Saturday, April 29, 2006

Down But Not Out

I've been struggling with some health issues, too many to list here, none life-threatening (I hope) one of them being allergies.

It has become a rather bizarre tradition for me to disappear from the face of the earth for at least 3 weeks between April and May, every year without fail, due to violent allergy attacks. You can actually set your clocks by it, I refuse to get shots and this year I've decided not to take pills either, because of their side effects, although I must confess that the annoying allergies had brought me to my knees on several occasions in which I've had no choice but to pop a pill in order to enjoy some level of relief. My theory is that if I don't take pills I can shorten the allergy season since my system adjusts to the changes eventually. Fortunately, allergy season is coming to an end (for me) and I'll be back to 'normalcy' in about a week or so.

I'm also fulfilling some 'head of household' obligations, which I manage to neglect with admirable consistency throughout the year and working on a couple of projects dear to my heart, one of them being a four page comic for 'Romantic', which is the next project from AdHouse Books; Chris Pitzer puts together the most innovative and beautiful independent comics, art books and graphic novels in the business, I respect Chris a great deal because of his artistic integrity and his relentless commitment to quality and high standards, his books are true works of art.

Color My World
These two pieces were colored by two friends of mine; the top one belongs to 'Joltin' Joe Pekar, who surprised me this morning with this rendering of an old drawing I did 2 years ago. The bottom one was done by Snake Bite, a talented colorist, working in comics and video games. Thank you, both, I consider it an honor!

Joe Colors

Snake Bite Colors


Scott Tolleson said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues Alberto. My prayers are with you. The colors on these pieces are gourgeous!!!

Oscar Grillo said...

Glad to know you're on the mend, Process!...Hopefully your "nanas" wont affect you prodigious hands....

Craig said...

Hoover Daaaaam!

Those colors are a sweet topping!

Rebekit said...

to me.... an allergist sounds like a good investment, whatever the cost, suffering seems too wrong

jumpman said...


I never get sick of seeing your work... 'specially when it's coloured like this!

Speaking of getting sick... as Scott said, our prayers are with you. But, you know, getting out of that cold, dank basement you hole up in to draw might be an idea. Or maybe it's a post con thing... too much partying with other artists! That could account for it always being the same time of the year! ;)

Take care, mate. Get well soon!


1 said...

"they" say that taking honey (locally produced from regional bee farms), prior to allergy season, helps you build resistance to the pollen, before it hits the air. I've tried it and I believe it's helped me.

wonder how many bee farms are near brooklyn? lol

these are gorgeous, btw. like the others, I really like the use of color.

radimus said...

Yes! the local honey thing works. Ive been doing that for years.

Also, yoga! belive it or not.

Hope you get better soon Alberto.

I like the depth of the red background on the first piece!

Good stuff

Ernesto Melo said...
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Sylvia Menéndez said...

Me uno a los deseos de todos los demás: ¡Que te pongas bien pronto!...Como me dijiste una vez: el mundo te necesita, my friend!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Get better soon Alberto!

Nice to see the different coloring takes on your pencils! Joe did great job and Snakebite really made those tatoos work! wow!

PS - I wasn't kidding about the 'get better soon' part of the message! I'm crazy serious!

Charles said...

Hope you feel better soon, bud! As i've always
told you, your work looks awesome in color!!
we don't see enough of that!! Well, keep up
with the great stuff and don't let allergies
slow you down too much!!


cdeboda said...

Hope you get back on your feet real soon. I also suffer from bad cases of allergies (such as very recently).

PS, what a pleasant surprise (and honor) it was to have found my blog under your links section recently! Did Andrew put you up to that?? :P Also diggin this latest post and colors by you and your buddies. Outstanding!

Process Junkie said...

Scott, Oscar, Sylvia, Urbanbarbarella Thanks for the get-well wishes.

Rebekit: Been there, done that! waste o' money. Remember 5 years ago around this time of year when I was wearing glasses because I ripped the contacts in half from scratching so hard and both my eyes were bleeding? well, that doesn't happen anymore, the attacks are violent, but not as bad as before, every year I notice improvements over the previous and that's because I don't leave the house and take less pills. I do like suffering but this is ridiculous, I'm going to try some of that Honey One & Radimus are talking about, thanks for the pills but I can't do take them anymore, regardless of what the package says, they do make me groggy and sluggish, all I do is sleep all day, they also cease to have any effect after a while.

Jumpman: True, the basement is a problem, it's too fucking hot in the winter and I freeze my balls in the spring, my respiratory system is so weakened from the allergies I usually end up catching a nasty cold or even pneumonia, I'm moving back to California.

One & Radimus: I live in Bayside, Queens, there must be some bee farms around here, ther's nothing here but trees, grass and fucking pollen.
I will try the honey for sure, both my brother and my mom get hit pretty hard as well, my brother came yesterday and he looks like a mexican pinata, all swollen and fucked up, my mom is turning to santeria for help with her allergies, I'm doing a lot better that them two but not by much.

Charles: where have you been? Thanks for the nice words, stop by next week.

Cdeboda: None of that, it was my idea entirely. You're a mighty fine artist. Thanks for popping by.

John Beatty said...

WOW...great work by both color artists! Nice stuff.

I'm lucky in not having any allergies but do know those who suffer from them and they sound terrible to deal with.

I thot you sounded a bit different in voice tone last time we I know why...get them demons out of there, friend!

Get well!


The Original Dangster said...

Dang Brother, if allergies had a face I'd punch em' right in it!

I have a real bad cotten allergy, and when I used to sniff girls panties at the K-Mart, boy would my eyes swell up, like I just went 4 round with Apollo Creed!.

What I recommend for allergies is a 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and two shots of Casa Dores' tequila..For Reelz!

You get better my brother, and you may be suffering, but your work is still Kick'n Ass!...BTW your sketchbook went over great at a par-tay we had at the Dangster Crib...Much props and love were given to your work.

radimus said...

Cool Alberto.

You should check out what the selection is like in your local organic/health food store. Im sure they will have some stuff from the area - if not the state. If you cant find anything local - try stuff made in the fingerlakes region (near Ithaca NY). When I lived there they produced apple blossom honey near the start of fall season and that is the primo stuff! If you start using it by January of next year - you shouldnt have any probs come the spring - :/

Candy Minx said...

Nice to see you back, sorry about the allergies. Um, you may not believe this but what you eat may help. Take some natural source mega vitamin B complex. I'm not kidding, and it will make your hair and skin healthy too. But you are likely major deficit in vitamin B. Take some flax seed oil every day too. Avoid wheat, potatoes, rice nooldes and focus on protein and vegies. That may sound boring but it is linked to allergies and immune system...which also fights stress and long term issues around moods. Allergies and mood disorders are linked...all from malnutrition. Even if we eat alot we often are eating nutirtive weak foods like bread, potatoes, fast food, starches...go for the good stuff, salmon, tuna, steak tofu, brocoli, cabbage, caulifower and leafy green vegies.

Sorry to be so boring.
Love and peace,

Anonymous said...

hey alberto!!!

hey man sorry to read your cough and cold allergie muchen dig. Hope you get better and draw those lovely pics you always do.

the conan-T chick,


Lalena said...

Those are awesome.

Hope you're feeling better.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Hope you feel better soon!I like your art very much!:O)

Bonaia said...

these are awesome! have you tried using a painter program? you're so awesome with Illustrator and you're really savy with the computer. i'd love to see what you could do with your drawings yourself.

UrbanBarbarian said...

You better get better by May 5th, is all I can say...!

heri said...

I ask the same question that bonaida asked you.

tambien, sorry to hear about your health and alergies, I just recently had a shot because my alergies were getting so bad, hope you get well Alberto.


Mike Feeney said...

Get Well Soon Mi Amigo :)

Mark said...

Hey man, got your email...hope your doing better soon...

All The Finest

Mark :)

FrogDaddy said...

what an unexpected pleasure to run into you
today at lunch! glad to see you're on the mend-
it's been too damn long since we last hung!
must rectify that....
these colorists definitely did you justice, man....
see you round bayside!

william wray said...

I hate them, but have to live with it too. I take pills and eyedrops, but as little as possible. I'm going to try one of those air filter things for my oil painting fumes, I'm hoping to get a side benifit of less ichy eyes and asama.

jumpman said...

Hey Alberto,

It's no good you being down and (not) out like this. There's something missing in cyberspace when your lovable, caustic words and educational doorways to art outside the masses isn't screaming across phone and cable lines.

Hope you really are on the mend.

Take care of yourself, mate.


Sandra Khoo said...

Hahaha,I've been good at disappearing myself. Sorry to hear your downtime but glad you're getting back on your feet. WOO Sweeettt colors! I'd really love to have a go at one of your pieces too one day if you'll graciously allow me...O.o WOO! A lot of updates to catch up on,I better get right to it! Take cares,Alberto!

Newsquirt said...

Dr Cyberfunk, get back to us brotha!

Candy Minx said...

Okay now you've been gone a really long time, even for blog land! I hope you're getting a little ease of pressure and feeling a bit better...I'm getting worried now...


John Beatty said...

Good, God, man! Give us a sign?

Hope you're OK???

Oscar Grillo said...

Querido Alberto. Are you better now?...I miss you, hermano. Get better soon.

manucha said...

Oye Alberto,
Apreciado Amigo,
Ahora si me estas preocupando.
Espero que estas mejorando.
Por que mi corazón esta desventurado.


stephen Silver said...

Heavy Hangers my friend.

Stephen Studios said...

This is amazing!!!! Keep it up!


Mark McDonnell said...

Hey man. Had to drop in to say you are one talented mother fucker man. Great stuff here and great diversity. Always a pleasure to sneak a peek man.