Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sleepless Until Seattle

First off, those of you who have not received your books yet, don't panic, the drought is over we have enough now to take care of everybody, a nice discount on your next orders to those of you who had to wait a bit longer due to the crazy demand (bring it to my attention and I'll take care of you, personally, I'll cover your shipping charges or something, we'll figure something out.

I expected craziness but this is ridiculous! Again, I can't thank YOU enough for the tremendous support and the hopes you've given me in making this project a success.

I'm writing this from my hotel room in Dearborne, Michigan, my flight to Detroit was delayed for a few hours right out of Newark, NJ and I missed my connecting flight to Seattle, which means I'm going to spend the night here and won't be at the Seattle Emerald City Con until noon on Saturday. As always you're invited to stop by our Brandstudio booth # 715 at the show, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway will be at the show and Wade Schin co-author of "So Now What Do We Do" will be signing and selling his brand spankin' new book alongside Yours B. Truly.

Come say hello and take a look at the books in person, even if you don't buy anything, just come over and bring your sketchbooks, identify yourselves as friends of this blog and I'll be more than happy to desecrate your drawing pads at no cost to you, of course.

See ya in Seattle!



Kevin said...

Hey ALberto, if you havent sent out the book already hold onto it and I can grab it from you if you happen to have it in Seattle, I will see you on Sunday! Cheers!

Kevin said...

I realized after I posted this that you are on your way to Seattle so it probably wont be possible...anyway I will see you there tomorrow anyway.


so, gonna post sumthin' about that online school of yours?

still need to do your video

man, i'm gonna have to save up for that!

SalBa said...

Your blog is amazing!! If it does not matter for you, I am going to make you a link in my blog.

Meetch said...

Hi Alberto! Just wondering if my Process Junkie pre-order got mailed out yet. I couldn't BE looking more forward to getting my mitts on it. Thanks!

-Mitch Gerads


Process Junkie said...

Kevin I do hope you like the book.

comikxguy: I won't post until Iknow what I'm going to do for sure, my many plates are full right now.

SalBa: Thank you. Love your girls!!

Meetch I'm happy to report that all orders placed until March 31st have been fulfilled, your package is on the way!

We're shipping this weeks orders as we speak...erm, write. We'll be all cught up by tomorrow. Phew!

Thanks once again for the support.

Kevin said...

I love the book, I will try use your teachings and do them justice. :) As we discussed in Seattle as well let me know about the files and how I can get those.
Thanks again, it was great to see you and I have already started to spread the words and "tell my friends" I think I should get a black tshirt with the words "I told my friends...did you" and then the brandstudio press on the back! ;) Cheers!

Process Junkie said...

KevinSend me a private email, I have the files for you.

robson said...

ola alberto onde eu poderia comprar estes livros aqui no brasil...achei muito interessantes e queria compra-los....como posso abraço

Process Junkie said...

você pode comprar estes livros através Paypal somente.

Muito obrigado!

EKG! said...

Hey Alberto, I just sent you an email thanking you for the book. Thank you for sharing the information on your process. I'm sure you still have a few tricks up your sleeves so I am guessing there will be a book 2???

Meetch said...

boo hoo, still no book. I haven't been this antsy since waiting for Guitar Hero II to come out. I am willing to bet both things will melt my face.


Process Junkie said...

Meetch Your package was mailed on the 4th click HERE to track your book

Process Junkie said...

An automatic notice was emailed to everyone in the United States (no tracking for international shipments mailed via surface, sorry) Check the email account you used in your Paypal communication.

If anyone else needs a tracking #, please email me directly at and I'll be happy to provide one for you.

Once again, thank you for bearing with me throughout this first batch of Brandstudio Press books, I'm doing everything in my power to correct the deficiencies. Growing pains in the ass, but we'll get through them, I've already set up a system to make sure all orders are shipped as soon as they are received. We have been waiting on our suppliers and counting on their word to deliver. Everyone should be fully stocked by tomorrow.

As far as I'm concerned, each and every order has been shipped, including the ones received this morning, we're moving full steam ahead.

Any and all questions/complains, regarding the books, DO NOT hesitate to email me personally, I'll take care of it.


Mike Feeney said...

Mucho gracias mi amigo (all done WITHOUT an online translator) Thanks, I got the book in the mail today..awesome as expected!!! I’m still working on a drawing to submit. I hope your familia is doing muy bueno.
Thanks again

Meetch said...

you are a god among publishers Alberto!