Sunday, November 25, 2007

Personal Break

I have been away for a bit and will remain absent from the blog for a couple of weeks to take care of a family matter that requires my undivided attention.  The online store has not and will not be affected, all orders placed online have been shipped and will continue to be fulfilled without interruption whatsoever. Thanks for your support!

I leave you with one of the drawings I sent along with the books and some incoherent babble I jotted down at various times during the past year, the heading is from an old pulp cover, tossed behind the girl for flavor.

©2007 Alberto Ruiz/Brandstudio Press. All rights reserved.



damn, i hope your family is doing alright

my thoughts go out to you and your family alberto

Craig Zablo said...

My thoughts are with you and yours Alberto!

Ivan said...

Saludos alberto.
Espero que todo este bien con tu familia.

Shannon said...

I hope everything is alright with your family, Alberto! My thoughts are with you

Dario Reyes said...

Espero que los temas familiares se resuelvan y no te preocupes que aqui estaremos "haciendote la gamba" (como diriamos en argentina).

Saludos y esperamos verte pronto publicando entradas a este blog hermoso que tenés.

io, Darius.

Gnarfdeath said...

best wishes, hope all is well...

RoB said...

Yeah, sometimes we all need a little break every once in a while...I hope all is well with you and your family Alberto.


SalBa Combé said...

Desconecto un tiempo y me inundan las novedades cuando vuelvo.
Me han gustado mucho tus últimos dibujos y me has alucinado con la escultura. ¿no te conformabas con dibujar bien?
También he saltado de la alegría al ver que ya queda menos para Eye candy y (siempre con tu permiso) estoy dandole vuelas para ver que hago para el próximo año.
Un abrazo y hastapronto

Al said...

Hola Alberto, ante todo espero que todo esté bien en la familia.
Te escribo para felicitarte por tu blog y por tu arte, es muy inspirador.
Ojalá puedas echar un vistazo en mi art blog:

Ice Red Kid said...

You're doing great things, man. I hope it's nothing serious.
All I can say is best to you and your family!

Process Junkie said...

Ivan, Dario, Alberto, Salba, Scott, Craig, Shannon, Gnarfdeath, Rob, Ice Red Kid: Thank you again for the supportive comments. I'll save you the drama, without going deep into details, I have to say the ordeal is over and things are going to be just fine.

The body breaks and that's a fact sometimes we don't want to acknowledge, I'm guilty of taking health for granted but sudden sickness sobers you and re-arranges your priorities for you.

I must have aged 6 years in the past 6 weeks, I'd like to think I'm older as in wiser, I hope I am. :)

Have yourselves a great holiday season!