Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Buildings by Richard Downer & Robin Ward

The following drawings are from two of my favorite artists: british Illustrator Richard Downer and scottish master Robin Ward.

Richard Downer

Richard Downer

Richard Downer

Richard Downer

Richard Downer

Robin Ward

Robin Ward

Robin Ward

Ward's drawings come from the book 'Robin Ward's Vancouver' published by Harbour Publishing © 1990 by Robin Ward
All rights reserved, Do not copy without permission from copyright owner.
Published here for scholarly review.


A. Riabovitchev said...

Great art!Remind me layout for backgrounds and L.Premazzi.

Oscar Grillo said...

Not enough traffic nor grime, leftovers of fast food or homeless people in the London pictures

UrbanBarbarian said...

Very inspirational... I'm in art heaven and it's a blog called Process Junkie.

DaLe said...

ah man, waaaaaay too good to be healthy

Candy Minx said...

Hi LOVE your blog. I used to work in a book store in Vancouver and we sold this book. Just digging your stuff!

I look forward to your music playlist, thanks! Makes my world.


Process Junkie said...

Ward's books can still be purchased online at Harbour Publishing's website, I highly recommend them.

Candy: I updated the radioblog playlist yesterday, let me know if it's to your liking.

A. Riabovitchev True, I'm sure our friend Stephane Kardos would like these.

Oscar: It was a kinder, gentler time ;P

Urbanbarbarella: I had the feeling you would like them.

Kevin said...

Thanks for posting these images Alberto, I can see why you admire them as artists, these images are truly stunning.

Oscar Grillo said...

Jeez!..I just realised they are pictures of Vancouver..I thought they where of London!!! Sorry.

Process Junkie said...

No, you are correct! the last 4 drawings from Ward are of downtown Vancouver, the rest are of London and surrounding areas in the UK.

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Amazing, incredible drawings...I like the tightness, yet looseness at the same time! (Like what they used to say about Zeppelin - Tight But Loose!)

Candy Minx said...

Really loving the playlist. No kidding, I have it here on my desktop everyday, and just listen to it as a music source. So easy. Love the punk, but also if I made a mood of playlist it would bounce around like yours does.


Bruno Werneck said...

those are great sketches man...
thanks for sharing your drawings from obsevation,
it's always good to see that kind of stuff..

Process Junkie said...

Hey Candymix the back of your building looks familiar, do you live in NY?

The playlists are a reflection of my art and my life, all over the place but there's an invisible 'structure', a common aesthetic element that unifies everything, the way I see it, all of those things belong together even though they bounce around with their own unique character. See, I too have artsy-fartsy pretensions :)

I'm glad you like the music.

Justin & Bruno: Thanks, guys. Bruno, those are not my drawings.

klingatron said...

those drawings are out of this world by the way. loving my fellow scots work. very inspiring stuff

Process Junkie said...

Indeed, klingatron!

kiko said...

Que pedazo de bestia, impresionante.