Sunday, September 24, 2006


My (MySpace) account was deleted for showing nipple I suppose, I feel like I'm back in high school, geeez!!
here's my new address:

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Rebekit said...

very odd this is. Good luck with the space.

Ben Baker said...

There will never be enough nipples on your blog!

Luc said...

you mean they kicked you off Blogger?? Are you changing your whole blog over to MySpace? And.. uhh.. ain't MySpace kinda nipple-unfriendly as well?

Process Junkie said...

Luc: No, silly man!, my typing is retarded, I meant to say they booted me off MySpace, I had to sign up under a new name, it's a shame because I spent hours hacking the motherless code into something less annoying than the default template and I had padded my profile with over 2 million friends, Oh, well!.

BTW, you are the shit!

Rebekit, Ben Baker: Thanks Reb & Ben .

True, there will never be a shortage of niples here, thank god for Blogger!

marctaro said...

hahahaha. myspace isn't ready for art! not yours for sure....

GRODZ! said...

Man F#@!% that throw in as many nipples as positble where ever you Bro. I'll still your Friend man. do your thing!!!


Process Junkie said...

Marctaro:Myspace is emblematic of the hypocrisy we're living, there are tons and I do mean tons of really sick, violent and fucked up images allowed to be uploaded there, far more dangerous than a woman showing one nipple, I'm not going to out these people just to prove my point, just trust me, there are. But that's just the way it is, part of the rules, we move on.

Grodz: Yo, I can't throw nipples just like that, nilly-willy, wherever I go, c'mon! Think of the children! Think of the nipples! . . . I need some sleep!

GRODZ! said...

My. Bad. Brother. I did'nt mean to, make it sound like I, don't care. So for that I, am sorry!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, que tal! aqui me tienes posteando (y con mucho gusto) una vez más. Que notable que conozcas gente por estos lares...
Bueno, quizás no viene al caso, pero solo por contar... soy alumno de diseño en proceso de titulación, y esto que tu haces -ilustración/diseño- es parte de mi tésis (no sabes la sonrisa que se dibujó en mi cara cuando encontré este blog... jajaja), ya que también soy -medio- ilustrador, asi que, que más puedo decirte... un tremendo agrado que me hayas contestado! Pregunta aparte... como puedo conseguir material impreso tuyo de aquí?
Abrazos desde el sur del mundo.
Salú muchacho!
Mr. Woka

pd.- pff que tontera... por un par de "nipples"... ellos se lo pierden

Rebekit said...

your playlist is just wonderful this time around, getting me through my day in a most lovely way

Process Junkie said...

Mr. Woka: escribeme tu direccion postal (via email) y te envio alguna que otra cosa, no te preocupes por la compensacion, me invitas una cerveza cuando viaje a Chile :) o mejor, un vino tinto.

Rebekit: That's as close to perfection as an album can be.

&Rew said...

funny and awesome sh_t all over your blog...

nipples and all.

just checking in. ;-)


Candy Minx said...

That's funny huh? What a silly world, like high school. Yep, ot the super bowl.

Hey I am having ana rt opening and you are invited!

Hope you have a chance to drop by and have a drink and a little visit. Bring some friends!

Here is the address:


UrbanBarbarian said...

My Space is a peculiar little place. Glad to see you up and about. Wish I knew how to change up my page. I barely customized my blog...!

Process Junkie said...

&rew: Hey, how's that book coming along?

Candymix: Great show!! you're crazy!
in a good way :)

UrbanBrabarella: Funky place, that Myspace. Customizing that page is not that difficult just time consuming.