Friday, August 10, 2007


Once again, as it's customary year after year, we're in the windy city attending the WizardWorld Comicon 2007 at the Rosemont Convention Center. Come and say hi, Matt Stewart, Joe Pekar, Joe Bluhm, and Yours B. Truly, we're all going to be in the Artist Alley area, at tables 3516 through 3520. Sitting directly across from us will be: Stephen Silver, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Jason Seiler, Mister "T" and Peter Chan.

I have 4 free passes for the show. The first 4 people to show up at our booth and identify themselves as friends of this blog will get them, you can give them to a friend or relative or whoever you want (one free guest pass for the entire weekend per family)
Courtesy of Brandstudio Press LLC, your friendly pimp.

See ya there!


Faboun'e said...

sometimes i'm so mad to live in France...!!! Have a nice week.. and say "hello" to Joe Bluhm for me . Peace .

TMALO70 said...


It was as always, a Tremendous Pleasure to see You at Wiz World Chitown this year... Thanks for the Sketch and the Hospitality My Friend...

Que Lo Pasas Ma Bien,

Antonio Maldonado

ShapeStrong said...

It was great to see you this year, And so glad I got over there before you sold out of books. (Again... like you do EVERY time.) Beautiful sketches you did in my books my friend enjoys pointing out that the boobs are ref from life. Expect a few orders of books from me.

Troy-ran-ie-sor said...

Albert...amazing things that you are doing. Love how you have brought out some of the most amazing books from great artists!! Wish I just had a truck load of money to purchase all of them.....but, hence I have to slave away in the heat airbrushing and drawing caricatures to make a living drawing.