Friday, August 24, 2007


Please join us in Toronto this weekend, August 24-26 at the Fan Expo. The usual gang of irresponsible adults will be at hand to kiss babies and hand out poisoned candy. Bobby Chiu, Kei, Silver, Coleman, Pekar, Stewart and god knows who else.

Tonight, after the show we'll celebrate Brandstudio Press' newest releases with a "Sketchbook Party" at my good buddy Jeremy McCracken's loft which is merely a five minute drive from the convention centre. Bring yourselves, your sketchbook, a few Coronas and lime flavored Tostitos.Show up at our booth and we'll give you directions. If you're not attending the show but wish to come to the party give us a call: 647.232.9742

See you there!



jason quinones said...

hola alberto!

just wanted to drop you a line and say hi as i visit and read your blog often bur seldom comment.

CONGRATS again on your self publishing venture which seems to have taken off and has become VERY popular within our humble,not so little anymore,community of artists/bloggers. you've come a long way since KHQ! i just bought the herrera sketchbook recently and it looks great!

keep fightin' the good fight!

jason quinones said...


RoB said...


That poster is BAD ASS!!! Awesome work as always!


Mike Feeney said...

Wish i lived closer ;(
you know I love a good party :)
Have a great time
isn't that pic from an old sketch book??

bog_art said...

cómo me gustaría vivir un poco más cerca para poder asistir..

El Gran Frikiton said...
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SalBa Combé said...

Unos lápces realmente bonitos. No se cómo lo haces pero nunca dejas de sorprenderme.

kaNO! said...

Awesome I wish I could take part of the festivities

St John Street said...

Hey Alberto it was good seeing you again as always the book is HOT an it was great hangin see you next time your in town again stay fresh an thanks for the advice will do peace.

Perry Linton joseph

shan! said...

Hey Alberto!

Just wanted to say it was an honor to see ya again and hope to see you again in calgary! I talked to Kendrix and things seem to be good for us coming back to calgary!

PS - my fiance says she will take very good care of me hahaha


- shan!

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey Alberto! Great to see you again! our row was packed. Can't wait to do it again next year

Rich Dannys said...

Heya Alberto!

Meant to try and see you at 'The Labyrinth' store, on the weekend.. But just couldn't get it together.

Hope that our Fair City treated you well.. And that you did some good business, too!


Toronto is too far brother!
By the way Alberto, me abrí una cuenta Paypal de esas y me gustaría pedirte un par de artbooks, donde podría verlos todos, saber el precio y los gastos de envío?


Andrew said...

Wish I noticed this on friday. Ah, well, it was nice meeting you again on sunday.

Mr. Hawthorne said...

That drawing is beautiful, Alberto!


Process Junkie said...

Thanks Jason, Rob, SalBa Combé, Kano, Mr. Hawthorne.

Mike: Yeah that's an old drawing.

bogart: Ven de visita uno de estos dias.

St John Street, Bobby Chiu, Shan!, Andrew: It was great seeing you guys again, we should do this again more often, Toronto was crazy fun.

Rich Dannys: Sorry I missed you, we'll hook up next year for sure, I'm planning more trips to Toronto.

Cereal killer: Puedes ver los libros en