Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yo, Check it!

Just got back from LA after attending the Wizard Con. Pretty lame show if you're not a big comics person. The whole thing looked like a ghost town on Sunday. As usual we managed to have a good time at the expense of others because that's what we do.

Book Report
Thanks for pre ordering the book, the response has exceeded my expectations and I'm doing the impossible to get your books out to you in a timely manner, hang in there, we're understaffed and overworked but the books are coming. By next week the Brandstudio Press online store will be fully functional, offering the entire spring catalog. Thanks, once again for your tremendous show of support for what we're building, it's greatly appreciated!

Be back with more later.




woo hoo! i'm first!

hey "mr. money bags",

is there any chance i could get one with the cd-rom?

i don't have paypal so could you bring it to SDCC?

also did you say you were under staffed?

how 'bout a job?

really really

not a joke.

need an apprentice?

i'll even clean up that basement of yours

it would work out for both of us:

- i need a job (i have two good hands: 1 for jerking-off and the other to draw with or blog, heck i can even do both at the same time)

- you need a bigger staff
(not that you don't have one already :), i wasn't peeking, your wife told me, she said your like a horse)

seriously, i need work and i want to draw as great as you but don't have the funds to do an online coarse

it would help me greatly

i could be your affleck, doing work for you and one day be good enough to publish my empire

with your help

please let me know what you think


Fudo_Myoo said...


Please bring back 2nd editions of all of your OUT OF STOCK stuff. It's a great disservice to the world that they are not available to all of us devoted fans & folks.

Seriously, art fans stay fans for life, well except when I gave up on Boris, but hey, that's another story.


Process Junkie said...

comikxguy: I'll bring an extra CD for you, no problem. Regarding the job, I appreciate your kind offer but I'm afraid I can't afford you, the type of help I need is more physical, I don't draw much these days. besides, you would have to relocate to New York. You don't want to do that. :)

fudo_myoo: Pistolas will be reprinted for San Diego in a hardcover format as well as Train Doodles. Thanks for your interest.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Great seeing you again! Had fun and your books came out fantastic! What a success! Perhaps the new standard in sketchbooks!

Mazrul Nizam said...

i'm Mazrul, from Malaysia. (sorry for the bad english)
is there any chance these books will be distribute in this part of the world?
i'm a big fan of your art and would like to have these books. (especially yours and cheek's)
i don't have paypal account..

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Urban!!
I had a great time as well. couldn't make that Figueroa Bar get-together, hopefully next time.
See you in San Diego?

Mazrul Nizam: I'm not certain they will be distributed in your neck of the woods. I have an idea: Ask a friend who lives in the states to purchase the books for you and tell him/her to give me your address and I'dgladly send them to you.

jason said...

hey alberto. it's jason quinones, we used to work together at khny years ago. i've been blogging awhile now and have been checking out your blog,all your stuff looks great. congrats on all your success!! i'd like to be part of this so i'll submit some stuff to you but in the meantime i'd appreciate it if you'd check out my blog
thanks jason

LeeJo said...

I got my book yesterday and WOW!

Wish I had the "work" files so I can see how each layer is built!

Other then that...I LOVE IT!

Pe@ce & THX