Thursday, October 18, 2007

Word Association

©2007 Alberto Ruiz/Brandstudio Press. All rights reserved.


David Colman said...

another fantastic piece from my homeboy....great stuff Alberto, added to my cool stuff folder...really nice sense of design-good choices!!
congrats on the new book too, youre a mad machine!

Process Junkie said...

David? . . .David Colman..? . . .Shitz!! big fan here!
Thank you for honoring this dark cave with your illuminating presence. May God regale you with lots and lots of children.

Let's do another gallery show together, but we'll turn the tables on the unsuspecting patrons for a change, you'll draw them girls & guns and I'll draw them tigers & pigs. What say you?

RedRooster said...

Ai Guey!!
Heavy duty brother, Heavyyy dutyyy!!
-Red Rooster

Process Junkie said...

Rooster! Howsa going my brother?
How's "our" pet project coming along? :)

RedRooster said...

They're not going to know what hit them! And to add insult to injury, were gonna tell them how we did it!

I'll have a report on Monday, Comandante Ruiz.
-Red Rooster

Doomsday said...

Great masterworks! awesome stuff!

Bobby Chiu said...

beeeautiful drawings Alberto!

Urban Barbarian said...

So damn good, Alberto! All of it!



Mr. Hawthorne said...

godDAMN these are beautiful drawings!

Yo, I'm going to be in the city in November for a signing at Midtown. We should get together!


Process Junkie said...

RedRooster: I'm salivatin' !! listen, don't get carried away, save the best bits for the DVD! :)

Doomsday, Bobby Chiu, Urban Siberian, Comikxguy: Thank you, ladies!

Mike, this is perfect! The new neighbor keeps giving me dirty looks. I don't think he likes us Ricans, come over the house, bring your hunting knife, I'll kill a pig in your honor (with my bare hands) and after you help me skin the poor bastard, we'll barbeque it in front of my neighbor from across the street, gotta send that message, he should know we mean business.


can't wait for that "pet project" :)

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Great as always, Alberto!


There are some super keen drawings in this post.. Making my head spin.. Please keep me in the loop on the upcoming eyecandy book... So that I can take a train up to queens and holler at you.

Thanks for sharin captain.