Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Per Arnoldi

I didn't want to wait until Per Arnoldi dies to celebrate his life. The clever Danish poster maker is way more than a teacher to me, looking at his work is like going to school for the first time, you're scared and afraid but you know you're going to learn tons and have fun in the process. Some of his solutions are repetitive and formulaic, whether intended or otherwise, but you forgive him because he is so prolific and he hits more often than he misses. His clarity of thought comes trough his clean and elegant ideas, where less is always more; The cliché, the obvious and deceptively simple solution to a complex design problem, that is not so obvious to most until he implements it, the masterful use of a flat & very limited primary palette which he wields about like a toddler with a full set of crayola crayons, always true to the Bauhaus tradition. I raise my corona bottle to you, Per!

Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi


Joan said...

Arnoldi is one of my favourite poster and book cover designers. I love his simplicity, use of colour and the way he plays with the concepts and meaning. A fine book (Per Arnoldi - 250 Posters etc.) collecting a significant part of his career, is in my must-buy list for purchase asap.

Chrissie A said...

Beautiful and inspiring work!

Some (most?) mornings I need the creative *kick* that your wonderful featured artists provide — thanks for posting these!

UrbanBarbarian said...

I can tell this guy is a big influence! Great work, incredible design. You know how to pick'm!

Rebekit said...

when I see pieces like this, I see real design

Jorge Noujaim said...

Thanks for showing these masters,
Per Arnoldi and Troxler. I think I saw some of these posters before but never connected the names. Fantastic work.

Process Junkie said...

Joan: You won't regret that purchase, I promise you.

Chrissie: We all need a *kick* in our artistic ass from this man.

Urbanbarbarella: Never care much for comics but I LOVE posters, I grew up on this stuff, Russian constructivism, Chinese & Cuban propaganda, Swiss graphic design, vintage ads & movies, American WPA & war recruitment, art deco, you name it. Everything I do I visualize as a poster first, no wonder why I love this guy's work. I'm glad you dig 'em.

Thanks Jorge & Rebekit:

Alexandra Boiger Illustration said...

Superb. Every single one of them. Thanks for sharing.