Tuesday, June 26, 2007


From Sharlette to The East Village
Dear Diary, the Heroes show was nothing short of grand and the Mocca festival was a blast. Here's a brief report, nuthin' fancy:

At the Charlotte Westin, Megan The Pagan and Yours B. Truly encountered many talented individuals, some of whom we work with and some we'll work with in the near future. This show, in my humble opinion, it's probably the best in the hangin' out department, we sold a ton of books but few things in life compare to watching your friends get drunk and act silly, particularly those who you least expect. On Thursday night we had dinner at the "Fox & Hound" in downtown Charlotte with our friends from "THE BLV" No, not "Bacon, Lettuce and Vomito" this ain't that kinda sandwich. I'm talking about Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Sean Chen and JP Leon, finer gentlemen you'd be pressed to find.

On Friday, we . . . wait, I don't remember what the fuck we did on Friday, sorry Diary! I'm a bit disoriented, lemme jump to Saturday will you? OK, on Saturday night Robin Mitchell, Megan The Pagan, Carlos and this narrator had dinner at Zink, we had a great time two years ago at this very same locale so we were looking forward to repeating that experience but it seemed to me that they had a different chef or something, the waitresses were as beautiful and corteous as always but the food just wasn't the same, and Diary, you bloody well know I'm not picky, I could eat from a garbage bin if need be (Lord knows I have) but when I tell you it was different, you better believe me, it was fuckin' different! I just can't pinpoint how or why. I'm not big on pricey food unless I have a good experience and I must say I was disappointed. Maybe the food wasn't that good the first time we ate there but somehow I felt I enjoyed it a lot more then, go figure! Could it be that two years ago we were ushered upstairs and from the balcony I had the most ridiculously awesome view of a tall and healthy southern blonde with a cleavage that had me ordering a glass of milk with my dinner? .. . and yet, I wonder . . .

Also on Saturday, Robin and Y. B. Truly went upstairs to Ed McGinnis' room and jammed with a cadre of fine artists, if I were to tell you their names you'd be super jealous so I'll spare you the details this time.

My memory is back, now I remember what we did on Friday. This happens every time I get high on Ny-Quil, I get spastic. Where was I? . . . Ah, yes! Friday. Friday was quite mellow, we got together with The Francavillas and walked across the street to Pizza Uno, I regret that meal, it played tricks with my stomach, pretty sucky but hey! that's what you get for being lazy. Diary, I was tired and didn't feel like walking all the way uptown, I'm sure you'd understand.

The convention itself was well-attended but not as many people as last year. Maybe Father's Day had something to do with the turn out, which was great but not spectacular. I've met a few friends from this here blog like the lovely Shannon and her brother; when God made this people, he must have been in a good mood because, Diary, these folks are so polite and respectful it almost makes you want to cry. I saw a bunch of old buddies I have not seen in years, that alone was worth the trip.

The spankin' new Summer Collection received rave reviews from everyone who stopped by our booths at both, the Charlotte and the Mocca shows and took a gander at our new line-up.

Here's a picture of the new books, these are the samples, I will post more in a few days: The books will arrive in a couple of weeks and I feel like a kid around Xmas time. Diary, I know you make fun of me behind my back for acting like a child, let me ask you, is it wrong to be this retarded and juvenile? When you were a small diary did your Mommy Diary give you Xmas presents as great as these books? . . . I didn't think so.

Guerrillas In The Mist
I'm proud to announce the creation of Guerrilla Warefare Press. This is a new division of Brandstudio Press, that would be in charge of printing books, not only for the artists involved in the Brandstudio brand but anyone wishing to self-publish. I am really happy to be able to offer offset quality printing at affordable prices and incredibly fast turnourounds.

I will post more about this new venture soon, at this point we're getting ready to launch the website from which you'd be able to get quotes for your books, upload files and get PDF proofs. That will take some time to put together but once we're rolling I think it's going to be huge because we will be able to offer something that no other printer of high quality books can match.

These are versions of the logo and other graphics I put together for Guerrilla Warfare Press.



DaLe said...

excited am i, for those books (shiiiit G!) & the chance to jump on this very tubular wagon, it has good music & cute girls (well drawings, but good enough)

Jon Moss said...

Damn Alberto.. These books look even hotter than the last batch, and that's just from the covers!

I definitely be purchasing quite a few of these. The whole Guerrilla Warfare self-publishing is a great idea too. You continue to outdo yourself.. I wonder how you manage to fit in any sketching anymore.

John G said...

Holy crap! Awesome news, and those books all look so great!

SalBa Combé said...

Cuanto talento junto. Lastima que haya un enorme charco (como el oceano atlantico) que me separe de verlo en persona: Bueno quizás un día viaje para disfrutar una convención de las grandes, quizás San Diego.
Tema aparte, ¿cómo va Eye Candy? Estoy ansioso por hacer un pedido para regalar algunos amigos.
Bueno, ya hablaremos. Un abrazo y hasta pronto.

Ah! Por cierto, preciosa portada la de LLolipop. Cada día sorprendes más.

Ivan said...

Excelentes libros .. como puedo comprarlos?

Benjamin Hall said...

Your stuff is amazing! Great books as well!

The Guerrilla Warfare news has me super excited!

Bobby Chiu said...

Damn Alberto!! That's friggin awesome! What you NEED to do is make some friggin tshirts of your Guerrilla Warfare logos!!

Too awesome.

The new books are lookin super sweeeet as well!!

Gnarfdeath said...

damn!! that lineup looks awesome!! looks like I'm gonna be eating government cheese and ramen for awhile!! beautiful stuff! Those logos are pretty sweet too!! Flippin' sweet!!!

Shannon said...

Hola, Alberto! It was so great meeting you at the con! Thank you so much, you make me blush haha. Jason had a great time too, our first con experience was a blast thanks to awesome people like you! Absoultely love all the books I got! The new books look so awesome, i need to save up some more so I can make a another raid haha. Awesome news about Gorilla Warfare, I'm excited! Pretty sweet logos!
We're still up here in NC, we just bought a new house and setting up is always crazy fun!
I hope you are feeling better! <3

SalBa Combé said...

Ops! No había cargado el resto del post y ahora lo he visto.
Sinceramente, te deseo lo mejor en esta apuesta editorial, admiro a la gente que arriesga en pro de un mercado mas independiente en el mundo del comic apartadao de las grandes compañias.
Las gráficas del logo son muy chulas y me parecen muy apropiadas para este espiritu revolucionario que supone la autoedición.
Mucha suerte y ojalá algún día pueda colaborar en tu nuevo sello.

Mario said...

Hey Alberto,

I can't wait to see the goods at Comic Con, I'm glad Tae, and Patrick have thier books through your press.'See you then.


Mike Feeney said...

You rock!!! The books all look great, I’ll have some spare ca$h soon. I'm with Bobby on the t-shirt idea!! Enjoy all your success you deserve it :)


Jason Newkirk said...

Alberto! Wow those new books look amazing.. Cant wait to pick up a bunch of them....Mr business man! nice...congrats dude!

Process Junkie said...

Dale: These are very exciting times indeed. Really amazing books, we keep escalating the issue because frankly. what's the alternative?

All the credit should go to my friends, they are the ones creating these mini masterpieces, they all make me look like I know what the fuck I'm doing.

jon moss: I'm prety proud of the first batch because it took a leap of faith for these guys to trust my instincts, we had nothing but a dream of where we wanted to take this and blindly we all invested our best efforts and resources without fully knowing what we were getting into. We really did this for the sake of art and I really believe you can see this ideal reflected in the pages of these books, there is a sense of honesty and transparency in each and every book, something you don't get from a mayor publisher who's main concern is to churn product for profit. I'm happy to say all of this is truly a labor of love and I thank you for your support.

I do draw everyday even if it's just for a few minutes.

Salba Combé: Eye Candy va en camino a su destino, es realmente un proyecto titánico, en lo que se refiere a producción. Pero lo vamos a sacar adelante tarde o temprano.

Ivan: You can buy them HERE

Benjamin Hall, John G, Gnarfdeath, Jason Newkirk: Thank you, ladies!

Bobby Chiu: Thanks for the nice voicemail message, it brought tears to me eyes, for reals.

Mike Feeney: Shirts are being printed as I write this ;)

Shannon: it was fun. Good luck with the new house. My best to Jason.

Mario: Yes, let's all get together and celebrate at SD.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Hooly fuck!
And the weirdest thing is that I am jealous how you can now spread all these books over your bed and roll yourself into this little mountain of goodness.
That stuff looks awesomely nice.
Cheers to you,


Neil said...

If you're looking for input on your logos, I like the first bomb one with the website going through the middle. Very clever to make the fins look like a book.

I can't wait for the Phil Noto and Dean Yeagle books.

Mick said...

ey up Albert. i have been speaking with Justin Coffee just lately and understand he is banging a book out via your press situation. I would also like to do it but maybe just not full of chicks... so what's the score?

Sarah C said...

That is awesome!!
Beat of luck!

Keath007 said...

I cannot wait until the new books hit the online store - this looks like the best batch yet. I'm hoping you slip us one of those "buy the whole shebang and save some coin" deals again!

Process Junkie said...

Mick: You can do whatever you want, put your book together and we'll get it done one way or another.

FerdinandKreozot: The weirdest thing is that I've already done what you just described, my DNA is all over those books, heh, heh!

Get your stuff together and let's print you a book.

Neil: Noto and Yeagle? those two hacks? C'mon! those girls can't even draw, give me a break! ;p

Keath: Yeah, we'll do that for sure.

Sarah C: Thank you, Sarah.

scottdiggs said...

I'm all over this. Fantastic. Just plain fantastic. I want in.


ostia!Tienen una pinta estupenda!!!
jet seven y Memories lost, tienen que llegar a mis manos de una manera u otra. Tio, estoy seguro que podrías llegar al mercado europeo, todos parecen rozar la calidad de obra maestra y pasarla incluso con creces. Seguro que podríais intentarlo.
Estoy con Bobby con lo de las camisetas el de la estrella tipo graffitti estaría muy guapo en la espalda de una camiseta, Alberto.

Bueno, a ver si me abro de una vez por todas una cuenta pay pal de esas y te hago un pedido pero ya!

saludos y buena suerte con esta realidad!!

( =_=)/

Meetch said...

Holy Cow Crap! This has me all kinds of excited.


The Keeper's Notes said...

You are seriously going to make me a poor man, 'Berto...and one in need of alot more shelf space..these look insanely cooool!

Not Don King said...

I'm a bit saddened...not nary a mention, despite the fact I showered you with (a) gift, Berto...it was good to meet you anyhow...like the new books, but what's with pulling a Cameron Diaz on the new logo? For those of you whom comics are your sole form of culture and education, the red star is the recognized symbol of socialism and communism, and has been adopted by several left-wing terrorist groups...in fact, in my grandmother's home country (where they know a murderous faggot communist when they see one), it is a criminal offense to wear or display one...anyhow, just some food for thought my droog...best of luck with the new books

Process Junkie said...

scottdiggs, Meetch, Cereal killer, Justin Thank you, fine people, do buy them, support independent artists.

Not Don King Don't be sad, I omitted Kieron Grant, Sandford Greene, Paul Maybury, Stacy Robinson, Cully Hamner, Chris Pitzer and some of my closest friends as well, you're in good company.

I'm a wreck, sick as a dog. I was high when I wrote my last post, high on a coctail of Ny-Quil, Vitamin C and California raisins (don't ask).

I do thank you for the gift, very kind of you. The Cameron Diaz thing is an homage from Lawrence to Cameron, he meant it that way.

Regarding the red star logo, I think you are waaaaaaay off base here. I'm not big on content but the Eastern European socialist/communist connection is not even close, first of all the official logo of my company is a red book with a white star, the red star logos as well as the black star ones are complementary graphics derived from the main logo colors.

Visually, my red star logos owe a lot more to Texaco (a bastion of our Western's capitalist society) and the Underground London Subway signage than to the Red Army Faction. However, the idea of a revolutionary movement born out of the necessity to free oneself from the tyranny of an unfair system that benefits the big publishing companies and oppresses the artists (who are the creators of the content, which generates wealth for the oppressors) that was intentional. Guilty as charged!

Unconventional promotion tactics and guerrilla-like marketing to achieve our goals of artistic and financial independence from the forces of the evil establishment, in a non-violent and passionate way, that's precisely what I want to convey, not the political/military agenda of left wing Eastern Europeans, which —with all due respect— (besides mere curiosity) I couldn't care less about. By that I mean Eastern Europe's communists or socialists or any other facist falange or political systems that have very little or nothing to do with my own struggle, for that matter.

This blog is all about me and the things I care about. You should know that by now.

If you really want to find out the reasons for my choices all you need to do is ask.

Let me shed some light on this issue, if I may:

During most of my childhood I lived under a righ-wing dictatorship, the 5-time elected president and 4-time overthrown (elected by the people that is and overthrown by the army) became a dictator (no surprise there) He was a benevolent populist and although he, himself was not as evil as most of these megalomaniacs, during the years of his presidencies he allowed rampant corruption and abuses of power by those under him and foreing capilatists, who raped the country to their heart's content. I guess he had to strike certain compromises in order to retain power.

He was very clever though, he recognized the dilemma, he didn't want the threat of communism to cast its dark shadows over his beloved land, a well-educated man of the world, he understood that the country wasn't ready for an American style of democracy, the few families who owned the country, failed revolutions and masses without a true identity helped him accomplish his goals and he kept things tight by talking his way out of everything, and the populacho loved him, until he went the route of all textbook dictators before and after him.

He imprisoned the leader of the staunch opposition, —big mistake!— an extremely charismatic, fearless but unrefined labor leader, his centrist party (leaning slightly towards the left) was called: "Concentración de Fuerzas Populares" —no need for translation there— or C.F.P. (from which I obtained the color palette for my logos) This movement became a quintessential element in fomenting the growing discontent in the oppressed but clueless masses, its fanatic followers painted these colors all over the country, no wall was spared.

Eventually the populist was overturned by an army general who in turn was ousted by a coup, the ensuing ruling triumvirat relinquished power to the grass movement started decades before by the C.F.P. leadership soon after.

The new democratic president was elected in a landslide by popular vote, the old grizzled caudillo was freed from prison in time to see his son-in-law lead the party he founded, to victory.

The young man was fearless just like the one time leader before him but unlike his father-in-law, his fine education, political savvy and sharp intellegence were no match for the old man who grew jealous of him and soon parted ways citing divergence of ideology.

The young Kennedy-like statesman was killed by the C.I.A a year or so into his first and only tenure as the first democratic president in over a decade but that's a story for another day.

I borrowed the red star from "El Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional" also called: "Zapatista Army of National Liberation" which I am a big fan of, obviously, named after Emiliano Zapata the most notable of all Mexican revolutionaries. A childhood hero of mine if you don't mind me saying so.

The red star is one of the oldest symbols in the history of mankind and it means many things to many people, and it may have been adopted by several left-wing terrorist groups like you say, such as Texaco , Macy's , Heineken Beer and other war-mongering imperialist factions but to me, it means none of those things, I just like the color red.

Thanks for the kind words on the books we're launching. Don't be a stranger.


Not Don King said...

¡Tierra y Libertad indeed! I was mostly just busting your balls and using the communism riff as a launching pad for the Diaz joke. I'm glad to hear you have a personal reason for incorporating the image (don't get me wrong, I am certainly anti-communist/ socialist). I can appreciate the Zapatista (EZLN) opposition to globalism and desire for limited government interference, even if their favored form of government is a little too chaotic for my taste. Anyhow, thanks for the insight.

Kevin said...

Hey Alberto, logos look great, I dont know which one I like the best as they all have a great feel and appeal to them. Also I am loking forward to seeing what your costs for the printing are as I would love to have some of my material printed via Guerrilla Warfare press.

RoB said...

Amazing books coming out!!! Well done sir!


nelson said...

Wow!! Estoy increíblemente sorprendido con todo lo que he visto. Cada portada mejor que la otra y mejor ni pensar en lo alucinante que debe ser su interior. Alguien lo comento en un post, pero resulta lamentable no poder tener acceso directo a todo esto, pero más temprano que tarde estarán en mis manos. El Logo es increíble y más aun el nombre. Mis sinceras felicitaciones a todos los autores y por supuesto a Alberto por la magnitud de este evento. Todo esto da una gran y sana envidia. Felitaciones otra vez.
Greetings from Chile.

ValentinoElMasFino said...

Congrats on the publishing company. I look forward to having you stick it to the man. LOL. Also can't wait to see you at San Diego comic con. I am going to spend so much money there that I am debating whether or not to just sign over my paycheck to you. Hahaha. Well see you there and I'll try not to ask you too many questions.

@$$ said...

When I met you at MoCCa, I knew little of you other than your name being somewhat familiar to me via Blogspot. What I did know was that I really REALLY liked your work.

Now, after reading about Guerrilla Warfare Press and explanation for incorporating the Red Star symbol into your logo, I can honestly say that you are quickly becoming my personal hero.

fernando forero said...

me gusta mucho lo que está sucediendo a partir de su trabajo, y la oportunidad de dar a conocer la labor de muchos artistas a muchas personas ansiosas y deseosas de verse enfrentadas a grandes y talentosos trabajos....
mi interés al escribir es tener la oportunidad de dar a conocer tambiém mi trabajo.
la verdade s que cuento con un sinnumero de cuadernos persnales y estoy en miras de hacer un libro con él, mi trabajo. quisiera que mi trabajo fuese visto por ustedes para ser evaluado.
podría enviar un pdf de material que estoy haciendo, una pequeña muestra.
mi correo mail es khamuslestat@yahoo.com
soy colombiano y una pequeña muestra de trabajos personales que van más al diseño se encuentra en www.khamuslestat.deviantart.com

Process Junkie said...

fernando forero: Perdona la tardanza en responder, me habia olvidado de visitar este post.

Te agradezco que compartas tu arte, eres un gran diseñador y creo que tienes un buen futuro. Con respecto a una evaluación para posible publicación de tu(s) libros, te diré que Brandstudio Press no es una publicadora típica, solo somos un grupo de artistas que reunimos nuestros recursos para poder publicar nuestros propios trabajos y compartirlos con el resto del mundo. No estamos buscando artistas para publicar, esto es basicamente un club de amigos, nada más ni nada menos. Nuestros libros son financiados por nosotros mismos, es decir, cada artista invierte en su propio libro, publicamos bajo la editorial Brandstudio Press para poder abrirnos camino y que los medios nos presten atención y para poder alcanzar colectivamente una audiencia mucho mayor de la que podriamos generar individualmente.

Mucha suerte!