Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Brooklyn Story

Disclaimer: Encouraged by a dear friend, I will be posting old poems and other nonsensical things on an irregular basis, if you enjoy reading this sort of stuff and have the stomach to endure these ramblings, stop by once in a while and check them out, I am the further thing from a poet so please don't ask me what was I high on when I wrote these exercises in futility :)

Anne Marie's Lover

I saw Ann Marie standing by the import rack
down at the local record store's basement
a big chunk of her shiny black hair
hiding half of her pockmarked complexion
the dark short spikes concealed her simper
but failed to protect her neck and her back
from the fluorescent lamps and my prying eyes
Long, pale and blue as the New York winter
thick legs curved like silver snakes twirling
towering, wrapping around each other
stout but strong thighs
the child-bearing hips of a young single mother

An unlit, clumsy cigarette
dangling daringly and dangerously
at the verge of her open mouth
hanging on for dear life, half loose, half stuck
to her round and fleshy left bottom bulb
Long and slender, wet and swollen
branded with the lipstick of his owner
advancing and retreating, in a long passionate kiss
in perfect sync with her heavy breathing
her companion, her lover, her kisser
the thing she loved the most
her victim

Ankle-high black army boots
spray-painted with graffiti and Brooklyn mud
multiple rips in her black fishnets
multiple holes in her rose earlobes
filled with neither gold nor silver
shut closed and empty like dead flowers
like tiny black crosses on the side of a deadly highway
short black hair and short black skirt
black blouse, black eye shadow, black nails
Anne Marie's fingers moved like a thief might
scanning and searching like military searchlights
in the midst of a pitch-black Brooklyn sky

Someone called her name
her head turned swiftly
her lips shaken with the violent motion
gravity, inertia, and other secretive forces
plotting like grassy knoll lone gunmen
conspiring like jealous politicians
like most greek gods, like all greek poisons
A sudden sadness overcame me
I felt for her companion, her lover, her kisser
as it shot out like a bullet from her mouth
and landed deadly wounded at my feet
an innocent bystander, a voyeur
I contemplated for a brief second or two
lost in the curved space of this tragedy
but she, abruptly and decisively
put an end to any and all thoughts
by stomping and squashing
and killing the thing she loved the most

Bay Ridge, NY March 1995

© 2006 Alberto Ruiz. All Rights Reserved


LauraBraga said...

great sketches...I love your works!!!!
I'll come back soon!!!


Rebekit said...

The Writings with the drawings add something even more special to the blog

Process Junkie said...

Thank you, Laura.

Rebekit: Awww! Sorry about the music blasting. You might like this week's playlist.
Are we still friends? :)

The Original Dangster said...

DANG dude, first your doing the kick ass drawing, and now you're gonna rawk it on the poem end?..Dude what's next?!?

Haven't touched base here in a while ( I've been busy trying to perfect my drawing technique, as I picked up some old Rob Liefeld drawings at a garage sale and got inspired , but I wanted to let ya know, me and the Mrs. are going to be in your area in January, after the New Year.

If we can, we should get together, have a couple a cold ones, and I can show you my new Liefeld technique...I just can't draw feet yet


Process Junkie said...

Let me know in advance so I can clean the basement, the stench is unbearable!

Looking forward to your visit. Bring your own beer, I'll toss a coupla sixpacks of Corona in the fridge to be on the safe side.

Say it with me: Leifeld suc. . .I mean Rocks!

Rebekit said...

I like blasting music, just not a combination of my blasting tunes and your at the same time fool,
I always like the playlist

RedRooster said...

Thats awsome brother, and all along I thought you were nothing but good looks. Next time your in L.A we got to meet up and hit the Alameda Strip club for some beers and inspiration. The women down there are half naked and broken, the way I like 'em.
Tu Hermano,
Red Rooster

Process Junkie said...

Rebekit: There's a 'Pause' button on the music player, you can stop it or lower the volume, it's so simple even a caveman can do it :p

Red Rooster:heh,heh! I'd be delighted! I'll be in LA in March.

Rebekit said...

I know this you fool, I am too lazy for these pause buttons, and I keep my volume loud for many reasons

I like that everytime I come here there is a new drawing to be seen

UrbanBarbarian said...

Inspiration for tomorrow's life sketching! Keep on keepn'on!

Todd Harris said...

great job on your sketches, it's cool to have the poems to go with.

Roc said...

pure greatness through and through. . . . fantastic stuff, man.


Roland Mechael said...

beautiful sketches! i'm an instant fan, glad i find your blog! ;)

A. Riabovitchev said...

Dear Альберто! I get today your book! Thank you very much! You are unique artist and the great person !One more many thanks! Andrei

Process Junkie said...

Dan, Todd, Roc & Rol: Thanks for the nice comments!

Andrei: I'm glad you like the book, next time you're in NYC let me know, we'll go to Bryant park to sketch the ladies (hopefully in the summer)


Man, love your style and those sketches, the one you made as collaboration....the girl with bloody AMAZING!!!!
If you allow me, i added you to my links....

Will be back for more, keep up!

( º3º)

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Cereal Killer, be my guest.

Oscar Grillo said...

¿Como viene la milonga, mi apreciado, Junkie?

Oscar Grillo said...

Perdoname, le meti una coma de mas al anterior (Te escribo esto desde Buenos Aires)

Process Junkie said...

Je, jé, Todo bien, mi querido maestro. Celebrando el dia pagano de acción de gracias, el cual he adoptado tan solo porque tengo un mundo que agradecer, entre tantas cosas, tu amistad y constante apoyo.

Espero que la estés pasando muy rico allá en el terruño.

Un fuerte abrazo.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea Alberto!We are definitely do this one day!:O)

Calbur said...

Alberto un placer ver tus trabajos. Mi Nombre es Carlos y vivo por esto lares (MD) y vivo tambien del arte. Tengo un blog por donde desfilan los mas geniales artistas y puse algo tuyo en mi blog. Espero no te moleste por haber agarrado algo sin tu permiso.
Felicitaciones por tus trabajos, son geniales. un Abrazo.
mi galeria:
mi blog:

CaveMatt said...

Hey Alberto! I met you at the Toronto Comicon in August. Your women are amazing!! So lively and great attitudes. You get the eyes looking sexy without that slightly drunk look I sometimes wind up giving them. Glad I found your blog.

Process Junkie said...

Anonymous: Sure!

Carlos: Gracias por incluirme en tu blog!
Los más calurosos saludos!

CaveMatt: Thanks, Matt!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Anonymous was me ,Alberto.:o)

Process Junkie said...

A. Riabovitchev: Heh, heh! Chherios,mate!
Thanks for stopping by. :)

Bobby Chiu said...

awesome drawings and writings!

Antonio Santamaria said...

Great lines... mighty but sensual at time... I like your style!!! I'll come back!!!

Woka said...

Alberto! Como estas? Tanto tiempo!
La Universidad me tenía absorvido, y la verdad es que solo hoy me sente a pensar, y me di cuenta que no habia pasado por aqui en un buen tiempo. Felicitaciones compadre, espectaculares sus rayas. Siempre es un gusto (y un asombro).
Un saludisimo desde Chile.

pd. ah! Aun quiero un libro o material impreso tuyo!! Dime porfavor que hago y lo compro desde aqui, jeje. Ahora si, salú!

Process Junkie said...

Gracias Bobby, Antonio, Señor Woka!
Muy agradecido por sus comentarios.

Mr. Woka Te tengo descuidado, pero te envio los libros esta semana sin falta. Perdona la demora.