Thursday, March 01, 2007


New York was Grand!
We had so much fun, it was retarded! Sold out on the "Pistolas" book forever. My most successful show to date (not counting San Diego Comicon of course) I believe that in 5 years time the NYC show will give Sandy Eggo a run for its money. The lines to get in on Saturday were ridiculously long, 4 city blocks and wrapping around the convention building. The show was entirely sold out! I don't think it could ever get bigger than SD, mainly because the weather in NYC at this time of the year sucks rhino's dick but NYC will definitely become a big player, way better and bigger than ex number 2, Chicago Wizard World.

Silver and I had a blast, meeting tons of artists, students and business associates. We hung out with Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera and the mysterious "T" until the wee hours, great folks and good times! We all had dinner at "The Park" on 10th avenue and 17th street on Friday, nice atmosphere, good food, I recommend it for sure, a mere 2 minute cab drive from the Javits Convention Center. On Saturday, we had bad sushi, well, I didn't because I don't like sushi, everyone else got sick from it.

We capped the night at an irish pub on 43rd street. O'haneys, O'Shaney's, O'Something or O'Ther, I don't remember. The waitress had a bit of an attitude problem at first but she mellowed out once we started drawing on the placemats, she probably lives in Hoboken.

My personal highlight of the show took place when the amazing Bill Plimpton showed up at the booth and told me he worships the ground I walk on. Actually, he didn't phrase it quite like that but he was extremely kind to me. He graciously handed me a DVD and I gave him a copy of one of my books at a discount, Heh, heh! no, I kid, I kid, I didn't charge him anything. Relax, man!

Another high point was to meet a bunch of students from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology art school) in midtown. That was a real treat. Much love to you, girls!

Now I'm in San Francisco, getting ready for Wondercon 2007. As always, I encourage you to stop by our booth and say hello and shoot the shite, I'll be sharing my little hut with my friends,Joe Pekar and Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, you won't regret it. Remember my secret project? Yeah, that one!. . . Well, if you drop by I'll tell you all about it.



The Original Dangster said...

Man, me and the rst of the "Kick Ass" Crew have been tryin to get a booth at all these places, but we keep getting shut down. I think it's because they'd have to hire extra crowd control for all the fanboys and groupies that would be mobbing our booth.

Sounds like your having a blast man, and Bill Plympton is a Disciple of The Junkie!.

Have a great time man. HOLLAH!

Piotr said...

beautiful work!!! wow, i wish I could hang out with the artists at conventions!

Kristen McCabe said...

Alberto You Kick-ith much Ass-ith! I like the head shape on the middle girlie.

I've never been to a Comic-Con before. You must tell us your weirdest fanboy or fangirl experience.

Have fun at Wondercon post some photos so I can live vicariously through you. :)

Berni said...

excelente boceto como siempre! mis felicitaciones

J. Nowland said...

Hey Mr. Junkie... Now I can't read what the writing says... but the drawings speak volumes.. and that's just fine with me... Great stuff.... PEACE!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Glad you're back! Great sketches and I appreciate the mini instructions that come with it!

boligrafo rojo said...

me encantan los dibujos a medio abocetar, sin terminar... y si van acompañados con algún escrito, un pensamiento, mas aun.

tienes que regalarnos mas como estos

chris chua said...

wow...awesome sketches. I love seeing the thought process of artists. Great stuff, man.

Sandra Khoo said...

Wellll,I've been away for awhile. AND MISSED OUT ON ALL OF THESE LOVELIES!!! WOoHOO! Great sketches as always,Alberto! You da MAN!

Oscar Grillo said...

Pasaba simplemente por aqui a darte un saludon, Alberto...Chau, camina por la sombra y no bebas el agua del lugar que despues te viene la cagalera.

Rocio Cintron said...

So late but thanks for being so incredibly nice to my friends and I at comic con! Also were currently in a photoshop class with your friend Professor Chris Spollen! Anyways the new books look amazing & I can't wait to buy them! - Rocio