Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Brilliance of José López
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Brandstudio Press online store will be offering José López's best-selling art book/sketchbook, entitled "Mariachi Samurai". A gorgeous hardcover book, 80 pages worth of full color illustrations, preliminary character designs, backgrounds and cartoons.

I you think I'm bias because I consider him one of my friends you'd be right. But friendship aside, way before I met him I thought he was one of those rare beings I lke to call "Renaissance freaks". An incredibly talented and well-rounded individual, who's rare in this world of "especialists" and "multitaskers" where artists train to do one thing and one thing only, no one inks his own drawings, no one designs his own characters no one writes his own stories for the characters they design and so forth, and on the other hand, the so called multitaskers are more like ducks than artists; well, you've seen the duck before, he flies, swims and walks but does none of those things really well.

José's range of skills is vast and then some, those of you who already own this book know exactly what I'm talking about. Not only everything he chooses to do he does well but he excels at whatever he does and with style to boot. He produced this book, designed it and published it himself, having dwelled in this "business" of art for longer than I care to remember and painfully knowing how hard it is to remain independent, I have a lot of respect for those who take that leap of faith and invest in themselves, he's sought after by the best animation companies out there, any studio or publisher would have been glad to publish this book but he chose to do it himself, that says a lot more than I can talk about the man.

This book sold out in record time last year so if you didn't get it then, now it's your chance. Feel free to go to brandstudiopress.com and order your copy before they sell out again. Or click on the button below to order your copy:

For those of you who don't know, click here to visit José's blog and see why I think so highly of him.

Two Boxes of Pistolas
On my last trip to Seattle, my friend Kandrix who puts together the amazing Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo up in Canada, informed me that I still had a couple of boxes of my sold out "Veinte Mujeres con Pistolas" left up there. Last week we sold some at the Expo and I brought the remaining copies back home with me. They're also up in the Brandstudio Press online store now for purchase.

I know a few of you missed buying them and asked about a reprint, this is not a reprint but rather the last few remaining copies left from the original print run, minus the flaps, long forgotten in Canada. Again, if you missed buying this book last year and you still want it, go for it, while supplies last.

Thanks for your support!

Available Now. Click on the button below to order your copy:



13toon's said...

wow thats great alberto, jose lopez is one of the best character designers is the business, i have this book and it is amazing. Jose can draw and design anything, if you love the batman strike cartoon and tmnt movie, which Jose design for or just love kisk ass art buy this book, this is one of the best sketchbook in the market and trust me i have tons of sketchbooks and few are as good as this one. bye 4 now

Meetch said...


UrbanBarbarian said...

Jose rules! I have that book an it's amazing!

Process Junkie said...

Thank you, Gentlemen, your check is in the mail! :)






Comikxguy: That would be nice, I had no clue. Where did you hear that?

oh, a little bird named krupt told us

from krupt rudolph's blog:


"recently my good friend (and artist extraordinaire) Alberto Ruiz asked me if I wanted to do an artbook that he would publish. Cue lightbulb above head. So for the past couple of months, I've been secretly working on an artbook.

Of. . .you guessed it. I've been wanting to do one for the longest time but never had the resources, time, drive or balls to make it happen.

Thanx to Mr. Ruiz, I at least have the balls part.

The name of my project is The Black Book.

It will be a full color, 48 page hardcover artbook full of lovely ladies of all shapes, sizes and color.

I'm maybe 85% done and super psyched about it.

I hope to have it done and available for SDCC (hopefully)"

there ya go alberto :)

FerdinandKreozot said...

Oh, man.
Jose rocks and rolls.
Those sketches are awesome!
I will be purchasing these books, as soon as I get my Amex back in order :)
Those characters are cool!

Thanks for sharing,



chia said...

I'm a total duck. But I'm glad to see these books are getting a reprint. I've gone through my copies so many times that they're starting to get a bit beat up.

RoB said...

WOW~ That book looks amazing! All the books and artist that you plug are just inspiring! I am gonna save up my money and get them all for sure! Great post!


nelson said...

Wow. Estan verdaderamente increibles. Es una pena que todo este material y mucho mas no llegue para aca. Seguro que mas tarde que temprano lo tendre en mis manos.
Saludos desde Chile, Nelson Dániel

Sorry for my english, he is very bad .

Process Junkie said...

comikxguy: you mean Randolph for sure.
I know a few artists named Rudolph so I've got confused there for a minute.

FerdinandKreozot: What about you? you need a book of your own, or maybe you have one already, if you I'd love to buy it, if you don't let's get one printed.

Chia, Rob: Thanks for the comments, I'm sure Jose would appreciate your kind words.

Nelson: No saben lo que se pierden :)
Gracias por tus comentarios.


DAMN! screwed up someone else's name again!

i blame late night bloggin'

so...uh, yeah that's the guy :)

regardless looking foward to it

FerdinandKreozot said...

Let's get one printed then. I am a big fan of books with art in them :)
I do not think my art is particularly bookworthy, but I should be able to scratch enough of it for a little book.
Cheers to you,


REE said...

long time no talk to man...
so how's brandstudio stuff comin, btw?

Pedran said...

Joder he llegado a tu blog de casualidad...wow...es lo mejor que he visto en mucho tiempo!

mata said...

cool stuff man!
...and i wonder how did you put mypod player to your blog?


La primera ilustración es alucinante, me encanta la pose y el diseño en sí del personaje.


( =_=)/

.:.Darth Beader.:. said...

Me han encantado tus dibujos, tienes un estilo envidiable dibujando mujeres y además parece fácil hecho por ti. Trabajas como ilustrador o dibujante de cómics, supongo.
Enhorabuena! Un gusto ver tus cosas