Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wizard Chicago Report


Wow! another crazy convention. This one was very enjoyable though, let me explain: San Diego Comicon is great but is so massive it's hard to find time to chill, the crowds are ridiculously huge and parking is a big nightmare, Chicago's Rosemont Convention center is not as big and even though this was a well-attended show, it still pales by comparison to SDCC, we were able to relax a bit more and enjoy the company of friends and foes alike, a welcomed change of pace.

There was a snafu with the table numbers but it was sorted out nicely and we ended up in a great spot. By Friday we were sold out on the 'Pistolas' copies we brought to the event and on Saturday Sketchbook #4 met with similar fate, which gave us the entire Sunday to draw and have fun -which of course, we proceeded to do-.

Megan 'The Pagan", was busy throughout the weekend doing commissions, she's developing into quite an artist. We sat next to an incredibly annoying nerd, who, for 8 hours a day, did not stop yelling at the top of his lungs in the most disturbingly high pitch: "Please buy my comic", that was sooooo gay! Luckily he left on Saturday, otherwise I would have lost it. He made a few bucks by bullying all kinds of saps and low-self-steem-individuals into buying his poorly drawn comic, I kept my composure and minded my own business, pretending to ignore this asshole but at times what I really wanted to do was to beat this guy 2 inches from his death, maybe I have become a sissie in my old age or something, I find myself avoiding confrontations more and more these days, I know for sure ten years ago i would have reacted in a violent way.

That was pretty much the only issue with the show, sitting on the other side of us were the Image Comics Superstars: the awesomest Jason LaTour, who I must say is a magician with the color markers, the enormously talented Jeremy Haun, B. Clay , Tony & Kara Moore, Paul Azaceta and the NYC Mech crew. Just ike in San Diego, Megan and I had a whale of a time, we'll be back next year for reals!

Much love to the people of Illinois!





From the Top: Y. B. Truly setting up on preview night, a banner day, location location location, the great John 'Star Wars' Higashi commissioned Megan a portrait of Princess Leia, 'Electronique' Batwoman sketch in progress and 'finished' (bottom)


John Beatty said...

Nice, my friend! Glad to hear you had a great show, besides the 'nerd'!!!

Had I been there...maybe we would have taken him out? :)

Nice banner!!! I remember you telling me you were making a BIG one for the book...well...you did!

See you soon-


manucha said...

I'm really pleased to see the pictures! They give me a visual feel with your up-date on the convention. As for Megan, she looks so cute and very happy!! The best of times in the beginning process. It's also good to hear there was no chaos, for that matter, running out of books is on a positive note!! :P

Thanks for sharing.

Process Junkie said...

BigGuy Hey!, I mailed you a book last Wednesday, you should have received it by now.

Manucha Yeah, Megan had a great time drawing non-stop. Thanks for the pics!

Mark said...

I received Pistolas yesterday. I don't see how you're making any money on that thing. Hell, the paper's got to be worth what I paid, not to mention your time and considerable talent. Excellent job!


JoePekar said...

it was great seeing you again alberto! and what a pleasure it was to meet Megan! That Leia piece turned out very nice, great job girl! Maybe someday I'll get to color something of hers :)

oh and that 'buy my comic' guy was aggravating as hell, just for the few minutes I was around your table...that you didn't punch him in the gut shows you what a compassionate person you are...either that or you were just too busy selling all your books ;)


John Beatty said...


I just got it today...have been to busy to get to POBox!

Thank you much, my friend!


AphroditeIX said...

It was great to meet you, though briefly! This was my first comic con, and I'd stupidly only bought a one day pass. It's obvious to me now that in order to fully appreciate a comic con, you need at least 2 days! Next time I will know that.
I also wish I'd have bought a book from you. But...I landed at the Midway airport instead of the CORRECT O'Hare, and had to pay $130 to get to my hotel. That was most of my spending money right there :(
Any plans on going to the NY Comic Con in February? I'm strongly considering going to that one, and will bring mucho mucho moneys!!!

Also, do you have myspace? If so, I'd be honored if you would add me!
www.myspace.com/aphroditeIX . Excuse the minimal clothing. Surely you're a man who appreciates a mormon-esque modesty ;)

I remember the guy (I'm glad you've cleared that up for me, first off, that it was indeed a guy) that was in the next booth. JESUS he was annoying. He tried hollering at me to come to his table. "BUY MY COMIC!" It was the SHITTIEST thing I had ever seen. Jesus Christ.
What a beautiful sight it would be...to see you punch him out mid-holler. *sigh*

Process Junkie said...

Mark: Money is over-rated :)
thanks for purchasing the book, I'm glad you are enoying it.

Joe: Yes, it was a treat to hang out with you, we'll do Texas for sure, let's get 2 tables. :)

Chelsea: Amen, sister! a punch in the throat would feel so good!

Sorry to hear about your experience, next time stay for 3 days, I'll see you in NYC.

mantaux said...

ey! k tal alberto?

hacía tiempo que no te escribía pero paso mucho por aqui y miro y re-miro todos tus dibujos desde el '05.

me gustaria que te pasaras por mi blog, he hecho un par de ilustraciones con un retrato de keira knightley y me gustaria que me dieras tu opinion.

me podrias hablar tambien de los vectores... en ingles no me entero demasiado bien, je!, y si utilizas el ¿adobe ilustrator? para dibujar?

gracias y hasta otra

Alex Senna said...

Hey! Nice blog! You have a good taste for drawings!

Process Junkie said...

Mantaux: Paso por tu blog en un par de horas.

Alex Senna:Thanks!

dan szilagyi said...

awesome drawings man! good to hear that you had a nice time, and i totally agree with your feeling about that nerdy annoying guy, but oh well i'm sure he's sad enough anyway

inkwaster said...

Hey bud, Congrats on having done a great job at the shows. I'm glad to see the new book doing. I'll be placing my order soon. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Can't tell you how much you continue to inspire and motivate me.
Much blessing bro!

Process Junkie said...

Thanks dan & Ray.

Mauricio said...

Hola Alberto,

Very good, te felicito!!!

Saludos de acá!

FrogDaddy said...

goddamn if Megan didn't absolutely nail
Carrie Fisher's pout...The apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, man- god bless!

TMALO70 said...

Buenas Tardes Alberto,

This is Antonio Maldonado, we always run into each other at Wizard World Chicago... Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that it was a Pleasure as always to reconnect with you at the con, as well as buyin' any of your new sketchbooks... I also added you to my links section on my blog, hope you don't mind...

Take Care Bro',


UrbanBarbarian said...

Way to go! That banner looks great!

Process Junkie said...

Gracias mil!Mauricio & Antonio.

FroggDaddyO: She's something else this kid, :))

UrbanBarbarella Hey, man! if was nice to finally have met you. Take care!

Grant Gould said...

**We sat next to an incredibly annoying nerd, who, for 8 hours a day, did not stop yelling at the top of his lungs in the most disturbingly high pitch: "Please buy my comic"**

holy shit, i totally remember that guy :) talk about a fast way to scare me away from your table.. heh.

anyway, it was good seeing you again, man. thanks for the great sketchbook and crazy wonder woman doodle for jess. ;)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous work !! Your Blog in way cool !

Process Junkie said...

Thank you, Mr. Glazebrook!

boob said...

Alberto - It was terrific meeting you in Chicago this year. Thanks for the signed print - I traded my own sketchbook with you. I've been a fan of your work for years and it's always so great meeting artists you look up and finding out they're the nicest people too. I'll be linking you shortly.

Thanks for the kinda words and keep fightin' the good fight. Awesome work as always!