blog para aprender, gracias por tu opinion acerca de la calidad de mi trabajo, estoy a la orden para cualquier proyecto o consejo.

Jesus Torrealba

Shannon said...

Hi, Alberto! I'm glad to hear everything is alright now. Happy Holidays to you and yours! =)

KoolKris said...
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KoolKris said...

Good to hear everything is okay

Dario Reyes said...

No hay nada mejor que tomarse unas vacaciones y disfrutar de los seres queridos.
Muy bien hecho Don Alberto, aunque no voy a negar que me preocupo el no saber nada de vos en este tiempo.
Visito tu blog con frecuencia porque me encanta la iniciativa que tomaste en la publicación de obras tan buenas, además de tu propio trabajo el cual me resulta impactante.
Me encanta leer tus comentarios tan sinceros, y eso el algo que uno aprecia mucho, la sinceridad.

Me alegro que estes de vuelta.

io, Darius.

DARAF said...

Happy Holidays bro. this last post is hot like Cocoa by Swiss Miss.

El editor said...

Hola Alberto !
Hacía mucho tiempo que no pasaba por este vecindario y estaba un poco preocupado con tu penúltimo post, pero ya no. Me alegro mucho que todo este rodando suave pero firmemente.
2 abrazos desde este alejado barrio del sur.

Urban Barbarian said...

Happy Holidays Alberto! Just bought Andrew Robinson's book you put out! Great job you guys!

David Colman said...

hope everything is alright dude....sure it is

Process Junkie said...

andre sal y rosas No se lo que quieres decir con 'paja' pero igual, gracias por el cumplido.

Tu blog es divertido, me encanta tu forma de pensar:
y po que lo pones? PORQUE ES MI BLOG PE, Y PORQUE QUIERO...."

Mucha suerte!

Jesús Torrealba: Un saludo cordial a los panas de Venezuela que nos sintonizan en esta frequencia :)

Feliz Navidad!

Shannon: Who said everything was alright? . . . . . Jus' kidding! We have health, everything else is secondary.

Thanks, my friend. You have a great holiday season as well!

Koolkris: Thanks, Kris, also, thanks for sending the drawings. All the best to you. Watch your health, I have exhausted my quota of bad news for the next decade. Salute!

Dario Reyes: Tienes razón, pero yo no tengo excusas porque trabajo desde mi hogar, siempre estoy de vacaciones :)

Me tomé unas vacaciones de mis vacaciones permanentes, Je, jé!

Si gustas de nuestras publicaciones, te van a encantar las que estoy proponiendo para el 2008. Pure cartoon heaven!

Desgraciadamente la sinceridad no es siempre bien recibida y casi siempre mal interpretada. Gracias por tu amistad. Que la pases de maravilla en estas fiestas de fin de año y en el por venir, porque no? :))

Rafa: I once overdosed on Swiss Miss. Great memories! Happy Holidays!

El Editor: Gracias por la visita! grata sorpresa. No te pierdas de vista, saludos a la familia.

Urban Librarian: Yes, that's a good one! Where's yours? :))

Colman: You know it! send me some of your girly drawings, will ya?

Michael said...

Happy Holidays man!

Process Junkie said...

michael: Same to you, Buddy!


felices fiestas para ti tambien Alberto!
Genial esta pistolera! menudo cambio de registro, aunque mantiene ese toque que le das a los molletes de las féminas.



Por cierto, como ejercicio de boceto para soltar muñeca he hecho dos versiones de dibujos tuyos.
Espero que no te importe, me gusta mucho el trazo suelto que gastas.


Process Junkie said...

Cereal killer No me molesta en lo más mínimo. Adelante con la práctica.

Un abrazo.


gracias Alberto
pasate por aquí si quieres verlos, ok?

felices fiestas amigo!

Howard Shum said...

Very cool, Alberto!

Mimi Cortazar said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

KareM said...

hola! muy interesante tu blog, con mucha información, felicidades!! ya con un trazo tienes a tu curvilinea lista ;)

FerdinandKreozot said...

Cheers for holidays buddy!
may the next year be the big one for your dreams.

kind regards,


The Original Dangster said...

Dang bro, it's good to hear all is good with you and the very best of the holidays to you and the family!

I hope that the 0-8 treats you all good and sees the continued success of the Alberto Empire..or Republic?..Maybe a Commune?

Anywhoo, I also wanted to let ya know that Lil Dangster has arrived and is already producing Kickass art work ( maybe Uncle Al can give him some pointers one day..he draws hands like shit)..But Mama is pround and doing well and passes you her best as well.

Hopefully we'll see you here in Seattle come Emerald City and we can have some brews and bring junior to his first strip club ( you think at 6 months he can pass for a midget?)

We are heading back east Jan 9th, I have no idea how our schedule will be, but I can fo sho keep you in the loop.

Happy New Year! HOLLAH!






Manu said...

Les deseo a toda la familia, Siempre un mejor ano que las que pasaron y a vos abundancia sobre su arte. Que todos estén de mejor salud, y que el humor les acompañen.
Abrazos de Felicidades!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

well, i WAS going to post the announcement but i want to know if you want me to since shum and stephen and i already know about it


let me know

like shum said "too cool" :)


... and bobby too :)

woo hoo! the ipod musica is back!

FrogDaddy said...

happy new year alberto!
bless you and yours this year!

Process Junkie said...

Howard, comikxguy, Mimi: Thanks for all the comments, sorry for the late reply. Happy New Year to all of you!

Karem: Gracias por tus comentarios. Saludos!

ferdinandkreozot: Thank you, Milenko, same to you, my good friend!!

frogdaddy: Cheers, Glen, my best to the Byrne clan!!

Manu: Que la pases bonito con tu familia, Ya hablaremos cuando haya tiempo. Un abrazo!

the original dangster: Can't wait to see the baby, I'll be in Seattle for sure! Call me if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Happy New Year!!!

ANDRE SAL Y ROSAS y... said...

a...PajA SIgNIfiKA mUy BuenO En Lima....suERTte...