Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Alergias & Libros

Another one of our variant covers (jackets) by Lawrence Hamashima. I'll post some more next time. When I see this cover all I can think of is brightly colored Skittles™. Sugar overload, yummy!

I thought that I had escaped those annoying season allergies that plague me every year at this time but guess what? fucking wrong was I (as Yoda would say)
This time, the sneaky little bastards were late but they got to me, regardless. They destroyed my nose and played street soccer with my eyeballs, they tormented me mercilessly and brought me to a stand-still. This of course, came at the worst time possible, when I'm putting together the Summer collection and the "Eye Candy From Strangers" books. I gobbled all sorts of pills and sprayed all kinds of sprays and ate all types of herbs and shit and managed to get through them, not without some serious damage. I am a walking zombie today, the adrenaline rush of getting 17 books to the printer in time to make the San Diego Comicon, —which is a mere month and some days away—has all but dissipated into thin air and all that is left is this carcass of a man, half-asleep, half blind and exhausted beyond recognition.

But before my friends say Awwwwwwwwwwww! and my enemies say Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! I have to tell you that although I might be drugged out, dazed, confused, fatigued, sneezing up a storm and spewing thin white mucus from every membrane-lined orifice in my old and fragile lttle body, I couldn't be happier; those Summer books look FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC and they are being printed as we speak. So don't cry for me, Argentinians, I feel like a billion bucks!! . . . well, at least on the inside.

As promised, this is the list of the artists along with their respective titles. I will reveal the cover art in due time so bare with me. Here's the line-up in alphabetical order:

TAESOO KIM Stinkbomb!
TRACY MARK LEE Tiki, T Dog & Whatnot
HOANG NGUYEN Memories Lost
ANDREW ROBINSON Goes To Zanyzonkerville
ALBERTO RUIZ Chola/Jalapeño Lollipops (reprint of Sketchbooks 3 & 5)
JAY SHULTZ Doodle A Day Volume 1
JAY SHULTZ Doodle A Day Volume 2
DEAN YEAGLE Mandy's Shorts

As with the first batch, some of these names you already know and love and some you have no clue about but you will, Oh and I guarantee you will love them and their work. This Brandstudio Press thing, which is far from being a publishing house in the traditional sense, it's more than the sum of its parts, it's a community of passionate individuals doing their thing, taking back the creative control over their own work, doing it with dignity in an industry that cares very little about them as individuals. This community is growing into a force to be reckoned with. This I take no credit for, I'd love to, but no, Brandstudio Press will become something bigger and better because of the artists taking part in this gigantic Art Project. I am very proud of what we're creating here and proud to be associated with all of these guys and girls, and with the future members of this not-so-secret society.

I know that sounded deep and serious and all that jazz but that's the way I feel about it. I'm old skool like that, or just plain old.

See you next week. And please, again I must ask you to be patient as I continue to gather the info and files for the Eye Candy Book.



Bobby Chiu said...

Beautiful line up Alberto!

DaLe said...

sffff! its like hearing war stories from your favourite uncle, reactin was my friend this year. can't bloody wait for some of those books, fuck i'm going to have to get a job now to buy all of them

The Original Dangster said...

You are the William Randolph Hearst of artists my man..Now all you need to do is build yo'self a castle!...If you make enough cheddah with your books, you can set up a hyperbaric studio, and then you won't have to worry about allergies.

Craig Zablo said...

Alberto is like a DJ from my childhood -- he just keeps playing the hits!

-G.D. said...

coming here is like having a beer with a long lost friend.

you have very good taste and a sense of humor that yanks a snort or two out of me.


RoB said...

AWESOME line up dude! May those annoying allergies get out of your system soon! I hope you feel better.





"I signed up for that cover and an art book, an art book in which I'll have all creative control.

Let's see how much creative control that will be."

so, how did that go?

spinkick said...

whoa. I can barely contain my excitement over that artist lineup! Herrera?! Ramos?! Noto?! I CAN'T WAIT! :) Will these be for sale in San Diego?

scottdiggs said...

Holy Crap. Super cool.
To be involved in this would be a great thing indeed. These sound f-in' fantastic based on the artists I know, and I know the others will wow my socks too.

Process Junkie said...

Bobby Chiu: Indeed, that is a really nice line up!

It was a blast working with these guys, all of them, true gentlemen and uber professionals in every sense of the word, being in the middle of a creative frenzy with pages coming out of my ears, books materializing in front of my very eyes, pretty intense shit, I tell you. I was putting the final touches to the last book to be sent to print with seconds to spare.

Towards the end of the pre-production, 2 and a half weeks of less than 3 hours of sleep per day, running on empty, with the phone glued to the side of my face while frantically coordinating between the printer and the artists and with my own design projects left unfinished (3 of the books were layed-out designed and put together by yours truly) in a mad dash towards the finish line, fuckin' beautiful! WHAT A RUSH!!!!

I have to say that no matter how much planning you do, it always ends up in a race against the clock, because of the technical challenges of putting together this amount of books at one shot knowing fully that if one single person in the group would falter the whole project could go down in flames and with very little margin for error. brought up the best in everyone.

Some people choke under pressure and some shine and elevate their game. These guys stepped up to the plate and delivered big time, these are not just randomly put together images, no Sir!
Once you see these books you'll realize how well concepted and intelligently put-together these are. Yes, for the most part these are cartoons, it's not rocket science but these are so cool and clever and I'm sure a lot of people will find them inspirational and fun.

If I had a design studio, these are the artists I would hire to partner with, they do know what it is to work under intense pressure and insane deadlines, these guys are no fluke, they are at the top of their game because they fucking care and their passion and drive is out of this world.

I'll tell you this whole story in private next time I see you, not to diminish the others in the group, let me just say that this one guy put together 2 books in 4 days and when I tell you which books they are you'll say: "NO WAY!"

I though I was crazy but this man tops them all. Enough said.

Dale: Dude, you better get a job because this is just the beginning! Wait until I tell you what's in store for the Fall collection!!

The Original Dangster: I like your castle.

Craig, Rob, Scott: Thanks, girls!

_G.D.: I know I have very good taste because I love everything you do.

COMIKXGUY: I still don't know. I sent in my files, but I have no clue as to what they will do with them. I guess we'll know once the book is out.
It's out of my hands, tere's no use in crying now.

Spinkick: Yes, these will be available at the San Diego Comicon, both Humberto and Francisco will be at our booth so stop by early.

Kevin said...

Oh man I'm gonna have to take a second mortgage on the house, that lineup looks amazing!

Andre Moore said...

Wow Nice cover. I like both. Making it hard to have to pick between the two.

Process Junkie said...

Andre Moore: You won't have to pick, you can have both. :)

Bobby Chiu said...

hehe.. wow... sounds so intense!! That's why I call you the Freedom Fighter for artists... hehe

Anyhow are we going to see you at the Paradise Toronto Con this weekend? Didn't see you today but I see it's listed on your blog. Don't worry you didn't miss much today. It was totally dead. Should be (hopefully) much better tomorrow. Either way, if I don't see you tomorrow, I'll see you next month in SD. Love hearing your war stories bro! Keep up the good fight!!

Rodd said...

Damn you and your awesome books! Your books are gonna be cutting into my special slush fund drinking dollars soon at this rate.

Thrilled to see some great artists getting some well deserved exposure to the masses who haven't seen their work first hand, via your publishing company.
Glad I found this blog through 6 degrees of linkage a few months ago. Finally, art from the artists and not the studios, if ya know what I mean.
Awesome stuff!

Process Junkie said...

Bobby Chiu No, I had to cancel, I didn't book a flight to Toronto because I thought I could just drive up there but I am sick taking medication and in no condition to sit behind the wheel of an automobil for 9 hours or so. I will most definitely make the FanExpo in August. We'll have fun then.

If anybody asks for me tell them I won the lotto and I'm not coming back to work tomorrow. :D

Rodd Thanks, man! Please do buy their books and support the independents.


that girl is great Alberto.
Ese tio sabe lo que hace. Me recordó a una portada de Azpiri de hace basteantes años. Para un juego de Spectrum, no se si te sonará: GAME OVER. Era un juego jodidamente dificil....como casi todos los de Spectrum

Un abrazo tio.

Horizon Park Media said...

All I have to say, is get this done, and get this done quickly! haha... as a very loyal customer and huge fan, hopefully you find it in your heart to ship me the entire package ASAP! haha

sedyas said...

Yessss! Great books!
Me encanta el trabajo de Andrew Robinson. Estaré atento!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Lineup is really sweet.

Cheers to your effort, and sorry abut the alergies.
At least yours are seasonal.
I have this Sinus thing that keeps my nose blocked for over a year now.
Cheers to you and your work,