Wednesday, March 07, 2007


That's right! No more secrets!

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you, the greatest audience in the entire blogosphere, the birth of my new baby.

This announcement has added significance and special meaning for me because it comes at a time of celebration and happiness. Today, March 8th 2007 marks the second anniversary of The Diary of a Process Junkie Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this sentence, my heart bursting with pride and joy as I recall our humble beginnings. There I was, bored out of brains and loins, cruising for free internet porn, when all of the sudden it hit me: "Why not start a blog!" I asked myself, and naturally I responded: "Let's NOT!, too much work! C'mon already! Why look for another distraction?", I was stunned by my negative reaction at first but then I composed myself and fired back: "Distraction from what? You do nothing but sleep all day and goof off at the drawing table all night, listening to music and watching free web porn, since when is all that considered work?". Touché! I couldn't argue with myself, I was right.

I don't want to get romantic here but it does seem like yesterday when I wrote my first post, aptly entitled: "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I'M DOING . . . but I'll figure it out one day". Sadly, I haven't figure it all out just yet, but Hey! that's OK, you guys don't know crap either. Main thing is we're all in this mess together, learning as we go, humming along when we don't know the words to the song. Given our artistic and inquisitive nature, what could be better? . . . Uh! wait. . . don't answer that! .

The Birth of Something Black, Red and Yellow
Nine months in the making, countless sleepless hours, one thousand and one tongue burritos and an equal amount of Coronas. And of course, plenty of sweat, blood and tears, but no fears, just passion and stubbornness. A lot of people have said: "Don't do it!, man, Don't Jump! you WILL get hurt" but did I listen to the nay sayers? . . .Yes, I did, but I ignored them all, 'cause that's the way we roll.

This is the secret project I've been telling you about —Actually. . . there is another secret project, of lesser secret-project-worthiness if you will, which I'll share with you momentarily— but this here is the mother of all secret projects for reals.

Now, after I tell you what this secret is, I hope you don't do what Tatiana Wojkowitz did after she saw me peeing in the public swimming pool back in the 8th grade; she was the kind of girl who couldn't keep a secret to save her own hairy skin, 'you know? she had to tell everyone at school and worse, she added stuff! . . .what a wench!!

Sorry about that, I get easily sidetracked. Now, where were we? . . . Ah, yes! the secret project!

'You know how I'm always ranting and raving like that "Mad Money" guy on cable TV. Talking shit about the comics industry and the jerks who run it. How DC, Marvel and the sweaty fanboys have ruined American comics. Well, I stopped talking about it because it was just plain dumb to criticize and not offer a solution or an alternative. Now I'm finally going to do something about it! I'm putting my money (and other people's money) where my pie hole is.

Drum roll please!
. . . . .I give you BRANDSTUDIO PRESS!

I know what you're thinking: "Wait a minute! that's old news" "Isn't that your own self-publishing outfit?"

Ding-Dong, You're Wrong!
Brandstudio Press is now a full-fledge publishing company. We'll be publishing and co-publishing a ton of art books and sketchbooks by the best artists in Animation, Comics, Illustration & anything that has to do with great art, we have 9 books scheduled to hit store shelves in 2 weeks and at least 30 more titles seeing the light of day this year alone. Next year I'll venture into comics.

Our little publishing company is revolutionary in many ways, unfortunately I can't divulge just how revolutionary we are. All I can say is we are in it for the passion not for the money (and that's not just a tag line), everybody knows there is no money in this art business of shit, except for the 2 or 3 assholes who control distribution.

Our business model doesn't rape the artist, encourages and rewards artistic freedom and favors originality and creativity. We are seriously commited to excellence and our book projects are chosen on the basis of artistic merit and not on genre, style or trend worthiness. We have enlisted the services of the best printers and book distributors in the business. I have modeled this company after my own philosophy and personality, that means: We are independent, we don't give a fuck, we couldn't care less whether our artists are household names or total unknowns, art students or veteran professionals, mainstream, low-brow, high-brow, middle-brow, digital or traditional, men or women or anything in between, if they have the passion and the chops that's enough for us.

We don't specialize in one thing or the other, we don't categorize but we're aware of how things work in the corporate arena. If the art is dope and we like it, we'll find a way to publish it and distribute it.

Our books are of the highest quality, those 9 titles I told you about earlier are full color off-set, oversize hardcovers, none of that print-on-demand stuff.

I will give you the list of titles next week and you shall see for yourselves.

Until then, have a great weekend, I'll tell you the other secret next week.

Many thanks to those of you whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the San Francisco Wondercon show.
I'll see you at the Los Angeles WizardWorld next weekend.



Newsquirt said...

congrats Alberto! that's quite an undertaking, and only wish the best for you! Good Luck with your venture!

Are you plannin on attending the Seattle con again this yr? March31 and April1?


hell yeah brotha! its all about the passion and the love of creating. time to rock this shiz!

andrew said...

Awsome man, sounds like one hell of project. Congradulations on getting it off the ground.


OH YEAH !!!!!!!!!

for a second there i thought you had another kid! :]






"did I listen to the naysayers? . . .Yes, I did, but I ignored them all,..."








The Hen said...

Thats AWESOME!!! What a fantastic idea man! I can't wait to see what you guys have lined up man!!! Congrats my man

Dr 4est said...

Holy Shit!
That really is big news. Shit man, you might just get me back into buying comics again. Congratulations!

Berni said...

Saludos Alberto.. te felicito hermano .. te aseguro que te ira muy bien en este proyecto.. yo espero con constancia lograr tambien esas metas .. sin embargo tienes mi admiracion y respeto.. WAY TO GO!

. Berni

sean said...

wow... I wish I had the ballz to start something up. I think you've really got a good thing going here. An established artist... lots of talented friends. Hells yeah I'll buy your goods. Gimme that line-up.


rickgo said...

AWESOME!!! can't wait to see these hit the shelves!

Cheeks said...

take it EEEASY, way!!!!!! i saw some of the books already, and believe me you, you all are in for a treat. tell 'em, papi.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Choice Chops! Looking forward to all the published goodies!

Process Junkie said...

Yeah, these books are tight!

Thanks for all the comments, I'm pretty excited about this whole thing, it's snowballin' like crazy.

Andrew: I'm loving those nipples, man!

Charles said...

Congrats, My friend!!!! Glad all your dreams are coming true!!! i wish you nothing but SUCCESS; not necessarily with money but with CREATIVITY. i know that YOU KNOW what i mean.

(i'll swing on by sooner or later, promise!!!!)


Kevin said...

Congrats Alberto, I love the line about passion becasue really if anyone out there is not putting passion into what the do or create it isnt worth doing. Your post says it all and it just screams of the excitement and passion that flows through all your work you create!


saw cheeks hc sketchbook, looks good

J.Glenn said...

Very Cool! I Think I better start saving money and room on my book shelf. Go forth and kick some ass!

Lou said...

That's great news Alberto!!! Congratulations on your new venture and nothing but continued success. Again like I've said're truly an inspiration.

Oscar Grillo said...

Felicitaciones en todos los sentidos, Alberto!!!!

Process Junkie said...

Gracias Oscar!!

Me encantaria publicar un libro con tus dibujos. Haz el libro que tu quieras y yo lo haré posible!

Un abrazo.

Charles, Kevin, Scott, Lou, J. Glenn: Thanks, girls!


Animal Qwacker said...

What a beautiful baby you have there Alberto, congrats!
I'm looking forward to seeing the vast amounts of greatness that come from it.
Hope to see you in Chicago again this year (we'll tenatively have a table).

Gnarfdeath said...

great news!! congrats!! I look foward to the books!!

Virginia said...

Q no se puede decir!! MIS FELICITACIONES!!!! Q TODO SALGA DE MARAVILLA!!!!Y empezar tirando pirotecnicos creativos por todos lados :D

Jared Moraitis said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to see what you've got lined up, Alberto! See you soon (at Heroes Con, hopefully)!

Mike Feeney said...

Way to go!! I wish you super success on the new endeavor.

Randy Siplon said...

This is great news! You will have my support, and most of my money to go along with said support. Good luck!

Noodles2go said...

sweet! congrats alberto. Good luck in all your endeavors. Thanks for showing me your sketchbook at Wondercon, I'll be sure to look you up next time too.

-Jason (some young artist who bought your straight curves book [and it kicks ass!])

pitzerboy said...

Holy Wow!

I don't check the blog for a while, and you go and do this!

Congrats, amigo! I wish you the best of the best. I know you'll do fantastic things.

Process Junkie said...

Thank you Pitzerboy, you are a great source of inspiration.