Monday, April 09, 2007


First: The deadline for the "EYE CANDY FROM STRANGERS 1.0" is fast approaching, I've received tons of entries, a great deal of beautiful art, I'm so excited!! this book is going to look incredible!!

If you haven't done so, send in your submissions.

Second: Massive Shipment of Books
As of last Friday all the remaining (pending) book shipments were finalized and they're on their way to their destinations, both domestic and international orders. An automatic notice was emailed to everyone in the United States (no tracking for international shipments mailed via surface, sorry Canada and the rest of the world) Check the email account you used in your Paypal communication.

If you bought any of our books in the USA and did not receive a tracking #, please email me directly at and I'll be happy to provide one for you.

Once again, thank you for bearing with me throughout this first batch of Brandstudio Press books, I'm doing everything in my power to correct the deficiencies. Growing pains in the ass, but we'll get through them. I've already set up a system to make sure all orders are shipped as soon as they are received. We have been waiting on our suppliers and counting on their word to deliver. The artists also have had to endure the shortage but now we're good. Everyone should be fully stocked by tomorrow.

As a token of my appreciation for your patience and understanding, I'd be more than happy to pay for the shipping of your next order. Here's a coupon, click & drag& send to me. Use it wisely :)

As far as I'm concerned, each and every order made through the Brandstudio Press online store has been shipped, including the ones received this morning, we're on top of this fuckin' train and moving full steam ahead.

Any and all questions/complaints, regarding the books, DO NOT hesitate to email me personally, I'll take care of it.



Bobby Chiu said...

Hey man! I went to the store and now answer me this... why the funk is every book highly recommended except for your own?? hahaha...

I think yours definitely needs a highly recommended in there as well!

Glad to hear everything going so crazy. Crazy is good!

DaLe said...

super excited to get them AL! my ladies are going to be sent real soon & new ones are in the works right now, well not right now im typing, but when i get home. oh & your blog yellow pages, gotta do that

The Original Dangster said...

Dang my man, I think you need to open a shop in Queens, like Spike Lee did with "Spike's Joint" years ago.

You can sell all the books and assorted Cyberfunkin Gear, like Pencil cases and other trinkets.

Could call it "Ruiz's Ramshakle" or something..I'll even offer to work the register.

Jeff Williams said...

My book came today and I must say, I'm very impressed. Of course the art is great, but I think I'm even more impressed that you compiled all this great process info. So few people do that. The process is just as interesting as the outcome and I give you a round of applause for sharing all that.

Well done, Alberto. Well done.

Process Junkie said...

Bobby Chiu Heh, heh! That was a joke and a nod of the old noggin' to Bud Plant, I've often wondered who the fuck recommends some of those books. Is it just another marketing ploy? or do they really have no clue?

Who the fuck qualifies these guys to "Highly Recommend" this book over that one? What the fuck do they know? Who made them experts?

Watching a lot of porn does not turn me into an expert on sex (it does grow a lot of hair on my palms tho).

I highly recommend you submit your entries (and Kei's as well) :)

Dale: I'll be waiting.

Dangster: I am seriously thinking about opening a store in the South Bronx, I'd need someone to manage it, you'd be perfect!

Jeff Williams: They don't call me Process Junkie for nothing. :p

And yes, those are my secret confessions, few people do that because they're selfish bastards, I'm just a selfish communist.

I'm glad you enjoyed my humble effort. See, the beauty of a book like that one is that even if you were never to read any of that stuff I wrote, you can still enjoy the girlie drawings. I have never seen a book on Illustrator® that's enjoyable to look at.

They all full of text and crappy logos and half-baked clip-art illustrations. Too fuckin' technical to teach you what you really neeed to know.

I'm not saying my book is better written, just a lot more fun to browse. To me these type of "educational" books have to be visually appealing, otherwise what's the point?

Like the man on that TV show says: "You'll have a lot of fun and If you're not careful you just might learn something" :)

donnachada said...

FREEKIN HELL MAN, you've been busy. Haha, Congrats on everything. It's all brilliant. Just got the "confessions" book in the mail the other day. Nice to see it all compiled an' all shiny an' everythin'. It puts a big happy grin on my face. Yup, I'll be getting more for sure. Hope to catch you later in the year.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that i'm missing the obvious here, But i can't seem to find the link to the store. D'oh! Maybe i'm just overly tired and need to try again tomorrow after some sleep...

Really quickly i'd just like to say that i'm really excited about the new publishing venture (I'll send you some dough once i find that pesky link...) and that i got a chance to briefly meet you at Wondercon and you're just the coolest, friendliest guy! I wish you and Brand Studios Press the very best! Take care and keep up the awesome work!

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Donnachada! Glad you approve.

Anonymous said...
I'm sure that i'm missing the obvious here, But i can't seem to find the link to the store.

Just click on the picture below the coupon or click HERE

Meetch said...

Got my book this morning Alberto! I cannot wait to dive in. It looks exceptional. I thank you for your great customer service. Now if only I could get cheeks to send me his two books. :)


Process Junkie said...

meetch Cheeks is fully loaded and you shall get your books in no time flat. Head over there now and see for yourself HERE

Thanks for seeing us through these delays. We're going to get it together, just a matter of time, we're not soul-less businessmen tryin' to make a quick buck, we're artists just like you, struggling to become independent so we can control our own destinies. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Cheeks said...

Heya, Alberto! man, thank you so much for keeping it all together and giving us beautiful books. you the man, papi!
X x O
big kiss little kiss big hug

little hug

Meetch said...

What Cheeks said, but with "manly handshakes" and a "slow affectionate punch to the shoulder" instead of hugs and kisses.