Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anonymous said...

. . ."Sorry to hear you got sand in your vagina down here in the dirty south...guess we're just not cultured nor "diverse" enough for ya...way to stereotype, based on your dismal (and extremely limited) experience...that's like me saying you self publish because you don't have the chops to cut it with a decent publisher, cause you only draw half-assed titty girls"

Alberto Ruiz Says. . .

Heh, heh! A disgruntled employee. Aren't you special.

You don't know who the fuck you're talking to, I get sand in my vagina everywhere I go, North, South, East and West. I don't like people, period. You obviously have never read anything other than this post on this blog. You narrow-minded fool, You read one thing I write and because it happened to say something about where you live you get all outraged, retard!.

You didn't criticize my apparently negative review of Boston or the one about Baltimore or The NYC crappy hotel show or why I hate Hoboken, NJ or any place else, but you. . .you are special because it's you.

Did you praise me for saying good things about North Carolina? last time I checked that's in the South, ain't it? No worries, I didn't expect you to because I don't give a fuck whether someone approves or dissaproves what I do or say, this is about self-expression, an artist can express anything and everything is a tool towards that end.

You take it personally because its about where you live. Well, grow up, asshole! this isn't about you or about a particular place, it's about people and people are fucked up everywhere you go.

News Flash, this just in! This whole country is fucked up! The rest of the world is just as messed up as the USA and probably worst but they don't go around claiming they're champions of freedom, equality and acceptance. We do!

You don't fucking get it because you're too busy fuckin' your sister, only an inbred like you can read a "dismal" personal experience, —admittedly biased, because of individual preference—and turn it into a personal attack on the entire Southern region. I don't hate the South and its people I just hate YOU.

Personal experiences are what drive a particular human to choose a partcular place to live, and these places shape who they become. Some of us want to be treated fairly and be left alone, some places are more conservative and less tolerant of minorities, that's a fact. Some people -for whatever the reason- lack the ability to choose where they go, I'm stuck here because of all the places I've been to, this is the least retarded, but more often than not I get reminded of just how prejudiced people are, even right here in this "Melting Pot" of shit we call New York.

Chip on my shoulder the size of NJ, you bet!

No, the South doesn't do it for me, as nice as the women are, it's not diverse enough for me and my prejudices, that's my taste, bitch! and neither does NY, or CA or anywhere in between, as long as there are bigots and cowards like you hiding behind anonymity.

In case you didn't read (or maybe you were too emotional to digest) you're not special, in fact, I like the South better than I like California, where pretty much everybody is fake. Feel any better?

Don't take it personally. You stay where you are, where you're safe and comfortable. I'm going back to Atlanta next year for sure to stay with friends but not to the convention which I thought it sucked.

Go to the bathroom, jerk off and take all the emotion out of this and then take a cold shower, when you go back to re-read what I wrote, you'll realize just how foolish you've been to jump to conclusions, but I forgive you because you were too hurt by the apparent harshness of my words to understand reason.

The one thing you're right about is my half-assed tittie girls (your spelling is also acceptable)
But what should I do? draw DC/Marvel superhero comics? or "alternative comics" garbage? or illustrate children's books for Scholastic (all of which I've been offered to do at one point or another, btw)

You must be fuckin' kidding me! Do you prefer me drawing like say. . . Boris Vallejo? or Shag? Hah! Maybe I'll get a decent publisher if I were to copy Frank Frazetta and pass it as my style.

You also don't get it here because you're stupid. I DON'T fucking care about your bloody comics and I don't give two shits about the publishing industry. I draw for myself, and I make books because I LOVE books. I have said many times here that I don't consider myself a real artist, (in the American and commercial sense anyway) only somebody who likes to draw for fun. Just because I share it with you it doesn't mean I owe you shit! Why is that so fucking hard to understand?

What's a decent publisher to you? name me one and I show you a thief and a scumbag.
Brandstudio Press? Nah! I'm not a real publisher, I don't care enough about profits, I don't fuck people over, this is just a bunch of friends getting together to do our thing.

Are DC Comics or Marvel "decent" publishers?, or this and that and the other?, They're all assholes.

What I do is by choice, Moron!

I do whatever the fuck I want. You can't say that, can you? Because you need somebody to validate what you do, because you need some jerk to publish you, because you've never made anything or built anything of any consequence on your own, with your own money and you're own resources.

You'll always will work for some asshole who will exploit you to no end and you'll sit there and complain but you'll take it like a little girl because you're too afraid to make your own mark, because you value a "Giant" publisher as something of prestige and you want them to do everything for you while they treat you like shit and rob you blind. You will always be a paid slave and that's your choice so FUCK YOU!

I am not interested in anything other than drawing half-assed tittie girls for myself, I don't give a fuck if publishers like them or not. Although you can't possibly comprehend the thought of being independent and doing something just for the fuck of it, without thinking about the money it may or may not generate. You are not an artist, just try and wrap your feeble mind around that concept. Repeat after me:

"I" . . . ."Am". . ."Stupid"



Anonymous said...

The truth hurts, eh? A typical response from a common-minded dullard. Since my time is evidently more valuable than yours, I'll keep my reply brief. I chose to answer your remarks, since as a life-long Georgian, I felt you were ill-informed. And as someone who runs their own business, makes my own hours, cuts all the checks, and creates many jobs for this area, I am no ones slave. I will stack my achievements up against anything you have or will accomplish.
So next time before you get butt-hurt, and wanna run off and pour your little heart into the blogosphere, do yourself a favor and give your words and their meaning some thought. You'll save yourself the humiliation of preserving your ignorance for all the web to see.
Catch ya in Charlotte, Sandy...

Process Junkie said...

You're not telling me something I don't know, ill-informed? please! All I write here are my personal experiences and my take on things. Everything here is ill-informed.

Humilliation? you're soaking in it. You go ahead and insult me and don't expect me to react? And if you're so thoughtful and tactful why didn't you think of the words you write and the insults you cast beforehand?

I'll see you in Charlotte, I'll buy you a beer. Oh, and my name is not Sandy.

Anonymous said...

It was a play on the "sand in vagina" comment...and yes, I did fly off the handle a bit...and to throw a positive in there, I do respect the fact you are your own man, and try to make your own way...but to bust anyones balls who chooses to go a different path smells of elitism...I have pals that do work for the "big" companies, while keeping their dignity...

Process Junkie said...

True, it is some sort of elitism without a dubt, but here's the difference: 95% or more of my friends also work for the big companies as well (comics and animation), I was being mean spirited for effect and to get you to come out of the shadows and engage in dialog, I don't begrudge anybody for working for whoever they choose to procure a living for themselves and their families, my point has always been that, as an artist, even if you work for giant corporations you should have an outlet for your personal work and pursue something other than a mere paycheck. Unless of course your personal work is also what the company does.

andrew said...

The most awsome thing I've ever seen from the south was when BBC's 'Top Gear' team went down there. One of the challenges was to paint some slogans on the other guys cars. Whilst 'Hillary for President', 'Country Music Sucks' and 'Man love is great' would have caused nothing more than chcukles and frown elseswhere, in the South they had 3 or 4 pickups full of heavily-armed rednecks chasing them down. No fear of being captured on camera, these guys felt it was their duty to do grievious bodily harm.

What the hell do they feed people down there?

bill(y) said...

they feed us southerners the same thing they feed you.

not defending any narrow-minded statements that have been made, or bad behavior geared towards...well, anyone on either side of the coin.

but andrew, please don't lump all southerners into one big category. the example of the "top gear" crew is a cheap shot. i've seen it and i must say that the producers of that show must have really done their homework. they were able to target the perfect group of folks to provoke that type of attack. just like a rotten neighbor's kid who throws rocks at a wasp's nest.

i grew up in the south(west virginia), lived in L.A. for fours years, have visited(and have good friends in):
*new york city
...and i now live in orlando.

my experiences have taught me that if one looks hard enough and tries hard enough to provoke certain folks...they will be able to produce the same exact type of reaction anywhere in the united states.

there are "rednecks" everywhere. they are just called something different by different people.

alberto, i'm a HUGE fan of what you are doing with brandstudio. major kudos. i'm one of four folks who've started a studio here in orlando and can totally relate with the amount of balls it takes to do what you're doing. the really cool thing is that you're also providing others with the opportunity to do their own thing. that's awesome!!

The Original Dangster said...

A wise man once said "We all wipe our ass the same way...The only difference is some people use their left hand."

Anonymous, you can disagree with whatever Alberto says, and he can defend himself, but you kinda low balled when you insulted the dude's artwork, which the dude puts his heart and pride into. It's like being in a political debate on some issue and the saying " Global Warming is something you know nothing about....Oh and in closing, I think you're kids look fucked up"

Well I hear Mom and Uncle Dad calling for me...and yes. I am the love child of an imbred relationship...from New Jersey.

Viking Myke said...

I used to live in NY and made the dumb decision to move to Tennessee. What i have learned is pretty much what Bill(y) said- Rednecks are in all locales. Where i'm from in NY about twenty minutes away is North Tonawanda. They have there a bridge they call "The Hanging Bridge". From what i've heard and been told by several people who reside there is that back in the day if an African American guy was caught in the neighborhood at night, he was tossed over the side of this bridge with a noose around his neck. Local fairy tale or not, They are racist as all hell in NT. On the flipside, down here there is a town called Byrdstown. My girlfriend's friend at work said that one time a UPS driver, who also happened to be black, had his truck break down right in the vicinity of this Redneck haven. This poor guy pretty much had to beg and plead with dispatch to come and "git em' right quick" until he said where he was at. When the dispatcher heard "Byrdstown" a truck was there in 15 minutes! Bottom line- Shitheads are everywhere.

Process Junkie said...

Bernie I know you mean well, but your comments are totally out of line, we don't use the word "faggot" around here.

Andrew There are "rednecks" in every society, including yours and where I was raised I had to battle that same kind of mentality ( they just don't get a TV show down there) These shows always manage to depict the worst in human nature.

BillyDude, you're the voice of reason.
I based my comments solely upon my personal experiences, which have been pretty intense when dealing with intolerance and discrimination.

I'm the first one to admit I am too harsh, but in a comedic sort of way. These issues are real to me, though, and just maybe that's the way I deal with them, no one can judge another man/woman without fully knowing what that person has gone through in life or what types of adversities he/she had to face.

My experiences, i'm sad to say, have not been pleasant for the most part so I am bitter to the core. But I don't blame the South or the North, or anybody in particular, that's just human nature, sometimes I go off because it makes me angry but I'll survive. Mine are just limited observations from where I'm standing: as a brown man of African descent. Your experiences as a person of a different persuasion (race, religion, etc.) undoubtedly are different than mine, people who have never been discrinated agains or treated unfairly because of what they look like or their beliefs can't possibly understand what others who have suffered intolerance, feel.

I have a problem with ultra conservative communities because of my personal experiences, I have lived in such communities and I found discrimination from the subtle to the blatant upon my person, and I (sometimes wrongly) jump the gun at anything I perceive as intolerance of others by the ruling majority.

I'm glad this topic sparked a healthy debate {I think) Yes, I am bitter but I reserve my hate for individuals and not for entire groups of people or places. Sorry if I ever gave you that impression, I'm just fucked up.


I think i will wait for the movie.

( =_=)

RedRooster said...

I think the whole "sand in your vagina" thing is awesome. I'll give him credit for that one.....I mean, when your having sex on the beach how do you keep the sand out of the girls vagina?

Oh yeah, Anonymous, if your going to criticize someones work at least have the balls to state your name and not be a....vagina.

I honestly think Anonymous is Rob Liefeld.
-Juan Balandran (Red Rooster)

RoB said...

Yo Alberto!
First off, this blog is awesome! Your art rocks! Second, you say it the way it is and you don’t beat around the bush. I felt that was a low blow on the part of this anonymous person to pick on your art; he obviously doesn’t know the effort and hard work that is involved in creating works of art. Also I agree with Red Rooster’s comment, he doesn’t have the courage to put his real name but rather leaves it as anonymous; that alone says a lot.
I and many others love your art, your straight forward non sugar coating words about your experiences are always a learning experience to hear because this life ain't easy, its only for those who really want it! It takes a lot of drive and determination to make it. You say what others want to say but don’t have the courage and for that I commend your bravery. I think people like this anonymous person that keeps trying to put you opinion and your work has no idea how hard and at times impossible it feels to be part of anything in the art/entertainment industry.
I respect you more and more as I read and hear from other artist about you being an Independent artist running off your own steam; doing your own art the way YOU want to do it. MAAAD RESPECT BRO! You set out and did your own thing; and are successful with it and no one can tell you otherwise! It’s like you said you don’t owe anyone anything. I and others are grateful that you share your experiences, especially someone like me as I am sure others, that don’t even have a clue as to what the real world is like out there in the art industry; but through your perspective one can understand as to things that might come in the future or struggles that might be expected. The struggle and experiences you have to go through to get recognition from your peers and others. You give us an insight into this industry that few like to share and leave others to figure or find out for themselves. Like I said before, it’s always great to hear from others who have experience and wonderful art as you do; and still say it the way it is, no sugar coating. MAAD RESPECT TO YOU ALBERTO!
Ok I think I ranted enough, sorry about that :P BTW, I sent yah an email, not sure if you got it, let me know.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Blog meets Octogon! I love it!

FerdinandKreozot said...

hehe, I like this exchange, it's quite amusing.
The "Sand in Vagina" remark is ripped off right from that south park show, where Cartman kept on saying how Kyle had "sand in his vagina" each time Kyle was nervous and upset.
Cartman did it to piss off Kyle. Which, I guess, is what the anonimous is trying to do here as well.
Alberto, you're cool. And you have the right to express your feelings any way you want on this little piece of web you occupy. That's the purpose of this blog business anyhow. These here blogs are little diaries containing our thoughts and opinions, out there for everyone to see, and they are beautiful like that. Ours beeing even better- offering a freebie piece of art or two.
Sometimes people like the art, but do not like us or out thoughts.
That's when they get to the point where they have to fuck themselves, and make decission, either to leave and not come back, or to put up with our personalities.
There's also option to wiew the art without reading the thoughts as well.
Problem that Anonymous has is that he cares enough for your art that he comes and visits often. He possibly even praised you a time or 2 using his proper account and name, and possibly even choked his chicken a time or 2 while looking at your work. (Lord knows I did :)) but then you touched his sensitive side, woke up a patriot within and he had to tell you what he thought of you :)
Displaying the lack of testicles in the process by hiding himself in the cloud of anonimity.
That makes him a big coward in my books.
And cowards have no right to express their pissy opinion.
So, I guess, Alberto wins.
His name and his picture attached to his thoughts= big balls.
A man to respect even if you disagree with his thoughts.
Anonymous, trollig people's blogs expressing his disstisfaction with opinions expressed in their private diaries without introducing himself= small genitalia, testicles withdrawn insidethe body. Not a man enough to be listened to.
Cheers to all,







Ice Red Kid said...

Interessting stuff!

Love the phrase from urbanbarbarian!! Couldn't say it better actually.

If I want to say it another way it will take a few more words :)

Why do we all think that there's some kind of objectivity, for example in such a personal thing as a blog (in that case the words of Alberto probably wouldn't be fair)? I think it's really hard to look objective, so mostly everyone is subjective. Maybe in maths there is objectivity...
We are all influenced by the way we are raised, our interest, our friends, our place, etc., so we all ended up with a personal view (which can changed by time) and being subjective. If you do believe there's objectivity than you're right "anonymous", but when you know that someone's words are subjective, then you don't have to take it personal... hum, .... still dig it? haha..

Little kids believe in Santa Claus 'till a certain age. A dissapointment when you realize that the man doesn't exist (If your an old man, who still believes.... sorry for crushing your dream!). Maybe someday we'll really find out that there is no God (for any kind of religion): "Holy Mother, we've been cheated all the time!"
Or maybe we'll find out that he does exist, when he's standing in front of us: "Eeeks, those religious folks were right!"
Maybe we'll see people from outerspace: "Yeah, aliëns do exist!" Btw, in that case it's probably no more North or South, or whatever, but us against them. That's how people react.
So, you can't offend someone for the things he believes in and the way he sees things. That's freedom of expression.
......isn't that what's art all about?

I from a totally other country. The country is so small compared to yours, that you could say we all live in the middle: there's no North and South. First we thought that we were an open minded country, but then, for example, a famous cineast got killed in our capital city, because he used his words as freedom of expression in public. I think he didn't used the right words. They were to provocative (btw still no reason for killing). At the other side maybe sometimes it's necesary to use provocative words to make a point.
In that case even "anonymous" could get away with his "sand in your vagina" and "half-assed titty girls".... But why explicit no name but anonymous, if you think you're right and not offending anyone, "anonymous"? My only explanation would be that you knew you were out off line and in that case it's better to say nothing at all.
If you were only looking for excitement: try to post on a forum for radicals, with whom you disagree. Include your name and address. That would be thrilling: a new way of russian roulette!

But hey, don't take my words to literally! As I said I'm from another country and english is not my first language. Maybe they learned me the wrong words.... could be.. :)

that's all folks, have a nice day!

-Mike "El Loco One" said...

Wow. Are you the same humble and quiet guy I bought a sketchbook from at Megacon this year. Way to step up my man. I saw a little bit of that latino passion pop up there. It's refreshing to release it every once in a while.
I'm just not sure why this guy is still posting as anonymous.
I think the ability to self publish and not be limited by censors makes this business great. It's nice to know that there is always a way to be seen and heard even if you aren't being "published by a big company."

I'm a big fan, and mostly a quiet lurker. Wish I had submitted something for your book of pinups too.

Keep up the great "half assed tittie" work Alberto, we love it!

Sin Mas.

Chad said...

Well, the one thing I would like people to know about Alberto is that he happens to be one of the most genuine guys I have ever had the fortune to spend time with.

I feel like a million bucks when I hang with the guy. He treats everyone he greets like a long lost relative.

Whenever talking about what Alberto wants, he is blunt and to the point. He has never put me down concerning my goals, but supportive in me achieving better goals. I can only imagine getting the shirt off his back.

Thanks for being who you are man.

Not Don King said...

Anonymous here...
I'll address your comments in the order you mouth-breathers posted...

Berto...we can pick this up in NC.

"Andrew": I'm suprised you can afford cable. BBC is a pay channel in my area. BTW, I like a nice mango and chicken salad. How's that 10 pack of ramen workin' for ya?
"Original Dangster": Please post your comments again in your native language. It didn't make a damn bit of sense in English. But I am interested in what you have to say.
"Viking Myke": You are either extremely gullible, or still wearing cartoon-themed pajamas. Don't believe everything you hear. Stay away from telemarketers and MLM folks.
"Rooster": I was too lazy to log in. My name IS Rob. But I can draw feet and backgrounds.
"Rob": If you actually talk in real life like you type, you may be Flavor Flav's retarded white (adopted) brother. Go watch your "Yo MTV raps" VHS for some more material.
"Ferdinand..": Never watched a single episode of South Park. Borrowed the phrase from a guy I know. The rest of your post sounds like you've created quite the fantasy world. Go get your dice bag and notebook. Your Dungeons and Dragons club misses you terribly.
"Red Ice T": You sound like an apologist for Radical Islam. If you are from Holland, you are a disgrace to Vincent Van Gogh. May Bas Rutten blast you with a liver kick. Or maybe I misread your post. You might be a swell guy.

FerdinandKreozot said...

I'm so happy you came out of the woodwork, and said it like it is.
And I am glad you know guys who watch South park. It's a good show, could teach people a thing or 2 about democracy and the freedom of speech. Ask that guy you know to tell you all about it please.
As for me, dice and D&D, I am impressed with your ability to judge people.
That's exactly how I am. And I am burning with shame because of it as I write this. You have put me in my place for sure!
I feel obliged to confess that I have never seen a real naked woman in my life. Once I came close, I almost run into my mom's girlfriend when she was changing her t-shirt in our bathroom, oh boy, if I'd got in there a minute earlier, it would have been awesome!
Regardless, I will cherish the memory forever.
I also have many other problems for which I am getting some professional help.
Look what have you done!
With your great judgement of character and correct profiling, you cracked me wide open, and I could not stop this stuff from pouring out.
Also, I was impressed with your general manager position and I would love to see some of your feet and background drawings. Your art must be so much better than the stuff these people here do. And I can't wait to see it.
Please point me in it's direction, I am sure that my head will pop once I see it.
I have a few questions for you:
::If you think that Alberto's work is of a poor quality and you disagree with his views, why do you keep comming back here?
::Surely, there must be heaps of other blogs disrespecting your state or your city, do you visit them all and express your dissatisfaction with their owner's views?
::Why are you still hiding behind fake profiles?
It's even worse than calling yourself anonimous.
Kind regards to you mr dong king Mike,


Ice Red Kid said...

"not don king" (funny name.. really!):

For your knowledge: I'm not an apologist of any kind of religion. I want to think for myself. Too many wars started with te words "in the name of..." .
..And yeah, of course there were also other wars. For example WW II, when a complete nation followed a mr. H. because they thought that man could lead them out of their miserable financial en economical situation.
Leads to another question: could you really blame all those people who followed, for example, mr. H? I think it's hard to say. You can say that they were wrong. But if you were in their situation? What would you have done? No work... no money, etc... maybe you followed him too.
Remember also Vietnam..

No I'm not a pacifist either! getting a "liver kick" = deal a "liver kick"..... Yep, I know he (Bas) is good... probably won't make it till his liver haha...

In my opinion everyone is free to believe what he wants, as long as he/she/it won't harm other people (in case of war: innocent people)
It all sounds boring... Yep I know!...
But maybe you should tone down your voice a bit, then you're talking. Keep the slam, bang and kicks for your drawings.. A lot of animations/ illustrations are pretty violent, but funny as hell!!

So far.... Have a nice day!

Kristen said...

I love your ladies.. anyone who wants to take a low blow at your work probably has no respect or love for the ladies :) and so thus it sucks to be him.. unable to enjoy the beauty you bring into this world..

your really wonderful alberto :) i admire what you do.. and how you carry yourself and your beliefs <3

Sergio Balandran said...

What a VAGINA. Don't you got something better to do. Look at the art and enjoy it if not keep on moving. Alberto keeping on truckin. Your art and words are insiperational. Always a pleasure to stop by.

Process Junkie said...

Heh, heh. A train wreck!

I have to say, this IS funny as all hell! Good thing because this blog has been kinda boring as of late. I have not drawn anything at all in a looong time, I do have a good excuse, those new books are keeping me occupied 24/7 and they're worth every second of lost sleep.

Rob (NDK) my hat's off to you, you are fuckin' hilarious and clever, anybody as passionate and fiery is OK with me. We may not share the same views but I think you're a decent American. I will most definitely buy you a beer in NC. Stop by the Brandstudio booth in the "Indie Island" section or come by the Westin Charlotte after the con, we'll be hangin' there and drinking all night, Fri and Sat.
This invitation goes out to everyone who's reading this, friend or foe alike.

I am not big on patriotism myself, I curse the place I was born every single day and every place I've been to since then. If someone would ever had harsh words to say about any region I may hold dear to my heart, I couldn't possibly bring myself to care less because I'm old enough to understand that what's good to some may be shit to others, as simple-minded as that statement is.

I know a few folks who love Hoboken, NJ, I can't fucking stand it! but hey! to each his own. In the end, I don't think anything I say here is taken seriously by anybody, I sure as hell hope they don't because all of it is art, even the stupid rants, it really is about self-expression however misguided and ill-informed.

I am not a leader of any group, nor do I foster any hopes in becoming one so don't get too stressed out about any of my comments, no one cares for what I have to say, not even my own children listen to me.

This blog was never, and I repeat: was NEVER meant to be viewed by none other than fellow artists, simply because those are the only people who support what I do, both spiritually and financially, artists and art students are the only ones who buy my books. I should put a disclaimer on the goddamned thing. It reeks of elitism because it is elitist, no apologies there. As a human being, I'd love to live in an inclusive, diverse and tolerant society where my wife and children are not treated like immigrant scum but as an artist I only want to be surrounded by other artists.

I don't believe in FANS, I don't have fans, I'm not a singer or an actor, I don't write stories and I don't draw comics, I am not interested in content driven illustrations, I never was, even when I was doing them to earn a living. All I am interested in is Drawing and making books, the stuff I write, as well as the drawings, is all created for my own personal amusement, I am not a writer or have delusions of being one, heck! I can barely write in my own native language. Like I said, I don't mind sharing it with my fellow artists or with anybody who wants to see this stuff but it comes "as is", with no satisfaction guarantees or promises whatsoever.

I don't have fans, I have friends (that's how I call people who respond in a positive way to what I do) and I do despise people in general (non-creatives that is, you may not be an artist but if you are creative or artistic-minded I have no problems with you)

All kidding aside, thanks to Rob (NDK) for making it interesting and to those who came out either in my defense or to express their views, it's all good.

To my credit (and your dismay), I'd say I am indefensible, some of the shit that spews from my mind is really vile and retarded. Thanks for the show of support, nonetheless. I do love my kids, though :)

Kristen: My dearest of all dear friends, I do love you and your drawings. Thanks for stopping by.

Chad: Make no mistake, I'm only nice to you because you're so damn handsome.

Group hug, everybody!


Gnarfdeath said...

I quite happen to fancy your lovely "titty girls!"



FerdinandKreozot said...

So much for being a fan. you shook me off big time.
Boy, is my face red now...


Only kidding. I just like stirring shit I guess, but if you guys are ok with your misunderstanding, I am ok with it too.
Forgive and forget I say, and kiss and make up, and lets not talk about this ever again.
I still cheer for Alberto though.

And when I said I touched myself while watching Alberto's ladies, I was kidding...
it was more like accidental brush...

lets pretend I never mentioned that...

Oh boy, I better go now...




Process Junkie said...

Milenko, you are MY FRIEND! I have never considered you a fan, you are a fellow artist I admire and a damn great one. Thanks for your words of encouragement, I do value your opinion and your common sense, don't ever think your support goes unnoticed. Thank you!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Friends we are, for sure.
Cheers to you mate,



Ms Chaos said...

I'm 2 years late but I have to say that this was the most entertaining post slash commentary EVER!!!

Personally, I think art is art and it can be found in so many places by so many ways and means and criticism is always great, when it's positive.

The whole "stacking of achievements" just sounds like a "my penis is bigger than yours" competition.

I live in South Africa, 3rd world country and most infamously known for it's racial segregation during the years of Apartheid.
We're a small country, rich in culture, resources and tourist attractions. We have rednecks and snobs all over the place.

There is prejudice on every corner for 2c. People are so attached to everything, the area they come from, their so-called culture, their circumstances. All it needs is ONE to start planting ideas for a nation to go to war about trivial matters.

We have some funny characters in this country, one communist youth leader who's not entirely sure whether he's a communist or a subscriber to communism. Screams militant action every time someone calls him an asshole.

Point being. Everyone has an opinion and there's nothing stopping him from pouring his "little heart into the blogosphere"

So Anonymous, when you die do you think your state slash area is going to stop and throw you a parade because you DEFENDED it so valiantly on THIS blog??

Like OMG grow up

Seriously find something WORTH being passionate about. Like maybe art or tittie girls, tittie girls do lower the blood pressure honey!

Alberto, you're an asshole. A likable talented asshole. [I truly mean this with most affection]It's people like you that make life interesting and your passion is inspiring!

< End scene >