Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Overlappin' & Playahatin'

Baltimore 2006

Well, I will be catching a plane to Toronto in a few hours but before I do, I want to let my friends and foes on the East Coast know that I'll be attending the Baltimore show as planned, the following weekend. Of course, I still don't have a table, (what else is new) I believe they're all sold-out but that hasn't stopped me before, so I'm going to go anyway, if any of you -who have a table or a booth- is willing to share space with Yours B. Truly, I'd be more than happy to split the costs, so let me know if this is a possibility.

I'm overlapping posts because there won't be much time to make this announcement next week, as I'll be virtually flying from one convention to another, without much of a break in between shows.

Now, I know what some of you 'haters' are thinking: "What an asshole!, this guy has the nerve to write this shit, having never drawn a comic, illustrated any story nor animated any character; he can barely speak the language and hold a pencil, all he draws are naked women and yet, he lives the life of a motherfuckin' rock star! while we're slaving our asses here at the studio, drawing stupid cartoon characters and taking shit from the man! That's pretty lame and unfair!"

True, that is pretty lame (YOUR JOB that is) and it really is not fair at all for me to have this much fun (for free), meeting all these nice peeps "who sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say: 'Man, what are you doin' here?'" hangin' with gorgeous girls, who are willing to take their clothes off at a moment's notice (so I can sketch them of course, silly!) traveling around the only world we know and partying the only way we can (HARD that is ).

Truth be told, if I were in your shoes, having some lame-ass art director who coudn't draw if you'd pointed a gun to his nuts, breathing down my neck, telling me what to do and asking me to work late on a Friday night (again!) I'd be mad pissed too, I don't blame you none for hatin', no sir!.

I must admit I did feel guilty once, for. . .err, about 2 minutes and then I opened another bottle of Corona using a motherfuckin' parrot's beak. In my defense all I have to say is: "Tough Luck, bitches!!"

Well, so much for my modesty and humbleness :) Now I think I'll change my name to something a little more flamboyant and regal, like "Albert P. Kingsley the 3rd" or something just as ridiculously self-agrandizing, just to piss people off.

I'll see you all in Toronto and later in Baltimore!

A big hug to my friends at the Sheridan and the surrounding art schools in the Ontario and Quebec provinces, be there or be somewhere else! :)


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RobSchwager said...


Who gives a squirt if you've never drawn a comic or not...?

I've been a pro in the comic book industry for 15 years, and I don't give a crap. I STILL love your work.

Kudos to you and screw them if they don't like it...

The jealous bizznatches!

Process Junkie said...

LOL!! I was just messing around 'cause I have nothing of substance to write but thanks for that vote of solidarity, just for that you'll get a free copy of Straight Curves, God bless you! :))

Email me your address and it shall be done.


Process Junkie said...

BTW, that Demon Hunter poster is pretty darn good!

David Malan said...

All of your stuff is nuts. I guess you may have heard. You really have the line work down. The graphic stuffs great too.
Killer shapes

The Original Dangster said...

Dang Bro..I wuz reading your exploits and it was like reading about my own life...The booze and the chicks.

But I tell ya those fools who mock can choke on their Hater-ade!

Well I gotta go and meet some chick right now...The weirdest thing is she always wears sunglasses and walks with her dog all the time, and never seems interested in seeing my sketchbook.

Ah well, gotta go and slap on a little of the ol' bitch-sauce!

Oh and as usual Kick ASS work! HOLLAH!

mantaux said...


me encanta la manera con que juegas con los espacios y las lineas

RedRooster said...

Like Sinatra would have said it if he was a ghetto ass homie,"Thats right MuthaFuckas, I did it myyyyy waaaay......Bitches".

Alina Chau said...

beautiful style!!

PEPE said...

so bloody lovely!!!

Andrew said...

Hey man it was cool meeting you in T.O. so much fun to talk shop with someone for a while.
um that's all.

donnachada said...

Hey man, I haven't left a note for a while, but I still drop by all the time. The posts on making your books were priceless. Pure gold to see what you got up to. Didn't make it to the comic con. I'll have to catch you next time. Rock on. You continue to inspire.

jumpman said...

Hey mate,

Miss your non-comic con related posts... For those of us not fortunate enough to be in the same country to actually attend, they're all a bit moot. I Still love tracking to your site, tho, and checking out what you've been drawing. Can't tell you the number of people I've sent this way!!

Love your stuff, man.

All the best--whichever state or comic con you're dropping in on this time.

Take care.


sean said...

it feel like I've taken a break from these blogs for way too long. You've got some back catalogue for me to look at. I'm actually heading to NYC for a few days. My schedule is filling up pretty quick but I'll shoot you an email when I'm in town. Who knows? Maybe a drink or somethin'

Lovelace said...

You got the right attitude, dude!