Thursday, May 03, 2007


I just came back home from Calgary to find a quazillion entries for this book. It seems that many of you waited until the very last minute to send in your submissions (and I think I know you know who you are because you certainly know who I think I know I am) . . . Huh!??

Anyways, thanks to all the artists who sent their work for consideration. I am in awe of such a massive display of both, raw and cultivated talent. I am yet to finish going through each and every piece, My mailbox is about to explode!

Some of you sent more than a few pieces, which makes me wonder why in god's name there isn't a book out there with your art in it, perhaps we could change that in a not too distant future.

I am so honored and truly humbled by the turnout and the quality of these pieces. You have read those words from me before because you people always exceed my expectations and I don't mind repeating myself since every bit of it is true. Like the time I went to the movies to see "The Incredibles", the hype was intense and my expectations were way up there and somehow that flick blew them away. With this project I was expecting a good chunk of entries but nothing of this sort, thanks again, and again. If your entry did not make it this time please I beg you, DO NOT be discouraged, some of you are very young still and have tremendous amount of potential, develop your skills and don't lose that passion for drawing. I really wish I had room for all the participants.

These are the times in which I'm proud to be part of the human race, it doesn't happen often but this feels really nice indeed. It gives me hope for the future. The future of what we love to do and it makes me feel like I made the right choice in following my instincts, leaving everything behind to pursue a life as a full-time artist and now as a full-time pimp.

There are a few folks who missed this deadline, to those people I say: "Keep it in your pants" I'm working on other things we might be able to do to showcase your art in the future. Besides, we will do this again for sure next year and the year after that.

Most of you have been contacted by me via email with a "Thank you for submitting" or a "You're in!" note, I will continue to go through my in box and reply to each and every one of you, whether your work made it into the book or not. Bear in mind that it will take me a couple of days to complete this task, if by the end of next week you haven't heard from me, I urge you to email me again to remind me of your submission. No one answers my email but me, but sometimes I do it on the road and sometimes some emails get filtered and end up in the garbage bin by mistake.

The Book Format
I am debating on a format that would best suit this material and make it shine, I'm thinking of making the book slightly bigger. This will solidify as I put the pieces together.

The page count might change as well, I'm still getting quotes from the printer on different formats and page counts, as things stand now, it would make more sense to split the 200 page book into two smaller books so as to make it affordable for people to buy and for me to print without sacrificing the quality. I'd much rather print two books and offer them at $30 or so each than one gigantic single book at $70. As you are well aware I am not a rich person by any stretch of the imagination and all of this is financed by yours truly so our runs are small 'cause that's what we can afford, hopefully with your ongoing support, our print runs will increase and our prices will become even more affordable. I am not worrying about recovering my investment but rather the initial layout, which is pretty significant. Regardless of the format, rest assured this book(s) will be absolutely beautiful.

I will do my very best to have the book finished and ready to be shipped to whoever wants it by the second week of July. Those of you who will visit our booth n San Diego will be able to sample our Eye Candy Goodness and I will throw a dinner party at a local eatery to celebrate this milestone (basically, I'll buy you a beer and you'll pay for your own dinner, what do you think this is? DC Comics?)

To the Artists Whose Work Will Be Featured in "EYE CANDY"
I know some of you are anxious to send or FTP your high resolution files, some of you don't even know yet which of the multiple files you sent have been chosen. I will be contacting you individually via email within the next three weeks to clarify everything and obtain the proper permission and files from you. Remember it's just one man doing all of this so bear with me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you hard work. Just don't burn yourself out..we need you!!!
Mike Feeney ;)
(i forgot my password again)

Meetch said...

Congrats to al all the acceptees!


chamba said...

It's good to hear that the turn out was great, as i was expecting it to be.
Considering all the fantastic yet unknown artists out there, this book and of you doing it was somewhat of a Godsend to us.
So for myself and for everyone who submitted, thanks again for this opportunity.

Gardo said...

Compadre, thanks in name of all my friends who we participated, we are anxious that the book goes out to the sale, we felt that this project is also of us and hope that it is a success...
excuse my english....:D Saludos...

Stef said...

Hey Alberto! It's been ages, how are you doing?
Hope you're well.

RoB said...

Yo Alberto!~
Great to hear about all the amazing artist that participated for the book! I know these books are going to ROCK!!! Thank you for making it open and available to everyone. You are a true friend and artist to the creative and artistic blog community! Awesome stuff as always!


RedRooster said...

So I take it the Naked pictures of me on the beach in Rosarito didn't make it.....dude I spent sixty bucks getting my back waxed for those shots.

13toon's said...

hello alberto, it is jonathan hope all is well and the book is something great .i wish more artist would do more for other artist. well can't wait for the book, also if you need any help with anything just gave me a call, i am more then gladly to help with anything. bye 4 now






fito said...

GRACIASSS, for the oportunity and the inspiration, thanx a lot.

weshoyot said...

what a wonderful post....yes...the human race does not inspire that often, but when artists come out of the wood work and group together it can be a beautiful thing.

i met you at comic con i think last year or the year prior. i was the girl with the weird name and we played charades to see if you could figure it out. anyways, love your work and the way your lines appreciate the female form. you're an inspiration!


Wooooo...Me hizo ilusión participar, sea cual sea el resultado, entre gente que ama tanto el dibujo.

( =_=)/

PEPE said...

another winner sir!!!

Elisa Chavarri said...

That is a beautiful illustration and design on this post. Love it.

Process Junkie said...

Hey, people!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I don't think I've ever been as busy as I am now. But I'm loving it, I am so energized by the ridiculously large amount of beautiful art I'm so privileged to have in my hard drive.

Chamba, Gardo, Meetch, Rooster, Mikey, Rob, Jonathan, Fito, Cereal Killer, Pepe, Elisa: Thank YOU! You guys and girls made this possible.

Stef: I'm doing well, my good friend, hope I can see you again in July.

Comikxguy: That would be nice, I had no clue. Where did you hear that?

Weshoyot I do remember you,vividly, how can I forget such a name! This is funny because as sure as hell I don't remember what I ate last night.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Hey Alberto,
Can't wait to see the final book! I'll be waiting to hear from you to send you the high-res files.
Thanks for doing this.

neneuche said...

I really would have liked to make it; next time I'll pay more attention to due dates. I am so gonna buy this one tough.
Can't wait!!

scottdiggs said...

Sucks I missed this one...
great idea. Can't wait to see it.