Monday, June 11, 2007

Heroes Are Hard to Find . . .

. . . That's why I don't bother looking.

Just kidding! Relax, homeboy! :)

My apologies to those friends up in Toronto who were expecting me at the Paradise show, couldn't make the trip due to illness and fatigue. I'm not dying but was in no condition to drive up there for eight or nine hours straight, not with that sticky, yellow/lime-green gunk oozing from my eyes, no Sir! I will see you in August for sure at the FanExpo.

Now I'm getting ready to head south to North Carolina, to attend one of my favorite shows of the year: "The Heroes Convention" put together by my good friend Shelton Drum and a slew of amazing people.
This year the Wizard Philadelphia show falls on the same date as the NC event, Philly is more convenient for me as is merely a short drive from where I live but I pledged my allegiance to the fine city of North Carolina the very first time I laid eyes on her. Nothing 'gainst the City of Brotherly Love (whatever the fuck that may mean)-so don't bother with the hate mail- this has to do with the big guy wanting to crush the little guy and we can't have that. Most of my friends will be there to support Shelton and his crew, so I wouldn't miss it for the world and you shouldn't miss it either!

Friends and enemies please do come by, either to say hi or to punch me in the mouth. Booth 831. If you're planning on doing the latter please do wear rubber gloves as I am allergic to jerks. Just kidding, just kidding! you don't have to wear gloves, just make sure you wash your hands with sulfuric acid first. I will be at the Brandstudio Press booth with my Boy Robin Mitchell. My compadres in arms, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Paul Maybury and Joe Pekar will be around as well. Oh, and the lovely and talented Megan the Pagan will also be sitting with us, as she does every year. She says she will be taking commissions at the show this time because she will need money when Guitar Hero III hits the stores later this year, so please come early and get on her commission list before it's too late. Higashi, I'm talking to you :)
For those not in the know, Megan is my thirteen year old daughter, do not be fooled by her tender age, this kid is a monster! she draws like a seasoned pro, if you don't believe me just ask Jason Pearson, he'll tell you. I can't wait for her to grow up and take over the family business so I can stay at home and do nothing all day but lay on the hammock and watch over my tomatoes.

This is another cover/jacket for the "Eye Candy" book, drawn by the elegant Ryan Hungerford.


Soon after I get back home from the Heroes show that is.
I'll make an announcement that it's bound to shake your foundations. I'm not at liberty to say what it is at this point in time. Why? because I'm finalizing the details as I write, rest assured it will be a big one. Lotsa shit has gone down since we launched Brandstudio Press LLC and I guess this next step was inevitable.

As always, thanks for your support and keep on drawing!

. . . Speaking of which, don't quote me on this but I've been told by several doctors and nutritionists that people who draw for at least 45 minutes per day lose 5 pounds in as little as one week. Other experts claim that drawing an hour a day reduces stress and helps you look and feel younger because it re-establishes the connections among your neurones and reminds your brain of the time when you were eight or nine, back when you didn't draw for money but for pleasure and didn't have a care in this motherfuckin' world. Some others say that if you increase the amount of time you sketch every day by 30 percent, you can successfully stop hair loss, and if you up it it by 80 percent you might even notice a few new strands growing where there were none before. So sketching daily is not just a guilty pleasure, it's also good for you!

Stay healthy, draw often!



Oscar Grillo said...

Y ni hablemos de cuanto mas dificil es encontrar cobardes que se den cuenta que lo son!!!!!

Process Junkie said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!
Saludos Señor Grillo, un abrazo!


DaLe said...

everytime i finish straining my eyes to read one of your blog entries (the strain comes from my screen, not the blog), i leave with joy. yours is the only blog i regularly read, cuz i dont really care about anyone else but me & sometimes you mention me, so i'm always looking for it. But if you're not talking about my big head, then hearing about your successes & returning health is a wonderful alternative.

now must loose some weight & grow hair

m.j. Nuñez said...

tu trabajo es muy bueno...excelente,
siga echándole muchas ganas....!!

Andre Moore said...

I may see you up at Heroes. I'm not sure if I feel like making that 4 hour drive since its my first fathers day and the wife wants to do something nice for me. Then again i do want to take my daughter to her first comic con lol! Break her in early.

bill(y) said...

sitting in your hammock, watching your that a euphemism?

you gonna be in san diego? i talked to wade the other day. we're all gonna get together for a few pints while there...

Bobby Chiu said...

Hahaha... awesome. I sketch for myself all day just like you!

Guess that's why we both have such long hair! ...I shave my head every morning... just grows right back :! hahaha..jk

Process Junkie said...

dale: I'll make a point of mentioning your name more often. Why, your head is almost as big as mine!

mj nuñez: Gracias!

andre moore: I'd love to meet you, look me up if you make it to the show.

Billy: I'll be in San Diego for sure, plowing them fields and watching my geraniums grow.

Bobby Chiu: True story: An artist friend from California came to my house to visit me a few moths ago and saw me fresh out of the shower with my hair still wet and over my face. he looked at me all confused and said: " I had no idea you had a full head of hair, I've never seen you without your baseball cap, I thought you were bald!" I replied: "I will never be bald because I draw for at least two hours a day, I have hair growing out of my palms" he said: "HUH??!!

Rodd said...

Sure, drawing helps hair growth... but not all of us like it growing uncontrollably from our backs and asses. Anyone with me? Anyone?
Ok, now its out... I have back hair.

On a positive note, it does help with texture and sponging techniques.
If you're unlucky enough, I may post some of it on my art blog later.

Felipe said...

This place is awesome. Congrats on brandstudio press and sticking it to the man and I dream of such counciousness spreading trough the voluntarily opressed artistic class.

Keep bad mouthing and ranting, for some people do look pass it to the free brain and valuable insight behind it and those people are the ones worth reaching.

If you think shit is bad in the US, you should come and visit. I'm a Brazilian artist, age 20 and can't quite stand it anymore. people here sometimes draw for 50 bucks. PROS. The ones who do get a opressing job who turns their life into a nightmare are proud of such, even though they and up hating art in the process.

Though I'm sure to be out of here soon for I do KNOW hard work and intelligence pay off (and mr. chiu has been helping me with that, thanks, bobby) world needs more ranting pricks with no patience for bullshit.

thanks, dude.

Dr 4est said...

I can give my professional endorsement to the helath benifits derived from spending time drawing on a regular basis! Believe it or not it will also increase your patience and tolerance for stupidity! Scary to think how insufferable we'd be without it, eh?

Bobby Chiu said...

Bahahaha... great story.

RoB said...

HAHA...That explains why all my 3d friends are bald or losing hair. They never draw! Ha!

That is true about drawing being a stress reliever and its fun! Awesome covers for the eye candy for strangers work! I can't wait to see the final books!

I can't wait to hear all about this great news that you can't talk about eventually :)Great Post!


SalBa Combé said...

Bonita portada, sobretodo muy diferente al resto. En la variedad está el gusto.
Un abrazo y hasta pronto

.:.Darth Beader.:. said...

Que chula esta ilustración! Un estilo muy limpio. Que bonito!


He he he.....que carita tan linda!
Tio, espero que te recuperes pronto de lo que sea que tengas,
draw or die brother!!!
A proposito, enseñanos algún dibujo de Megan Alberto, que ahora nos dejas expectantes, y bien sabido es que el alumno siempre supera al maestro...he he he

Un abrazo desde Andalucía!

( =_=)/

C said...

heeeeey! :D This is just a heads up after heroes con - I emailed. ^_~ lol, check your junk mail folder, i'm prolly there. Thanks for the awesome hang out time at heroes.

Tanqueta said...

Me encanta tu estilo, es grandioso. Y los otros artistas que encontré en este blog tambien son geniales. Abrazos,

kookiejar said...

Fantastic blog!!

Sarah C said...

I tried emailing you but ou don't answer. I'm not too good at stalking people, so, hope you contact me.
You know how.
Sarah aka Neneuche