Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Film Loop Fun


Just messing around with this new software, check it out:
HERE or click on the image above.


PS: Here are additional loops with older stuff. Once you've downloaded the FilmLoop Player Go to FILE>enter ticket... and type the following ticket #'s. (one at a time)

'Mujeres 2':

Alberto Ruiz Caricatures:

'Personal Pics':

I'm going FilmLoop crazy! :)


The Original Dangster said...

Dang dude, that was just like something outta TRON..But with boobs...and no gridbugs!


Rebekit said...

what can I say, simply something else,

jaw dropping work, and such a cool program.
Your work flows so beautifully in film.

Rebekit said...

just to add, I downloaded the program, it's a treat to view the entire ruiz collection this way

very cool once again

Process Junkie said...

Start your own loop.

Bobby Chiu said...

hey cool! I think I might try that program out too

mauricio salmon said...

what can i say man! your stuff is always inspirational.

rajesh said...

interesting piece of software.

to be honest, though, I much prefer seeing it the "old fashioned" way.

by clicking on a link leading directly to a jpeg image :)

Process Junkie said...

You can do that too, you can click on the film frame and it will open up the actual size image (if any) the 'Mujeres" loop has small images. but the other loops have large jpegs you can save to your desktop.

REE said...

love it. thick voluptuous women? great drawings? what more could you ask for?

only complaint was I wish you could view the pictures BIGGER!

Process Junkie said...

Like I said, that only happens with the "Mujeres" loop, the other loops are fine.

The Mac version doesn't allow me to link to the images on my blog, as soon as they fix that glitch you'll see them in their full glory (more or less)