Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mayan Samurai

Thanks to all those who stopped by our table at Wondercon San Francisco, my loud snoring ruined Howard's sleep, but other than that we had a great time.

Here's something I was working on while in SF, a Mayan Samurai kinda thing. New playlist coming later today, thank you for listening :)

Mayan Samurai

Me gustas cuando callas

Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente,
y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te toca.
Parece que los ojos se te hubieran volado
y parece que un beso te cerrara la boca.

Como todas las cosas están llenas de mi alma
emerges de las cosas, llena del alma mía.
Mariposa de sueño, te pareces a mi alma,
y te pareces a la palabra melancolía.

Me gustas cuando callas y estás como distante;
Y estás como quejándote, mariposa en arrullo.
Y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te alcanza:
déjame que me calle con el silencio tuyo.

Déjame que te hable también con tu silencio
claro como una lámpara, simple como un anillo.
Eres como la noche, callada y constelada.
Tu silencio es de estrella, tan lejano y sencillo.

Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente.
Distante y dolorosa como si huieras muerto.
Una palabra entonces, una sonrisa bastan,
Y estoy alegre, alegre de que no sea cierto.

Pablo Neruda

You please me when you're silent

You please me when you're silent because you seem absent,
and you hear me from a distance, and my voice does not touch you.
It seems as if your eyes had vanished
and a kiss had shut your mouth closed.

As all the things are filled with my soul
you emerge from all the things overrun with that soul of mine.
Butterfly of dreams, you look just like my soul,
and you resemble the word 'melancholy'.

You please me when you're silent because you seem distant;
And you seem like you're whimpering, butterfly in a lullaby
and you hear me from a distance, and my voice does not reach you:
let me become silent with that silence of yours

Let me talk to you with your silence as well
bright like a lamp, simple like a ring.
You are like the night, quiet and starry.
Your silence is that of a star, so distant and simple.

You please me when you're silent because you seem absent.
Distant and painful as if you would have died.
Just one word then, one smile is enough,
and I'm glad, so glad it's not true.

Pablo Neruda



Lou said...

Alberto, what else can I say but..damn!!! mighty nice work there continue to inspire..thank you!
BTW..I'm postin' like crazy now.

Dr 4est said...

Holy crap, that rules hard. That's really tight Alberto. Fantastic.

John G said...

It is amazing, Scriblettes today is equally killer!

St John Street said...

Congrads hope it was a most fruitful time!!!! love the new work!!!

John Beatty said...

Nice drawing...see you soon.

Charles said...

Man, you never fail to impress!!! That's
a POSTER in my opinion!!!!! i LOVE it; hope
you do too!!!! ( You know what i mean!)


Oscar Grillo said...

Lo parió, Alberto!!!!...Has vuelto
pisando fuertisimo!!!!!!

Me contacto el sobrino de Divito.

Sylvia Menéndez said...

Sí que has vuelto potente! Buenísimo!...también lo de Neruda.

Y el sobrino de Divito también dibujará?

manucha said...

In my grandmother's native Yucatec Mayan words:
Hach kíichpan, maasima?

Isn't she beautiful?


FrogDaddy said...

nobody does it better.....
makes me feel sad for the rest....
nobody does it half as good as you...
(even when you're way out west......)
baby, baby...yeah! baby you're the best!
thank frickin christ you're back alberto...
i gettin the dry heaves.....

Process Junkie said...

Hey Oscar! As usual, thank you for showing up and for the encouragement, I hope that you can get the nephew to cough up some more of Divito's great work.

Lou Great to hear from you, I'll be stopping by your blog soon and I hope you blow me...away with your tremendous talent. Thanks, buddy!

Forest, John G, St. John, Big John: Thank you much, gentlemen.

Charles: Sounds like a good idea! poster it is, then.

Sylvia: Neruda rules!! heh, heh!! Gracias Sylvia.

Manucha: Very impressive!! I had no idea you spoke the Mayan dialect, incredible!

Frogdaddy: Thanks, frogster, I miss you and the crew, let's get together real soon, now that Lou and Charley are posting regularly anything is possible.


Patrick Morgan said...

Great seeing you at Wondercon my friend. Even if it was for such a short time as it was. Glad you got home safely. See you soon.


sweet! diggin the intricate patterns and details. once again, you rock!

Chrissie A said...

Wow--absolutely delicious illustration!

Oscar Grillo said...

Process...Here you can find some mind blowing Divito artwork about Copacabana. This is a excelent Argentinean fanzine...They want to interview you...They will contact you soon:

Oscar Grillo said...

The address for the fanzine I put previously doesn't work. This is better:

Process Junkie said...

Thanks, Oscar. Those magazines are chock full o' goodness, amazing!! Regarding the interview, I'd be honored. Thanks once more, Maestro.

Patrick Morgan: It was a real pleasure to see you again and in such good company. Next time we'll share a drink, on me.

Chrissie A, ONESICKINDIVIDUAL: Thanks, you kind peeps.


Howard Shum said...

Hey Alberto,

It was't your loud snoring that kept me up, it was your naked dancing and signing. :)

Process Junkie said...

Howard, next time, please say so, I thought you enjoyed watching my genitals flapping freely in the air, silly me!

Okay, okay, I admit, that was a bit graphic and gay.



spacesick said...

Dang. That's glorious.


Rebekit said...

thanks for the English Translation, beautiful postings .

Maddy said...

Rebekik mentioned you had a
Pablo Neruda poem on your site-
so I popped over as I do as well-
I love The Captain's Verses...
entirely passionate and
posessive - endearing and
difficult in love this wonderful


PEPE said...


corey said...

Beautiful yet deadly. Also I loved WYAHANGA! Keep on blessing us with your work!

martin wittig said...


Mike Feeney said...

love your work Buddy :)

Process Junkie said...

jczqbSpacesick, Rebekit, Madelyn, Pepe, Corey, Martin, Mike Feeney: Thank you, all, the pleasure is all mine, I assure you.


jumpman said...

This, and Scribblettes 71... wow!

Go big, my friend. You get it up like no-one's business.

(And no, that wasn't a reference to your dancing!)


1 said...

that's one of my favorite neruda poems...the sketches are amazing.

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Jumpman!

.-g.d. I visited your blog and was blown away by your passionate writings. Thanks for the kind words.

Neruda will keep us together.

brad said...

nice one Alberto, catch you at the next con, or Freeze. peace.

Shupilka said...

...hace dias estube en la casa de Neruda, "La Sebastiana" en Valparaiso, si tienes oportunidad de viajar y visitarla no lo dudes ni un minuto, son 4 pisos llenos de objetos y rarezas que inspiran hasta a las moscas que entran... y como tus dibujos es increíble, dan ganas de no dejar de mirarla...


Process Junkie said...

Brad, I'll see you in Philly.

Shupilka: Me encantaría visitarla, si las cosas salen bien estaré por esos lugares a fines de año. Gracias por tus amables comentarios

sparks said...

hello there. i hope you don't mind if i linked your translation to my blog. i just really love this song. thanks.

Process Junkie said...

I don't mind at all, btw, this is a poem by Pablo Neruda, not a song. :)