Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back From The Dead

Thank you all for your concern, and your good wishes. Didn't mean to ignore you but before my trip to Calgary, my eyes were so irritated and full of cheese, I couldn't stare at the computer monitor so I avoided the computer to get some relief, a few minutes ago I arrived from the airport and stepped into the basement to let you all know that I'm alive and well and to thank you for the support, the trip to Canada did me much good, both, in terms of health and also spiritually, more on that a bit later, I'm uploading pictures from the event and I'll give you all a full report in due time.



El editor said...

Welcome back Alberto !!!
Ya nos estábamos inquietando un poco.
Una(s) buena(s) copa(s) de Malbec y de nuevo en la ruta... En un par de días se te van todas las alergias con el tinto.
2 abrazos

Mike Feeney said...

I'm Glad the trip was good for you...take care of yourself ;)
Great to have you back!!!!

Chrissie A said...

Welcome back, Alberto! Glad to hear you're feeling better at last!

manucha said...

Me alegro bastante saber que estas
mucho mejor en todos aspectos!!
Abrazo en regrezo,

Candy Minx said...

Welcome back and glad you are feeling so much better...that might mean new song list soon, not that I haven't enjoyed this one, I play it all the time!!!

Process Junkie said...

El Editor: Gracias Dr. lo voy a poner en practica. :))

Mike Feeney, Chrissie, Manucha, CandyMinx: Thank you, all! The results from the lab are back and although I have to take care of a couple of health issues besides allergies, it's not as bad as i thought. The common sense person in me is relieved, the drama queen in me is a bit disappointed, I was expecting something a lot worse. Fuck the drama, it's better to be healthy :))