Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back to the Old Grind

Texas Was Cold
Just got back from the Lone Star State and as with most of the Wizard shows, we had a great time hanging out with our fellow cartoonists and meeting new peeps. This year, "Artist Alley" was a lot smaller but at least it was held in the same room as the rest of the exhibition. The weather in the Dallas area was unsually cold, I was freezing my balls all 3 days because our table was located directly below two giant vents; displaying a rare common sense, the night of the flight I packed my thick hoodie sweatshirt, which I wore night and day but Joe was wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirts, 'that can't be good!'.

The show ran smoothly, nothing major to report except an unexpected visit from the amazing Bill Sienkiewicz, I've admired Sienkiewicz's work for some time now so I was pretty excited to see him standing by my booth waiting for my arrival, telling me he's my biggest fan and that he bought all my records. He said I was the king of Spain and that he wants to have my babies (well, he didn't put it quite like that but he was extremely gracious and flattering) That was the highlight of my weekend for sure.

Thanks to the great Bill Sienkiewicz and all the kind people who stopped by our lemonade stand, I'll see you all there next year!

The Romantics Are here!
Finally got home after a long drive from Newark Liberty airport on a rainy and miserable night and what do I find at my doorstep?
My Project Romantic anthology comp copies, that's what!!

These books look beautiful! Over 250 full color pages worth of great stories and art. Do yourselves a favor and purchase a copy of this wonderful volume, put together by my good friend and fellow independent publisher: Chris Pitzer. You can order the book directly from the Adhouse Bookstore



manucha said...

your absence has been long awaited
no me gusta cuando callas
is this a collaborational piece
me da curiosidad

mar -y- pose de sueño

The Keeper's Notes said...

I agree on the amazing Bill Sienkiewicz..from a long time fan! (my first piece of original art is from Bill, c. 1978)...I've got some videos I shot of him doing some commission pieces from last January's Javits Center Comic con...great to watch him work his magic, arms splattered with ink.

The Project:Romance book is a beaut.

Process Junkie said...

manucha: This is a collection of stories from 37 different comic book artists, designers and illustrators, among them: Doug Fraser, Junko Mizuno, Hope Larsen, Scott Morse, Jose Garibaldi, Roger Petersen and tons more.

Justin: Yeah, Bill is ridiculous!

Rebekit said...

to see this lovely drawing is worth having your blog music blast in my ear.

Rebekit :)))))))

DaLe said...

that drawing it so bloody awesome that i have now quit any form of art & now work as a self-mutilation-self-help-speaker, thanks Al

UrbanBarbarian said...

Subtle and Sweet!

Process Junkie said...

Rebekit: I don't like you.

Dale The Snale: You relly mean that?...awww

UrbanBarbaro: Gracias, Judas!

&Rew said...

nice lookin book. i'll have to pick one up to support the idea.

kickin ass man!


Rebekit said...

Process Junkie: whatever!

MBKKR said...

I love the picture with the red and black lines (the last picture). Do you draw these kind in one take or do you draw a sketch first? Hope you do some more of those.

Was nice checkin up on your blog again. Till next time

Process Junkie said...

Most of the 'black pen over colored pencil' drawings are one take, sometimes I feel the need to 'clean' them up a bit or totally redraw, I guess it all depends on how lucky I get.

Thanks for the comment!


John Beatty said...

Good to see you back, Alberto! I too have been so busy with *work* that I have not been able to fit much *fun* in!

Yes..."Bill S" is a kool dude...I can see him digging your work...

Just stopping in to say HI, buddy!

-Big Guy-