Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chicago Wizard Convention This Weekend

I almost forgot, I'll be attending the Chicago Wizard Convention at the Rosemont, this upcoming weekend, I'm bringing with me a limited number of copies of the new book, please stop by and say hello if you can and take some "Pistolas" home.

Hope to see you there!


St John Street said...

all the best with Chi maybe you'll see Bobby there I'l have him say hello for me best of luck!!!

KaRLa said...

you are one of my favorit artist you works really inspired me sooo much!

Jeff Williams said...

Thanks a ton, Alberto. It was great meeting you and there's nothing like getting Pistolas hand-delivered! What an awesome book. I hope you had a successful time here in Chicago. By the looks of your booth, I would say so.

Keep in touch man!


Process Junkie said...

Hey Guys & Gals!

Sorry for the lame reply, I'm writing you from the hotel lobby (still in Chicago)to thank you for the crazy amount of PayPal orders I've just found in my in box and for the the nice welcome I've received here at the Wizard show here in the windy city. All the orders prior to Friday were shipped and are on the way to you, another massive shipment will take place upon my arrival back home this coming Monday. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the response,we sold out on all the books we brought to Chicago, tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be drawing all day so bring your sketchbooks, unfortunately I have no more books here with me, please feel free to place an order online, if you're from the Chicago area shipping is on me, send me an email to and I'll arrange for you to get free shipping with your order. Thanks a million!

Jeff Pleasure was mine, thanks for popping by!!

Kanokadafi said...

Jeez, another convention?! Your an animal Alberto. Yo I think think Khary will be in chicago for this one, you guys should hang.

joto said...
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joto said...

that is great that your book is doing so well. first time to your blog and really like what I see. Loved the pics of alberta. I used to live in calgary and loved visiting Lake Louise.

steve p said...

hey alberto! it was an honor and pleasure to meet you this weekend at wizard - looking forward to see what comes out of it.


jesshickman said...

Hello Mr. Ruiz! :)
Grant gave me the Pistolas sketchbook he bought from you at WWC and I just wanted to say I LOVE the Wonder Woman drawing you did on the inside for me. Thank you so much.

mantaux said...

ey! k tal alberto?

hacía tiempo que no te escribía pero paso mucho por aqui y miro y re-miro todos tus dibujos desde el '05.

me gustaria que te pasaras por mi blog, he hecho un par de ilustraciones con un retrato de keira knightley y me gustaria que me dieras tu opinion.

me podrias hablar tambien de los vectores... en ingles no me entero demasiado bien, je!, y si utilizas el ¿adobe ilustrator? para dibujar?

gracias y hasta otra

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME artworks!! Have a great time!