Thursday, September 21, 2006

MySpace Page/Quick Photoshop Coloring

I give up
Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, I've been resisting joining the MySpace community for the longest, Jonathan Ellis convinced me by telling me Myspace is a great tool for networking and last night I finally took the plunge, so if you don't have enough friends already stop by and let's get buddy-buddy with each other. Here's my address:

Quasi Art Deco-Cosmic Mutant-Psychodelic Concert Poster
This is a face -inspired by my fellow blogger and friend, Rebekit- I sketched it last week at the Baltimore Comicon for no particular reason than to kill time, drawn with a black liquid gel 0.7 ballpoint pen, I let the pen go wherever it took me, just swirling around without much thought; at one point I started to see something taking shape so I made a conscious effort to establish a flow pattern inside the hair, moving upwards and away from the face. I then used my Col-erase red pencil to add a few shadows.

Sequence One

At the end of the show I gave the sketch to a friend and asked him to email me a scan whenever possible.

I wanted to post the sketch as it was but, that would be boring, right? so as usual, I hacked the fuck out of it and gaudied it up some. All of you Photoshop geniuses look away, this ain't gonna be pretty.

Note: Click on the images to zoom in.

First thing -after opening the image in Photoshop- I created a new layer, filled it with a flat blue, set the blend mode to 'Multiply' and the opacity level to 12%.

Sequence One

Next, I made a copy of the 'Blue Layer', switched the color to green using the 'Hue/Saturation slide (command>U), the blend mode remained at 'Multiply' and the opacity level up to 40%.

While on the 'Green Layer', I picked up some high-lights using the eraser tool at a very low opacity setting (less than 10%), I also used the 'Burn' tool to slightly darken some areas.

Sequence One

I then selected the hair with the help of the 'Magic Wand and 'Lasso' tools

Sequence One

And generated a new layer (Layer 2 -Hair-) 'via copy' (command>J).
this layer was set to the default 'Normal' blend and its opacity up to 100%.

I selected the resulting 'Hair' silhouette and filled it with white. I then hid the layer for later use.

Sequence One

With the 'Hair' still selected, I clicked back on my 'Green Layer' and from the top menu bar I chose 'Select Inverse' (Command>shift>i) and duplicated the 'Green Layer' one last time, again using 'command>J '.

Sequence One

I set the mode to 'Darken' and using the 'Rectangular Marquee' tool, I "carved" the stripes by deleting the selected areas. I changed the green to a 'ultramarine blue' hue and 'soft' erased part of the stripes on the lower left to make room for the text.

Sequence One

Next, I clicked on the 'Eye' icon to the left of the 'Hair' layer to make it visible.

Sequence One

I switched the mode of the 'Hair' layer to 'Exclusion', set the opacity slider to 96% and Voilá!, orange hair!

Sequence One

To complete my 'cosmic nightmare' I added a bunch of random dots, a repeat pattern of stars and a glowing circle (which would serve as a place holder for additional info to be added later)

Sequence One

Some funky text and we're done!

Sequence One

Same girl, different feeling. With the aid of the 'Hue/Saturation' command, I turned the pinkish red of the original scan into a warm, fuzzy and fleshy orange.

Sequence Two

Just like in the previous demo, I first selected the hair mass with the 'Lasso' tool and separated it from the face via Command>shift>J .

Sequence Two

Next, I 'gray scaled' the 'Hair' layer using the Hue/Saturation command (pull the saturation slider all the way to the left until you reach -100)

I Turned the hair black by selecting "Invert" from the Image>Adjustments menu.

Sequence Two

At this point I went back to the face layer, I made some tonal adjustments to maximize the contrast between the hair and the face, without upsetting the balance of the entire picture, I erased a few lines in order to allow the hair to better frame the face.

Sequence Two

I duplicated the black 'Hair' layer, filled the hair silhouette with white, switched the mode to 'Multiply' and locked the transparency by clicking on the checkered board icon (directly below the mode pull-down menu). This is done to avoid painting outside the contour of the hair shape inadvertently.

Without fear of messing up, I proceeded to paint the hair as carelessly and garishly as allowed by the law.

Sequence Two

If you played along, your layers should look like this:

This is what the end result looked like with the 'Black Hair' layer showing directly underneath.

Sequence Two

Lastly, I offset the right side of the face to show a bit more color and added a few dots, a crescent moon and a star.

Sequence Two

The End.



A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful!Nobody draws women like you! :O)

Rebekit said...

You are completely brilliant. These approaches are fantastic, and fucken gorgeous!

Process Junkie said...

Thank you, both!

Andrei: your book is on the way.

ButterfishManiac said...

Seriously your a freak , that is beautiful and I am so going to try this. Btw love your stuff in Draw. It made me less afraid of illustrator

manucha said...

Amazingly Beautiful!

Dave David said...

all i got to say is FANTASTIC and very inspiring

Scott Neely said...

See I knew the sketch was good when I asked you for it!!! And you sat there, "Ahh, it's just a crap sketch. I was bored."

Well, the original looks mighty fine on my wall! Hahah!

The Original Dangster said...

Dang dude...That is tight like a Mormon high school prom!

I am so gonna rock these techniques to make my kick ass art even Kick Assier!

But Brah, I'm still not gonna get me a myspace page, I intend to be the lat Mutha standing who doesn't have a myspace page or watched "Titanic".

But if I was on myspace, I'm sure I'd have like 350,465,987,832.5 friends...the .5 is a midget

Take care my man...Hopefully we'll be getting back east soon.

Dr 4est said...

Ok Alberto. (strongbad voice) Today Ima break this down in list format for you.

1) Myspace? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Please tell me this is some sort of joke! I know you have a perverse sense of humor. That has to be it. Definately a joke. And when you get a friend request from "Dr4est" it's not me.

2) That is a fantastic drawing. Is there a pagan god I can worship or something so that I can have my meandering lines turn into something like that?

Ok, this maybe didn't need to be in list format, since really I only had the two points. Cheers!

Anonymous said...



Process Junkie said...

Scott Neely: Thanks for the scan, my friend!

The Original Dangster:I feel you, bro. I think you'll be a perfect fit for MySpace, all those user pages look like your paintings.

Dr. Forest : LOL! I love Strongbad, I'd love to live in "Strongbadia, population: tire"

I draw the same 3/4 face everytime, usually facing left (because I'm right-handed) I think it's good to go against your tendencies, sometimes you'll get some interesting and unexpected results and you definitely learn something new, gotta keep moving, changing, otherwise your work becomes steril and predictable (unless, of course you're in the illustration business, where sameness and predictability are the goals to achive)

Butterfish, Dave, Manucha, Carla : Thank you, gentlemen & Ladies.

RobSchwager said...

Come Alberto...

drink the MySpace Kool-aide™....

...things are better in myspace............. my friend........


FrogDaddy said...

do you think your scantily clad women willl
fly on an uptight, conservative site like MySpace?
Man that artwork is so dreamy....Rebekit should feel proud! Where's my frog homage?

Anonymous said...

Hey Alberto, que tal! Me cansé de ser un "visitante silencioso" de tu blog, asi que me decidí para dejarte un par de letras... nada más quería felicitarte de la manera más profunda, realmente me encantan tus dibujos, la soltura, los gestos, las técnica y el concepto -las mujeres... probablemente el mejor tema del mundo, jajaja-. Podría haberte posteado en Inglés, pero es un tanto malo, y quería que me entendieras... -hablas español, no?-
Felicitaciones muchacho, no pares nunca! Desde Chile, con afecto!
Mr. Woka

Process Junkie said...

Rob: My first sip of MySpace Kool Aide rtasted like piss! My profile was deleted after I spend a full day hacking the code, had to do it all over again :((

Froggy: You were right! should have listened to you.

Mr. Woka: Gracias por esas palabras tan cálidas, Mr. Woka, un placer en conocerte, aunque a la distancia. Me alegra que mis garabatos sean de tu agrado.

Ya que has escapado las sombras del silencio espero que esta no sea la última vez que participas. Un abrazote para todos los Chilenos, tengo un mundo de amigos allá.


El editor said...

No solamente dibujás como los dioses sino que también agregas una magnífica "clase" en el uso de herramientas creativas, por supuesto invirtiendo tiempo a lo loco y con toda generosidad para el prójimo.

Grande Alberto!!!

2 abrazos... y que pasó con ése viaje para estas tierras del "deep south" ?

Process Junkie said...

Gracias Ruben!

El viaje está en 'veremos', te cuento en más detalle via email. Hasta entonces, un fuerte abrazo.


suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing your process. I love seeing the steps you have taken to make something so beautiful.

Process Junkie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, keep sketching (I love Joni Mitchell's blue, btw -the recording and your sketch :) )

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME!! Great posting to show your techniques too!!

Bernardini said...

Excelente tu blog Alberto!
Tenes muy buen material colgado, voy a pasar seguido para ve con que nos sorprendes!

Process Junkie said...

Mi casa es su casa.


Tim said...

Very cool approach, thanks for sharing!

Tim said...

Very cool approach, thanks for sharing!

Process Junkie said...

Thank you, Tim!
Thank you, Tim!


OnceSacred said...

I know that it is wrong to place a cholo at the feet of an elder..but why couldnt i do the same thing with my hand-in reality-The computer keeps us away from our elements..Its a better wife whore mother-but its not why we started..I admit i do like the saturation button, but im starting to go to "F"The Computer"meetings every Wednesday..Hello/My name is MUD and Im a Photoshop/former non-matrixed artist..Haaa!

Process Junkie said...

From one cholo to another:

Art is art and tools are tools, the computer is cold only if your heart is cold, there is a lot of warmth being transmitted through this 'cold' element, electronic tools are no different than organic ones -IMO- everything starts and ends inside the brain.

You could probably do this same thing with your hand and more, if I could, I probably would but my situation is a bit diferent, I prefer drawing to painting, I don't care much for painting in general, (traditional or digital), this bullshit computer coloring I do is nothing but a smoke screen, window dressing of the low-end kind, a cheap solution, experiments if you will, I'm not selling it as 'real' art, whatever that may mean but they're fun, I only show what I've learned and what I know, I don't know how to paint with traditional media, otherwise that's what I'd be pimpin'.

Maybe one day I get my courage up and buy a set of oils, in the meantime, regurgitated Photoshop vomit is all I can offer you and best of all, it's free. :)

Thanks for the nice comment.


crescent said...

nice :-)