Thursday, August 30, 2007

Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival this weekend

This is the second leg of my trip to Canada, I am now in Calgary to attend the 2007 Tattoo and Arts Festival this Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Calgary Roundup Centre 1410 Olympic Way SE Calgary, Alberta. Come by and say wassup.

Many thanks to the fine people of Toronto for all the love and support. Matt Stewart, Silver and Y.B. Truly had so much fun at the show and exploring the city. Toronto is now officially my second home.



Chad said...

When are you in TX? I would like to make plans to come visit.

Process Junkie said...

November16th to the 18th. Cna't wait to see you again old buddy!

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

No way! Ill have to pick up the sketch book I didnt get at the Con in Calgary.I was so damn broke for that Con. Ill I was able to get was the big 4th sketch book you got.
Ill have to bring my sexy girl friend along for you to draw if your doing that sorta thing.

Process Junkie said...

dan-van_cool Please do bring your girlfriend, I'd be more than happy to draw her (free of charge, if she's pretty, of course) There's a fee if the woman is ugly as sin, sorry, times are tough.

I'll see you there!

The Labyrinth said...

It was great seeing you in Toronto. Your art is hanging up here -and is a true inspiration. It was interesting to see your process on velum paper. Hope the tattoo show goes well!

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Hey man, maybe I'll see you in Baltimore?


UrbanBarbarian said...

Enjoy! Your books are looking so good it hurts! Have fun!

Peter said...

Hey Alberto,

It was great seeing you again in Calgary. I'll be sure to bring more lime Tostitos next time you are here.


ps. Have you gotten your hearing back yet? (booth to close to the stage)

Mike Feeney said...

Alberto, did you pick up any tattoo's while you were there???

EduardOrtiz said...

hey is there any chance u guys are ever coming to Vancouver?



ps: plz check my page... anyone? XD

Process Junkie said...

What's in Vancouver?

Just kidding. I'd go if If there's a convention who wants to invite me as a guest. It is quite expensive to travel up there from NY. I am not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination.

EduardOrtiz said...

hahahaha ya se.. tratare de ir a Toronto la proxima vez

John Beatty said...

Keep fighting the good fight, friend!

You're making waves and changes for the good! Viva Alberto!

I'll always have your back should you need it! We might not win...but we won't go down alone!