Monday, April 16, 2007


A Child's Dream, A Grown Up's Nightmare
I was asked a year ago or so to illustrate a cover for Heavy Metal Magazine, I immediately said yes even before I knew what the rate was. It turned out the pay was dog shit but I still went ahead with it because ever since I was a kid I dreamt of one day doing a cover for HM, only it wasn't known as HM back then but rather MH.

I'm talking about the original Metal Hurlant Magazine, which started publication in 1974; the French adult fantasy magazine which was reprinted in North America as Heavy Metal, by the same people who gave us The National Lampoon Magazine, namely, Leonard Mogel. I don't care much for the magazine these days, it's pretty sucky to tell you the truth (not that I lied to you before or anything ) way back in '77 the French version was outstanding, it included: Moebius, Ives Chaland, Serge Clerc, Druillet, Caza, The Schuiten Bros, Tardi, Enki Bilal and a slew of French, Italian and Spanish masters on a regular basis.

Its American counterpart featured Vaughn Bodé, Howard Chaykin, Jeff Jones, Bernie Wrightson and many more American artists in addition to its European roster, which I thought made it even stronger than the French version at one point, but like everything great in this country, it slowly began to deteriorate, more and more smut and poorly drawn "adult" comics as well as a myriad of advertisements for porn art books, the covers always feature that "beautiful" "fuck me in the mouth" airbrushed girl. Shit, I'm going to hell!.

You guys already know I'm not a big fan of what's called "erotic art" nowadays, maybe the stories are still good, but I care very little for stories in comic book format, I'd much rather read a book, I'm a visual being, I like art and most of the art in there these days is god-awful. Once in a while I find something good published in HM; the other day my friend Jonathan Lopez gave me a copy of a Heavy Metal issue that had nothing but Sky Doll art in it, now, that was something! I still have no clue as to what the story is about but DAMN! that is one beautifully drawn book!

The sketch above is based on an old drawing (at least the bottom half is) This drawing, which I am very fond of was rejected because the girl was considered "too ugly", I beg to differ but what the fuck do I know? Now you understand why I self-publish.

I still like it better than the actual cover, which I can't show you now but you will see in July.

On The Book Front
All the artists have their books now, so please visit their websites and buy their respective volumes signed by the creators themselves. Support independent thinkers. Like my Mom likes to say: "Hoy por mi, Mañana por Tí"

Here are their links:

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andrew said...

You on to Heavy Metal, My God that's the dogs bollocks!! Can't wait for it to hit the shelves. Just the cover art, or a full feature?

SalBa said...

GUAU! Que pedazo de portada, y para Heavy metal nada menos. Puede sonar un poco pervertido pero me encanta el volumen que le has dado a las tetas con la presion del sujetador.

Process Junkie said...

Andrew: I don't think it's a big deal anymore, still the exposure would be good I guess, if it were the old HM Magazine I grew up with I'd "yes, what an honor!" there was a time in my life when I would have killed to be on the cover of HM but have you seen it lately?

Not to sound retarded or anything but at this point it's just "sentimental value" to me.

I don't do sequential art so it's just the cover for now (unless they pull the plug)

Salba: Gracias, concuerdo contigo, esa es la mejor parte del dibujo, pero no se si pudiste leer mis comentarios, esta imagen para la portada no fue bien recibida, me dijeron que la chica estaba "muy fea", entonces hice otra para sustituirla, la verás cuando la revista salga a la venta en Julio o Agosto.

Lostboy said...

This is very cool news! I’m a fan of Heavy Metal (all years), and although it might not be as great as it once was, there are still some brilliant stories and artists to be found within. And I have faith that HM will bounce back some day, better then ever. It’s unfortunate that they rejected your first one, however even though it may be beautiful to the true artistic eye, HM holds a lot of weight on their covers selling them issues, so unfortunately the covers often turn out “safe” and standard. I’m not sure what the finished piece will look like, but I love the fact that your artistic style is going to end up on the cover of my favorite magazine. I think it’s a good sign for HM, in the right direction. So is this going to be in the July issue? Or released around July/August (that’s when the September issue comes out)?


"alberto on heavy metal? excellent!" :)

"put him in the iron maiden"

"iron maiden? excellent!" :)

"pay him less than what he deserves, change the original, and call off christmas"


you can thank kevin "ninja turtle boy" eastman for that

alberto, where would you say is where hm started to suffer?

what happened to if it isn't broke don't fix it?

Process Junkie said...

LostBoy: I hope it gets better but I have no hopes, porn sells more than art, anyday and all people are interested is making money not art. It's simple economics, if it's too art driven, few people will buy it, if it has porn. . .well, you know the rest.

I really don't know which issue it will be, all they told me was it would be out in July.

Comikxguy: Bogus is right! I am so sick of this industry of shit! I signed up for that cover and an art book, an art book in which I'll have all creative control. Let's see how much creative control that will be. I've already began to regret it, but I gave my word so I must go through it.

Actually, Kevin is a real nice guy, I met him a few years ago and he has been nice to me since, I understand that he has to make decisions based on what his audience wants to see. I really don't know who makes the creative decisions, but even artistic decisions become business decisions in their world. I will stay in my world where I control my own stuff.

I'm doing this through a third party, this guy happens to be a friend and you wanna know something? I told him no the first time he asked me, I said your audience don't want to see my stuff, cause I draw "ugly girls" who are in control and don't give a fuck about this man's world of crap and I don't touch the airbrush tool in Photoshop or in real life and the only use I have for the Wacom tablet is as a tray for my afternoon snack and Snapple ice tea. He said they would let me do what I want so I eventually agreed. So there ya go, and here we are.

I don't know at what point HM began its decline, I guess comics in general weren't selling much in the late 80's. Now, you know the only business that makes money is sex, so you figure it out, I'm too tired, I'm going to bed.


Bobby Chiu said...

Ahhh... so that's the HM cover! lookin great! See you in Calgary my friend

paulinho said...

You have an incredible work and the sound is a plus in your blog. Thanks.

13toon's said...

hello alberto, i to use to be a fan of HM but the porn kills me, when reading a story i feel like i have to be by myself to read it. well thats great your doing the cover, i know it will be amazing and something different then the female model they uses in every month now. also thank for the shout out (jonathan Lopez) and i agree about sky doll, the story is crazy but the art is great. You would think if a whole issues is on sky doll that the cover would be a sky doll drawing, oh well.
bye 4 now

antonio said...

Alberto a great great cover...I have check your blog lately but funny but a friend of mine sent me a copy pf the cover of veinte mujeres con pistolas done done by you and I had a great time!!!
Have a great time and see you soon!!


sedyas said...

O_o Dijeron que estaba muy fea? Parece que solo entendemos de dibujo los dibujantes...¬¬
Me parece fantástica (como siempre, claro).

Por cierto, acabo de ver el link donde pones todos esos libros de arte. Los editas tú?

Un abrazo

RoB said...

Congrats on making the cover to Heavy Metal magazine!!! Its AWESOME!!! Kick ass cover for a kick ass Illustrator!


AtomicTerrier said...

hey man, Congrats! that's an awesome gig. Color me green!

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

that is such a beautiful and amazing drawing, everything you say is totally true as always!

heavy metal also has Massimiliano Frezzato stories occasionally which i think are very beautiful

Mark Behm said...

Great face on her! The bandaid is a perfect fit. Man, I remember copying Vaughn Bodé stuff when I was a wee kid.

william wray said...

What I don't like about Heavy Metal is they are so stock and safe with their In house cover look that feels oh so late eighties. Fuck Boris. I can't tell the covers apart. How does anyone know when they have a new issue-?? I'm sorry you did a cover, now I have to break my ten year streak of not buying the boring old whore. Simon Biz was the last guy who made me buy in until his work became formula.