Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bocetto Preorder

This book is the retrospective I was planning to do with Image two years ago. Nothing but a collection of old and new drawings published by Heavy Metal Magazine. HM is releasing a soft cover version worldwide, which will be available in stores mid November but I've decided to carry only the hard cover edition in our online catalog, months before it hits the stores.

This book is a little different than the Brandstudio Press books we know and love, same high quality and high end materials but this one is half an inch wider and it has 80 pages instead of the usual 48 pages found in the Brandstudio Press volumes. Cover colored by Joe Pekar.

Xmas Present?
We'll begin shipping the book in two weeks. This first edition is limited to 300 copies, if you pre order before November 1st you'll receive an original, one of a kind drawing from yours truly in ink or red Col-Erase pencil 8.5x 11 inches and a dedication to you or whoever you wish to give the book to, this is not a remark face doodle but an actual full page drawing. If you'd like to give one of these books as a present, please specify to whom it should be signed, in the comments section of the ordering page. The drawing offer is only valid until November first 2007,

The price of the book is $29.95 USD, the drawing is free for prepaid orders only until November 1st 2007. after the 1st of November the books will be sold without the drawing. I rarely sell any of my original drawings so if you'd like one, this is your opportunity.

Click on the button below to pre order your copy:


Mike Feeney said...

i put mine in right away..please made it special by signing it. You know i couldn't miss this!!
you pal, Mike :)
p.s my new address is

Process Junkie said...

I'll take care of it Mikey!


Good to hear that you are keeping the movement going.... Great work and I can't wait to check out the book.


Autómata said...

hey! que buen trabajo tienes, pasaba por aquí a visitar... ya voy a dar un paseo más detallado por tu blog...saludos

Poznave said...

Just to know- Is there a big difference between the content of the "lollipop" book and the "bocetto one"?
Also, is there a "shipping deal" still in use when purchasing a certain amount of books?

Process Junkie said...

Poznave:Bocetto was published by Heavy Metal Magazine, it is kind of a 'best of Alberto Ruiz' type of book marketed towards their readers and folks who have never heard of me. Of the 80 pages of images in Bocetto, 22 are found 'lollipops' the remaining 78 pages of Bocetto are unpublished drawings some of which you might have seen on my blog and illustrations from the different books I have previously published. If you already have all of my old books you might find this repetitive. If you haven't bought any of my previous books, this is a great introduction. Besides, I'm including an original drawing with the pre-order to make it worth your while, chuck the book and keep the drawing. :))

Thanks for your support!

Process Junkie said...

Saludos Autómata!!
Esta es tu casa!

Melissa said...

This book looks great! Are you still publishing Eye Candy for Strangers?

Felipe Duarte said...

No previews? augh!

How does international shipping work with brandstudio press?

Process Junkie said...

Melissa: Yes, I'm still doing the Eye Candy From Strangers book. I had to work out some kinks but it's coming for sure, I'll keep you posted.

Felipe: It works great, just go to:

gdeo said...

This looks fantastic!!!just ordered it!Cannot wait !thanks ,this book looks great!You've always been cool everytime I see you.Thanks again!

Process Junkie said...

No, Gary,thank YOU for the constant support. I hope you like the drawing I'm sending you along with the book.


Kristen McCabe said...

Just wanted to tell you that you draw Nice Boobies! You can draw 'em all. Big boobies, Small boobies, Puffy Boobies, Swooping Boobies, Bumpy Boobies, Droopy Boobies, Fake Boobies, Flat Boobies!

Anyway, Nice Rack Alberto!

Process Junkie said...

We don't discriminate around here. All boobies are created equal, although 'some girls are clearly bigger than others', furthermore, (as Morrissey aptly points out): "Some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers" Don't take my word for it.

Thank you, my deer hunter. :)

Terence said...

Hey Alberto! I'm trying to get my order in by the deadline for a sketch, but i feel like i may have screwed up somehow in the order process. i'm new to paypal, so it's probably an error on my end.

Please send me an email at so that i don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!