Friday, May 12, 2006

Canada Rocks!

I'm back in the USA from an extended trip to our neighbours to the north, the trip was god-sent as I've been dealing with respiratory system issues for a couple of weeks leading to Calgary, the left coast was the medicine I needed to recover from my ills, it was a one-day convention but I stayed up there for nearly a week.

The Calgary Show

I didn't have high expectations but I was proven wrong once again, (and I'm glad i was wrong) all I wanted was just to be there to support my friends Kandrix & Laurie B. but I had no clue whatsoever that the show was going to turn into a gigantic and unprecedented success for everyone involved (that includes the audience and of course the participants) this is due in no small part to the titanic work of the organizers, efforts in advertising and promoting the show and more importantly, in providing great entertainment to an eager audience. The line outside was ridiculous! Financially, this has been my best show so far, second only to the San Diego ComiCon International.

Calgary Tee Shirt Queens

Calgary Tee Shirt Queens

Calgary Tee Shirt Queens

Calgary Tee Shirt Queens

The Diversity Factor

The event had everything anyone would want in a show of this nature, the convention hall was accessible via mass transit, spacious and clean, hight celings and ample aisles. The diversity and stature of the invited guests was a fan's dream come true, this is the type of line-up I'd want to see at other shows; tons of prominent mainstream comic book creators such as Humberto Ramos David Finch and the guys from Udon . . . . Wait a second! I almost forgot, David Finch didn't make it to the show, in fact, he din't even call to say he wasn't going to make it, what a fucked up, irresponsible thing to do. Oh well, his loss! I'm sure he has a good excuse. There were also TV & film animation show producers and story editors like the award-winners Alan Burnett & Paul Dini, independent artists like Michel Gagne, Josh Howard, character designers like Stephen Silver & Patrick Morgan, famous voice over actors, cool celebrities like 'Chewbacca" (Peter Mayhew), local heroes and retailers. Not bad at all for a first year show.

The Red (and white) Carpet

The guests of the show were treated to that wonderful canadian hospitality famous the world over, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to emphasize yet again the amazing work done by the organizers and each and every person connected to the event in making sure the guests had everything they needed, the staff was corteous and incredibly helpful; my first time visiting Canadian soil was an experience I will not soon forget, that's for sure!, thanks to John C., Cody Baker, and everyone who helped make it so memorable.

If you're a creator working in the entertainment industry, you better get your booth for 2007 reserved quickly, this show will be even bigger next year, the turnout was phenomenal, in fact, it was so good they're making it a 2-day show. A personal note to all my artist friends: Come to Calgary, I promise you, it will be something you'll enjoy to no end.

Patrick Morgan, Stephen Silver and this humble narrator shared a hotel room but we were each assigned individual booths at the con. While I can't possibly speak for all the guests exhibiting at the show, I have to say that in my opinion and based on my personal experience and that of those who I came into contact with, I can't think of anyone in the 'convention industry' that takes better care of its guests than the Calgary Expo people; case in point: Banff


When the show ended, those of us remaining in Calgary were driven by Kandrix and Laurie B. to a world-class ski town in the Canadian Rockies called Banff. This place is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery you can imagine, thermal springs spas, mile-high gondolas, castles, lakes, waterfalls and a slew of japanese tourists. I am not going to describe it, see for yourselves. Click on the pics to enlarge.


You must click on this pic!!


Downtown Banff


Candyman making candy.


Bison ribs, buffalo burgers and antelope soup . . .Yummy!!


'The Three Sisters'


Banff Avenue


From the left: John G., John C., Y. Truly, Dale, Kandrix, Cody & Laurie B.


Boardwalk to Heaven.


John Beatty said...

The shirts looks great on the lovely ladies, Alberto!

Glad you're back and hope you get to 100% soon!

manucha said...

Beautiful pictures of Alberta!
Thank you for sharing them.
Good pictures of the ladies.
The t-shirts are beautiful!!
I love the colors. I especially
love the style & color of the
third one, posed by the blond.
It's great to know it was a
success! Many more your way!

Dr 4est said...

Good to see you again Alberto!

I'd like to say I'm surprised you had a good time, but I know what Calgary is like, and I know how beautiful Banf is. Does this mean you'll be making a trip to the left coast every year for allergy season?

I'd also like to say I'm surprised that you had such a great show, but you already know what I think of your work, so it comes as no surprise to me.


Anonymous said...

hey alberto!!!

good to see you again man, i was getting kinda worried. Its good your feeling better. Nice pics of canada!!! Looks great. Hey! The t- shirt is awesome!!!

conan - t chick,

Anonymous said...


where's my shirt? Where's the heavenly picture of you with the halo?


1 said...

Beautiful pics...the t-shirts are great.

Glad you had such a great time. Welcome back.

Michel Gagne said...

Where the hell was David Finch?????
Seriously it was good to see you Alberto. You're the man ...and Silver's the general.

Process Junkie said...

Michel Gagne: Heh, heh! I don't know Finch from Adam and frankly, I couldn't care less, I was planning a boycott but he's not worth my time, he left his fans hanging and never bother to return Kandrix's messages, that says a lot about him. he missed a damn great event, fuck him and his overrated comic crap.

BigGuy: Yeah, the T shirts sold out faster than you could say 'Calgary Cutie'. Your check is on its way, I'm going to need more shirts soon! Thanks for everything, buddy!

Manucha: Thank you, Manu!

Dr 4est: Hey Forest! Thanks for stopping by, bro! sorry we didn't get to do the drinking thing, we went to Banff after the show.

I will go to Calgary every year from now on, for at least a full week in the spring, I felt no pain breathing that air, it was beautiful!

I was surprised because I usually don't do those kinds of numbers, not even at the big city Wizard shows. back for more replies later...

jumpman said...

Not that I play golf that much these days, but damn, that course along the river looks stunning. I mean, how could you not feel spiritually uplifted by all that God-inspired beauty... and the ones wearing your t-shirts aren't half bad either!! :)

Great to hear you're alive and revived. Glad the con went so well.

Cheers, mate.

Peter said...

Hi Alberto,

It was great to meet you at the Calgary show.

I'm glad that you found relief up in the "left coast".

Thank you for the wonderful sketches in the back of the books I got.

Also thank you very much for the wonderful sketch that you did of Patrick's wife ... even though it was off a tiny little picture from his Palm. She loved it!

It was amazing to meet you and I hope I'll see you again next year.


Rick said...

I want one of those shirts, Doc!

(Miss ya, buddy..)

Cody - Overload Graphics said...

Thanks for all the kind words Alberto. It was great meeting you and hanging for a few days, we all had a great time.
I'll send you and the others some pics once I get a chance to go through them all.
You going to take a pict of me in the shirt and put it on the blog when I get one in San Diego? (I am one sexy bitch!!!)

Jesse said...

Wow, monk, those pictures look amazingly beautiful!
Canada's gorgeous...I bet you might even become a Canadian citizen in the future...hehe.
I'm glad you're having so much fun, dude. Your work just keeps getting better and better. And the shirts look awesome on those the design.

I didn't know you were so sick until you wrote about it on your blog...goes to show you how busy some of us have become, huh? I'm glad you're better now.

Keep up the good work, monkey, and take care of yourself a little more, dude.
Hope to see you soon!


Candy Minx said...

What a surprise to see all those photos. I took journalism in Calagay and spent many happy drunk! weekends in Banff growing up and over the years. The skiing is awesome and I prefer Banff over wWhistler because the town ha looked the same for a hundred years.

I am glad my fellow Canadians took care of you and showed you the place...and were cool. Calgary is a small place but a big heart.

I loved the photos of the women with your tshirt icon on them, that was super, it must have felt really cool to see them being worn.

DaLe said...

another satisfied customer of our beautiful country! i dont think we'll impress you with the landscape here in toronto, but we do have lotsa beer & its reeeeeeeal good.

oh & i felt those allergies too, just dug myself out of the piles of tissues yesterday

Process Junkie said...

Kandrix: I'll bring your t shirt to San Diego, I posted the Halo pic. Thanks for everything!

One, Jumpman: Thanks for the nice welcome, the shirts do look great but the women of Calgary look even better.

Peter: Yeah, that was a lot of fun! Thanks for buyimg all those books, I'll see you next year for sure!
Please give Patrick and his wife my best regards.

Cody: You're a beautiful man, thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. I'll see you in San Diego.

Jesse: Hey, bro! Thanks, I am considering moving to Canada for real, maybe once the kids have graduated from college.

CandyMinx: Yeah, the girls wearing the shirts was a real treat and yes, Canadians are wonderful people, you guys rock! I was treated like royalty by everyone I encountered, I do so love Calgary!

Dale: I'll be in Toronto in September, be ready! :)

Process Junkie said...

Hey Rick:, I almost forgot about you, I have your Xmas shirt and this one, I'll give them to you in San Diego. Take care, Bro!

G. Gerald Garcia said...


Thank you for coming to Calgary and meeting some of your fans.

Local Calgary Artist are meeting at Maple Ink Comics we would be honored to have your comments on our work.(F.S. is one of our members, first on the picture with the T-shirt, she has a book DONE TO DEATH coming out from Markosia Publishing, with Andrew Foley.)

Thank you.


Kevin Sole said...

I was under the understanding that David missed his flight, and that Kandrix knew about it.

I'd hate for bad word to be spread regarding David, if it's not deserved -- and hey, even if he didn't call or whatever, no need to drag him through the mud, he may have had his reasons.

Process Junkie said...

Kevin Sole: Kandrix is one of my best and dearest friends (and I don't have many) he wouldn't lie about not hearing from Finch, I was right there when he called him repeatedly and left a few un-answered messages. He gave this guy the benefit of the doubt way after the convention was over, I left Calgary on Thursday and out of curiosity and concern for David's well-being I asked him if he heard from him, barring a tragedy, that was pretty shitty behaviour. Apparently you're the only one he told.

Personally I couldn't care less about him either way, I posted my opinion here on my blog and my opinion is that, not telling Kandrix about the missed flight (which was paid for by Kandrix and that money lost) was fucked up and unprofessional, if he has an explanation to satisfy Kandrix a week after the show ended then great for him otherwise the criticism is well-deserved, nobody is dragging nobody nowhere, that was my one and only rant, if and when I do the same you have every right to call me unprofessional or worst, god knows people have done just that when I fucked up in the past and I have to take it like a man and move on. I don't have a personal vendetta against David Finch, I'd say the same if it was my own mother, Mignola or Mother Theresa, I don't even know the guy, he might be the sweetest person on earth, but think about it, if David would have invited you to his show and paid for your tickets and hotel room and you coudn't make it and failed to tell him what went on, leaving him with egg on his face and not an iota of an explanation to relay to the fans, he'd be mighty pissed at you. Kandrix is not a liar, he's the kindest and fairest person I know Just like you defend your friend I defend mine, if I'm in the wrong I will personally apologize to David and buy him a Corona. End of drama.

The Hen said...

ALBERTO!!! Calgary looks awesome! I'm glad to hear you had a great show. Sounds like you Patrick and Stephen are having a great time together. Glad to hear you got out of allergy hell for a week, the pollen is horriffic this year. And man those shirts look fantastic!

Process Junkie said...

Gerald Garcia: Nice meeting you, guys. Thanks for the invite, I'd be happy to check out your stuff. See you next year!

The Henry: You're coming to Calgary with me next year.Good times, great people!

arvindh said...

Excellent nature shots!

Kevin Sole said...

Oh, heck, I wasn't trying to defend Finch, nor is he my friend.

I wasn't fully informed on the situation, that's all. Totally understandable, no real reason to share the information with me.

Does suck that he didn't show up, and does suck that he hasn't returned calls.

Very unprofessional.

At the very least, I hope he is alright.

Lalena said...

I'm so stoked that you had such a fantastic time in Calgary/Banff. Kandrix and Laurie are good friends of mine and if there's one thing I know about them as that when they decide to do something they go "balls/ovaries" out to make sure it's done properlly. I really wish I could have made the show as I am from Calgary but alas, lack of funds kept me from going. I'll have to plan on going next year.

Sandra Khoo said...

Good to hear you're back in the game,Alberto! WOW! Canada looks like one rawking place!