Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MegaCon Report

Sly Stallone

Back from Orlando, I had a blast! but then again I have fun at most of the conventions, I might as well copy and paste my previous convention report. Somehow, some way, I always manage to ridicule myself and have a good time at the expense of others, to have this much fun should be illegal, it's obscene, I tell ya.

Things ran smoothly from the start, I shared a plane ride to Florida with the lovely and gifted Allison Sohn and was greeted at the airport by my good friend, the talented Joe Pekar, who graciously allowed me to stay at his home in Orlando for the duration of the event, I have to say Joe and his family were super accommodating and generous, many thanks to Joe and Beth for their hospitality and friendship, I hope one day soon you guys visit NYC so I can return the favor.

Megacon is a huge hit with the 'manga' crowd, tons of girls in cute japanese anime costumes, anything manga, from Sailor Moon to the most obscure game related characters you can think of and then some, and of course who can forget the super hero fans; you can clearly tell the difference even if you never read comics or watch animated cartoons; older, uglier, people (in their 30's and 40's) were dressed as american super heroes while the cutest, plumper and younger crowd (teens mostly) pranced around in japanese character outfits.

I spent most of my time enjoying the company of my buddy -the now retired, legendary inker- John Beatty, he's a riot. One of his closest friends, Craig Zablo kept us company for a good chunk of time as well, very funny guy, I laughed so hard at his antics my ribs hurt, he collects Silvester Stallone memorabilia so I drew 3 Stallone cartoons for him for fun while at the show. (one of which is shown below) I met some old friends I had made last year at this event and acquired a ton of new ones this time around, most notably a bunch of super talented guys and girls from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla. Sorry I misspelled your name, Margeaux, you're so cute and talented, your beautiful, piercing eyes and that enigmatic stare will hunt me forever, much luck to you and the rest of the gang. I also met a young colombian artist named Alex Martin, we talked for hours about art and such. Salud, Alex! if you ever come to NYC, give me a call.

Special thanks should go to Troy Nicholson, thank you for the wine and for the attention, John Higashi, who is always so kind and generous, thanks for the 12 pack of Corona and for Friday night's dinner, Hawaiian Dave for his cookies and chocolate cover macademians, you really know the way to my heart, Dave! Tim Townsend, San, Kermit, Musashi, Ray, Mark, Miki, Galvo, thanks for the books! Manda, don't stop drawing, girl!! , Nick Baltagi, sorry I made you jump through hoops, man, I do that to all my peeps, you're a great sport, anytime you want a drawing from me, just ask, I count you now among my friends.

Sooooo many incredible artists and nice people to boot, I hope you guys and girls forgive me for not including your names here, I can hardly remember my own at this point, just know that I appreciate your visit and the lavish attention some of you showered me with. I'll see you all next year for sure!

John shot this footage with his digital still camera, sorry about the low quality, next time we'll use professional equipment :). The preliminary blue pencil sketch is a 2 minute long movie but is barely visible, this here is the blue (cheap ballpoint pen) 'inking' (8 minutes) The shirt color and background lines were added afterwards using a metallic silver Sharpie™ marker.


John Beatty said...

Very nice!

I too had a great time, Alberto...I really think you needed to get a "massage" from that tank top guy tho...would have helped work out any kinks from your flight!

Did you get in touch with Shelton for Heores?

See you there with your "new" table barker, Zablo! ;)

"Good Times!"

JoePekar said...

great seeing you again alberto. you're welcome at my place anytime my friend :)

and it was nice meeting you John (and the other John!) at dinner the other night :)

Chrissie A said...

The little movie was a treat to watch! Looking forward to seeing a scan of the sketch!

Process Junkie said...

BigGuy: No "Ballbreak Mountain" scene for me, thanks, I wonder what in god's name was he doing with that stylus he spent 3 days looking at that monitor, hmmm.., maybe he was watching Bumfights 3 :D

I did email Shelton, That should be a lot of fun, can't wait!.

Joe Pekar: Likewise, Joe. Please give my best to Beth and the children.

Chrissie A: My pen ran out of ink midway through the drawing, I heard the director yell "CUT" :) too much fun, Christine, you sould have been there!

Oscar Grillo said...

Bienvuelto, Alberto. Te andabamos extrañando.

Process Junkie said...

Gracias Oscar, el sentimiento es mutuo, sigues inspirándome como nunca, mirá que esos dibujazos de la 'parrillada' me han quitao el hambre! :)))

nickbaltagi said...

Alberto, thanks for the shoutout, the pleasure was mine and I would jump through hoops again if I have to get another one!!! As for your baby, she's in the frame shop already and I will post her up on for everyone to enjoy once it's done. I'm anxious to see how it's going to turn out. They were asking me if I was going to enter it into a show and I just told them that is was acquired from one. Thanks a bunch for everything and hope to see you next year or at Heroes!!!

Rebekit said...

great footage alberto. sounds like a wonderful time!
Your so original and amazing!

Kristen McCabe said...

What no sound? I'm heartbroken! I wanted to hear your shexy voice!

I enjoyed reading your recap of Megacon. Sounds like fun. Cool sketch, I like his nose.

FrogDaddy said...

Great Portrait of Sly, ALberto... I see you went for
the newsboy cap wearing Stallone from "Paradise Alley"...I always personally preferred his backwards baseball cap wearing look from that ode to competitive arm-wrestling, "Over the Top."
Welcome Back!

Chrissie A said...

LOL kristen...yeah, I was hoping for sound as well; kept turning up the volume thinking I'd hear something that way... :P

The sketch turned out great! Terrific likeness and I love the addition of the background--sets the portrait off nicely.

Lou said...

Hey welcome back big dawg! Sounds like you had a great time in Fla. I really dig seeing the progression of the sketch like that and to see the final outcome..great job my man....seeing your blogs and everyone else's you come in contact to are just inspiring!

John Beatty said...

Looks great!

Zablo loves it!!!

Scott Tolleson said...

Very nice! Your curvy lines give this drawing a very life.

<-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

Isn't that Glenn's hat in the Stallone drawing? And did bigbeatty cut in line at Glenn's deli? The resemblance is striking - perhaps he was wearing contact lenses.

Process Junkie said...

Hey guys, I'm running around taking care of personal stuff, like a chicken with its head cut off with Colonel Sanders right behind it, sorry for the late reply, thank you all for the nice comments.

Chrissie & Kristen: LOL!! you don't want to hear my voice, I sound like a mix between Antonio Banderas and Donald Duck :D

Nick: I'll see you in June in NC

Frogger: Yup! that's the guy, I also did a sketch of the "Carter' character and one from "Cobra" they suck tho, I'll post them when I get the scans. I'll do one from Over the Top in NC among others, I want to break the Guinness record for the most Stallone 10 minute cartoons in one convention.

Rebekit: Thank you, pal! looks like your fashionable blog is kicking some serious butt, keep on amazing us with your talent, big fan here!

BigGuy: Didn't hear from Shelton, I'm ready to go!! :)))

Lou, Scott Thank you, chaps!

<-<-<-<-esoder<--<---<----<----- Heh, heh! That does look like Glenn's hat.

Ale said...

Thanks for the 'making of''s really fun to watch!

Ale StopMotion

Process Junkie said...

Gracias, Alejo.